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What Kind of Dog is Disney’s Goofy? Cartoon Breeds Presented

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If you’re a fan of Disney, you probably know precisely who Goofy is—Mickey Mouse’s two-legged canine sidekick. At some point, while watching your favorite reruns late at night, you might have started wondering what kind of dog Goofy is. The answer is slightly unclear, and Disney has made no attempt to clear things up over the years, deepening the mystery even more, though many have speculated that he’s most likely a Hound mix.

What’s evident is that Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog, meaning a dog that is rendered with humanesque characteristics. What’s less clear is the type of dog Goofy is supposed to be. The internet suggests he’s most likely a Hound mix, with some sources claiming that he may be a Coonhound, Bloodhound, Black and Tan Hound, or a blend of the three.

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What Does Goofy Look Like?

Goofy is a tall, thin dog with long black ears and two prominent teeth sticking out of an elongated snout. He wears a blue hat with a black band, an orange turtleneck accented by a black vest, blue pants, and large brown shoes

When Did Goofy First Appear in Disney Cartoons?

Goofy 1932
Photo Credit: Characters by  The Walt Disney Company.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Goofy burst on the scene in 1932 when he appeared alongside Mickey Mouse in Mickey’s Review. During the 1930s, he appeared in several cartoons with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Towards the end of that decade, Disney began producing cartoons with Goofy in the starring role.

He was the main character in two Oscar-nominated short animated films, How to Play Football (1944) and Aquamania (1961). After the mid-1960s, Goofy’s presence was limited to comics and the occasional appearance on TV cartoons until 1983, when he appeared in Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

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Is Goofy Based on a Real Dog?

No. Goofy is actually based on a person, Pinto Colvig, who was the original actor who voiced Goofy’s character. Colvig and an animator went into the studio, Colvig began acting, and Goofy was developed from there. Art Babbit is the animator credited with creating the character.

Does Goofy Have an Official Name?

Yes and no. Goofy has had several names over the years. He was first known as Dippy Dawg, then his name was changed to Goofy. During the 1950s, he was referred to as George G. Goof and G.G. “Goofy” Goof. During the 2000s, he was frequently called Goofus D. Dawg.

Photo Credit: Characters by  The Walt Disney Company.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

What Are Goofy’s Catchphrases?

Goofy is known for saying “gawrsh,” “ah-hyuck,” and “hoo hoo hoo hoo.” He also says “Somethin’ wrong here” in a few of his short animated film appearances.

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What are Hounds Known for?

Hounds come in various shapes and sizes, from large Afghan Hounds to cute little Beagles. All were developed to help humans hunt, and they typically have either an enhanced sense of smell or great eyesight.

They tend to be highly focused once they catch a whiff of an interesting scent and will often ignore their owner’s commands when chasing something that has grabbed their interest. Hounds are excellent choices for owners who spend relatively long hours away from home since the canines don’t get worked up about being left alone.

Featured Image Credit: Characters by  The Walt Disney Company.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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