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Rubber Cat Brush

These rubber cat brushes are waterproof and come with a safety grip to keep them steady during grooming sessions. They make for relaxed, pain-free grooming sessions your cat will grow to love.


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About this item

Features -
  • Handheld cat brush with optional wrist straps
  • Safety grip
  • Massages and cleans your cat at the same time
  • Removes dead undercoat
  • Painless and relaxing for your cat
  • Waterproof material
  • Can be tied around the wrist
  • Colors: black, blue, pink, yellow, and green
Materials/care +

Give your cat a thorough once-over with this rubber cat brush


As every cat owner knows, there’s no getting around regular grooming sessions. Shirk that responsibility and your home will be covered in loose furs in no time.


These rubber brushes make grooming a little easier.


The safety grip can be tied around the wrist, and the brush cleans your cat’s fur while giving her a tasty massage she won’t want to resist. The material is waterproof and flexible — so it’s easy to stretch out and pick out all that loose fur you’ve removed when you’re finished.

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