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20 Types of Koi Fish Varieties & Colors (With Pictures)

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By Lindsey Stanton

orange and white koi fish in a pond

If you have a Koi pond, the most exciting part is figuring out which fish to put in there. While many people know that Koi are those colorful fish in the water, not many people realize exactly how many different colors are out there!

When you’re shopping for new fish, there’s no reason that you can’t add a ton of variety and color to your pond—in fact, it’s one of the most enjoyable parts!

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The 20 Types of Koi Fish Are:

1. Asagi Koi

Asagi fish have blue bodies with splashes of red on their fins. They have black scales along the center of their backs, and the area around their faces is a bright white. They also have splashes of red around their eyes and rear fins.

2. Bekko Koi

Bekko koi fish
Image Credit: noypb, Shutterstock

One of the simpler color varieties, the Bekko is mostly white with splotches of black throughout. They have a slightly creamier color around their head too.

3. Doitsu Koi

The Doitsu is a scaleless Koi that’s jam-packed full of color. They have bright splotches of red, white, and black throughout. The location of the color will vary from fish to fish, giving them a unique and colorful appearance.

4. Ginrin Koi

ginrin koi
Image Credit: Stephanie Kenner, Shutterstock

Ginrin have highly reflective scales throughout their entire bodies. This gives them the appearance of shimmering in the water. They also have large splotches of red and white throughout their bodies, adding to their beautiful appearance.

5. Goshiki

A mix between the Asagi and Kohaku, this fish has characteristics of both fish. They have the black-speckled pattern of the Asagi and the large red-and-white splotches of the Kohaku. Since they’re a crossbreed, the exact location of the colors will change from fish to fish.

6. Hikari Muji

The Hikari Muji is a fish that appears to shimmer in the water. There are six different color options, and every Hikari Muji will come in a solid color. They can be red, orange, silver, gold, or yellow.

7. Hikari Utsuri

Hikari Utsuri are identical to Utsuri Koi Fish in all ways but one: They have a metallic appearance that makes them shimmer in the water.

8. Hirenaga

The Hirenaga Koi has flowing fins that make them appear more graceful than the rest of the fish in the pond. They are typically a solid color—most notably, white—but some will have multiple color variations.

9. Kawarimono

Kawarimono fish in the water
Image Credit: PALITA CHANSAREEKORN, Shutterstock

Each Kawarimono will appear different from the next, and none of them will look like any other Koi. If you’re looking to adding a unique appearance to your Koi pond, nothing does it quite like the Kawarimono.

10. Kikokuryu

This Koi has a metallic appearance throughout, with deep and dark color splotches throughout their body and fin. They have platinum skin and a regal appearance.

 11. Kinginrin

A Koi that seems to sparkle in the water is the Kinginrin. However, they have nothing but gold and silver scales, and this make the affect even more pronounced.

12. Kohaku

kohaku on black background
Image Credit: Jerawat Supajirakit, Shutterstock

Technically, the Kohaku makes up and is a part of many other Koi varieties. Any Koi with a red pattern has some Kohaku in them, and the pattern is the only way to tell how much.

13. Koromo

If you’re looking for a Koi that will stand out in your pond, the Koromo is a great choice. Not only do they have a signature red-and-white appearance, but they also have a deep indigo blue that sets them apart.

14. Ogon

Ogon koi in the water
Image Credit: Alfin Taufani, Shutterstock

A metallic-colored Koi is the Ogon. However, the Ogon Koi is a solid gold color throughout, which certainly makes them stand out compared to other fish. They also shimmer as they swim.

15. Platinum

platinum koi in the water
Image Credit: Quality Stock Arts, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a pure Platinum Koi, you need to find one without any blemishes or scars. However, this is fairly rare. If you can find one, they will shine like a beacon in your pond.

 16. Sanke

Taisho Sanke Koi Fish
Image Credit: koifish, Shutterstock

The Sanke is similar to the Kohaku in many ways, except they have black spots all over their body. However, they won’t have black marks on their head. The Sanke is a fairly common Koi.

 17. Showa

With black, red, and white patterns across their body, the Showa is one of the most common Koi out there. Even so, no Koi pond would be complete without one.

18. Shusui

Shusui Koi
Image Credit: Greg Mann, Shutterstock

This Doitsu-style scaleless Koi lacks scales and is only one of two Koi varieties with blue in their coloring. The Shusui is essentially an Asagi Doitsugio mix.

19. Tancho

Tancho fish
Image Credit: Greg Mann, Shutterstock

Considering their Japanese roots, the Tancho Koi is especially meaningful. They have white coloring throughout, with a large red circular splotch on their head. This resembles the Japanese flag and is a big reason that these reflective Koi Fish are so popular.

20. Utsuri

Utsuri Koi fish
Image Credit: koifish, Shutterstock

There are three different Utsuri varieties, and they all have a shiny, white, reflective base. Their color splotches throughout can be red, white, or yellow.

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When building a Koi pond, you want a ton of variety with these beautiful fish. While all these fish are impressive, what really gets people’s attention is having plenty of different colors.

With Koi, there are tons of options to choose from. From scaleless blue Koi to shimmering whites, there’s no reason that you can’t add a variety of these fish to your Koi pond!

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