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Why Did My Cat Stop Sleeping with Me? 7 Likely Reasons

Luxifa Le

By Luxifa Le

persian cat lying on sofa

Sleeping in bed with our cats is one of life’s little pleasures for some of us. However, nothing beats the heartbreak of waking up to find out your cat has abandoned you in the middle of the night in favor of your laundry basket or dirty pair of pants.

What could cause your cat to stop sleeping in bed with you? Keep reading this article to find out what the possible reasons are your cat is sleeping elsewhere.

The 7 Reasons Your Cat May Stop Sleeping With You

1. You Move in Your Sleep

If your cat stopped sleeping with you, it might be a sign that you’re a restless sleeper. Ever slept with a kicker before? Now imagine that kicker was more than 10 times your size. It’d be hard to get a good night’s sleep like that!

If you know you’re a restless sleeper (or someone has told you that you are one), your cat may have left the bed in favor of trying to get a full night’s sleep elsewhere. It doesn’t mean your cat hates you—they just want to get some shut-eye.

woman looking at the cat sleeping
Image Credit: Carlos G. Lopez, Shutterstock

2. Temperature Issues

Cats have issues with comfortable sleeping temperatures, just like people do. Just because you find your bedroom comfortable to sleep in doesn’t mean your cat agrees; they can’t speak your language to tell you how to change it.

Your cat may find the room too cold or too warm and decide to find a place they can sleep where they’re more comfortable.

3. Bed is Too Low

If your bed is too low to the ground, your cat may not want to sleep in it. Cats prefer to see their surroundings comprehensively; they like to survey from a high place. A bed that is too low to the ground may leave your cat feeling a bit unsafe, and they may seek a different place to rest their head.

4. Bed is Too High

If your cat is aging or has a disability, it may struggle to get into your bed if it’s too high off the floor. Consider getting a little step stool to help your cat climb into your bed. They will appreciate the help!

Cat waking up its owner sleeping in bed
Image Credit: Kasefoto, Shutterstock

5. They’re Scared

Cats can get spooked by things in their environments, just like people. Your cat might have had a bad dream or experience while you were asleep that they now associate with your bed, and they’re avoiding it for a little while.

6. They Hate Sharing

If you have other pets that like to sleep on your bed with you, your cat may hate sharing the bed with other animals. Heck, they may even hate sharing the bed with you! There is joy in having a giant bed all to yourself, and your cat is not immune to that feeling.

7. They Just Found a Better Spot

Ever slept on someone’s bed and thought to yourself, “This is the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of laying in.”? Your cat may have found a spot like that in your house. It’s nothing to do with you. They want a good night’s rest!

cat sleeping with its belly up on a cat bed
Image Credit: Jim Black, Pixabay

Final Thoughts

As heartbreaking as it may be for your cat to stop sleeping with you, there’s very little chance that it means your cat hates you. Most likely, they want a better night’s sleep and have found a place where they can do that.

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