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Wufers Dog Cookies Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion

Allison Dorsey

By Allison Dorsey


Our Final Verdict

We give Wufers Dog Cookies a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 4.7/5
Value: 4.9/5

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What Are Wufers Dog Cookies?

We, as pet owners, love to spoil our pets. I know I do! The problem is that my trio of canines are not into toys. I could give them the chewiest, squeakiest toy available, and they would turn their noses at it.

However, what my dogs want are treats. Big treats, small treats, crunchy treats, soft treats, long-lasting treats, gourmet treats…you get the idea! And because I love my fur babies, I will try to find different treats to spoil them throughout the week.

And just when I thought I had tried them all, enter Wufers Dog Cookies. Now, THIS was a game-changer for my dogs!

Wufers bakes scrumptious cookies for dogs with natural ingredients like whole wheat flour, applesauce, honey, and peanut butter. All their cookies are hand decorated with yogurt-based icing that includes both natural and artificial food coloring. As stated on their website, all the ingredients used are “recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration and approved for use in animal food by the Association of American Feed Control Officials”. This company is based in Ontario, Canada.

But let’s get into why Wufers Dog Cookies stand apart from other premium treats. These cookies are top-notch. They are so adorably decorated, full of natural ingredients, and were an instant hit with my pets. These cookies looked so delicious that I was tempted to take a nibble. I mean, they ARE made with human-grade ingredients.

But I digress. Let’s get into it!

wufer doggie donut cookie box contents

Wufers Dog Cookies: A Quick Look

  • Absolutely beautiful
  • Hefty-sized cookies, but can be broken up and used as small pieces
  • Smells sweet, not overwhelming
  • Individually wrapped, preserving freshness
  • Wrapped in recyclable plastic
  • Calorie dense
  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Difficult to break into pieces

Wufers Dog Cookies Pricing

Let’s address the cookie-shaped elephant in the room: the price. These are not cheap dog cookies.

However, Wufers is not trying to make cheap dog cookies. Any company can make treats for pets that pass the Association of American Feed Control Officials regulations. Wufers puts effort, quality, and care into their product.

In my opinion, while I was a bit taken aback by the price, after receiving them, I can say that the price is worth it. Plus, I have small- to medium-sized dogs. These cookies are BIG, far bigger than the treats I usually give to my dogs. I broke them up and split a single cookie between my three babies (but it did hurt me to break up such a beautiful cookie!).

What to Expect From Wufers Dog Cookies

Wufers has two options to get their Cookie Boxes: Join the Cookie Club and pay for a subscription OR order a one-time bundle.

To join the Wufers Cookie Club, go to their website, www.wufers.com. Click on the “Subscribe Now” button and answer the various questions (number of dogs in your household, names of the dogs, birthdays (optional), and lastly, your name and email address to create an account.

Next, you can choose from a Month-to-Month plan  OR a 12-Month plan. For the Month-to-Month plan, you can select to receive cookie boxes every month or every other month. No matter which plan you select, you get to choose the theme of your first cookie box from four colorful options. After that, Wufers will send the most popular cookie box either monthly or every other month. But they are flexible. For example, if you want a different cookie box sent, easily swap it the box in their self-serve portal.

If you are not sure you want to commit to a subscription, you can buy a Cookie Box Bundle. With this option, you can choose to get one, two, or three cookie boxes that will get delivered at one time. There are plenty of bundles to choose from, so your canine companion can have a wide variety of cookies to nosh on.

front of wufers cookie boxes

Wufers Dog Cookies Contents

  • A Wufers Cookie Box with a variety of cookie shapes and sizes

Wufers Cookie Boxes do not have a set number of cookies per box. Instead, the boxes are put together by weight. The average weight of one Cookie Box is 800 grams, but some boxes may weigh less. For example, the Toadally Awesome Cookie Box comes with nine themed cookies, four treat cups, and a packet of mini cookies weighing 800 grams. The Pizza My Heart Cookie Box comes with nine themed cookies weighing 495 grams.

You can check on their website about the exact contents of the box you want to purchase.

Excellent Cookie Variety

The major selling point for Wufers is its cookie variety. They have some standard boxes that are available throughout the year (Woof It Down, Pizza My Heart, and Nuts 4 Donuts are some of the most popular items). But Wufers also adds new cookie boxes to the menu during certain times of the year.

For example, during the winter holiday time, they make gorgeous Christmas-themed cookies. Want to order some cookies to welcome Spring? Wufers makes a Spring Cookie Collection with adorable frogs, bunnies, and flower cookies. During Pride Month, your dog can enjoy a rainbow-filled box of cookies. During almost every major holiday, Wufers puts out something creative, beautiful, and, of course, delicious.

Since these special cookies are only available during certain times of the year, check their website and see what they are selling! But no matter what theme you get, all the cookies are made with natural ingredients. Here are some of those ingredients:

  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Applesauce
  • Spelt Flour
  • Oat Flour
  • White Rice Flour
  • Peanut Butter

wufers pizza my heart cookie box contents

Wufers Cookie Coins

Coins made of cookies? Yes, please!

Okay, these are not coins made of cookies. But don’t be disappointed just yet! Wufers has a way to earn discounts by having their customers earn Cookie Coins.

There are several ways you can earn Cookie Coins:
  • Create an account (200 Cookie Coins)
  • Follow Wufers on Instagram (100 Cookie Coins)
  • Share Wufers on Twitter (100 Cookie Coins)
  • Share Wufers on Facebook (100 Cookie Coins)
  • Write a review (200 Cookies Coins)

Watch Those Calories

Do we need to count the calories our dogs consume? While it might be more difficult to narrow down the number of calories a dog eats in a day, it is good to know that calories do matter. For example, a small breed will not need to eat as much as a large (or even medium) breed. And just like with people, dogs can put on the pounds through treats.

While Wufers Dog Cookies may not seem that much, these cookies are a bit calorie-dense. The standard-size cookie is around 212 kcal. If you give your 35-pound dog one of these cookies a day, you might see it on their figure by the time you go through the whole box (which totals over 3,300 kcal per box on average!). Here is the guaranteed analysis as stated on their website:

Crude Protein: 6% min
Crude Fat: 16% min
Crude Fiber: 6% max
Moisture : 6% max

These cookies should be given occasionally. They can also be broken up into small pieces. So, if you do have a dog that is prone to weight gain or already is overweight, Wufers Dog Cookies may not be the best choice. But as mentioned before, you can break them up into smaller pieces to feed your dog a calorie overload.

Keep in mind that if you do break them up, you will need to put them in a Ziplock bag or Tupperware to keep them fresh. These cookies do not deserve to go stale!

pip with donut cookie from wufers

Are Wufers Dog Cookies a Good Value?

Are Wufers Dog Cookies a bit on the pricey side? Yes. Are they a good value? Also, yes.

In my opinion, I think the price the company sells their cookies for is completely fair. These cookies are freshly baked and decorated by hand. They smell delicious—and we know how other dog treats can smell. These are not mass-produced in a factory. They are quality cookies made with premium ingredients.

On occasion, I have seen homemade dog cookies in local pet shops. Are the ingredients the same caliber as Wufers? Maybe, maybe not. But with Wufers Dog Cookies, you know what you are getting, and you have the company’s 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the cookies, you can return them or get a replacement box within 60 days of your order date.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do these cookies have an expiration date?

Yes. According to the Wufers website, these cookies have a shelf life of 15 months from the time they are baked. Keep in mind that the date the cookies were baked is not the same as your delivery date. There should be a label on the box telling you when the cookies should be consumed by.

Can I skip a cookie box delivery?

Yes! If you are going to be away, or if your dog is still making their way through their first box, you can postpone your order. Wufers asks that you log into your account at least five days before delivery to make adjustments.

How many cookies can my dog eat a day?

Give them the whole box! No, just kidding.

It all depends on the size of your dog. A larger breed, like a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever, could eat one of the cookies a day—unless they are overweight or not that active. These cookies are calorie-dense, so do not be too liberal with cookie distribution.

It might be a good idea to ask your vet to see how many cookies per day your pooch should have. You might need to break them up and feed them small pieces.

Can a person eat these cookies?

I mean…since they are human-grade, technically, you could eat them. They are lovely and smell appetizing, but hey, you got them for your DOG. Get yourself some human cookies instead!

close up of nuts 4 donuts from wufers

Our Experience With Wufers Dog Cookies

I am the proud parent of three dogs. Jelly is my oldest dog, a medium-sized 12-year-old female. Then comes Lorraina, a small-medium 10-year-old female. Last is Manic, a 50-pound young male. My mother also has a middle-aged female Chihuahua named Pip.

I was excited to try out the cookies because each dog is a bit different. Jelly is a senior lady. While her teeth are in good condition, I was curious to see if she can easily eat Wufers’ hefty cookies.

Lorraina has a sensitive stomach. Some dog treats have given her digestive problems in the past. However, with Wufers natural ingredients, these cookies might be fine on her digestive system.

Pip is extremely picky. My mother has struggled to find treats and food that Pip will eat on a regular basis. Will Wufers appeal to this picky Chihuahua?

As for Manic, well, he is a vacuum cleaner. I was not too worried about Manic!

The Arrival of the Wufers Cookie Boxes

When the Wufers Cookie Boxes arrived, I tore right into them. The cookies were all individually wrapped in sealed plastic bags. All the cookies were put in bubble wrap to protect them from breaking or cracking. I am not the biggest fan of excessive packaging. But, thankfully, Wufers says that the plastic they use is recyclable. Plus, they want to make sure the cookies arrive unbroken.

close up of pizza cookies from wufers

Box Contents

The two cookie boxes I received were the Pizza My Heart and Nuts 4 Donuts.

And, wow, I was immediately impressed with the quality of these cookies. You know how when you see a photo of a food item, and then you get the real thing but are disappointed? Well, the cookies in the box looked just like the photos on the Wufers’ website. Awesome!

I examined the Pizza My Heart box first (because I love pizza). Inside this box was one large boned-shaped cookie with “Pizza My ♥” written on it. There were also eight medium-sized pizza slice cookies. Each pizza cookie was iced to look like it had cheese and toppings. All the cookies are beautiful and quite a decent size.

Next, I opened the Nuts 4 Donuts box. This box had one large boned-shaped cookie with “Nuts 4 Donuts” written on it, along with six medium-sized donut cookies and four small donut cookies. The donut cookies were iced with pastel purple, pink, egg-shell, and dark brown, with stripes and “sprinkles”. They looked like they could have been in a bakery!

And they all smelled great. The dog treats I am used to buying have that distinctive “meaty” smell that is quite strong. However, these cookies smelled slightly sweet and spiced.

Time for the Taste Test!

manic, lorraina, and jelly with donut cookie from wufers

The Wufers cookies were given to four different dogs.

First, I gave the pizza cookie to Jelly. Since Jelly is a senior dog and prone to gaining weight easily, I decided to break it in half and give it to her. Breaking the pizza cookie hurt my soul a bit because it was so nicely decorated, but I did it anyway. Just as I was about to give the pizza cookie to Jelly, Manic showed up. Good thing I broke this in half!

I gave half the cookie to Jelly and the other half to Manic. Jelly took it right away and began crunching on it. I could tell she was a bit surprised by the texture since she had not had a treat like this before. When I gave the cookie to Manic, he took it and then dropped it almost immediately, looking at it in surprise. Normally, I give my dogs savory treats, like chicken jerky or dehydrated cow ears. I think Manic was surprised by the sweetness of the icing. But after a few licks, he started eating it. And before long, both halves of the cookie were gone.

I was pleased that each dog had to take their time to eat the cookie. Manic normally devours anything in front of him, but since the cookies are so dense, he had to take his time.

Uh-oh. Lorraina showed up late to the cookie party. She immediately noticed that Manic and Jelly had gotten something, and she wanted something too. Okay, Lorraina, you win! I decided to try a donut this time. The donut cookies were a bit bigger than the pizza cookie, so I would need to break it into three pieces.

That was easier said than done!

I tried breaking the cookie with my hands, but I simply could not do it. My dogs huffed impatiently, staring at the cookie in my hand. I ran into the house and grabbed a large, serrated knife. I started sawing at the cookie. Ugh! Not working! I pressed the knife into the cookie hard, and eventually, it broke. I think the icing on the donut made it more difficult to break. I had to cut the donut again, so I had three pieces. A lot of the icing chipped off the cookie, but I still had three pieces.

Since Jelly and Manic knew what they were getting, they took their cookie piece and started eating right away. Lorraina did the same thing as Manic had done with the pizza cookie: she took it but then dropped it immediately. But, just like Manic, after a few licks, she settled down and started eating it. Lorraina is the smallest of the three dogs, so she took longer to eat her cookie piece. But that is not a negative thing! I prefer treats that take my dogs a bit longer to consume.

The Final Test: Will a Picky Dog Like Wufers

Now, let’s put Wufers to the ultimate test: Pip.

Picky Pip will refuse freeze-dried duck treats and turn her nose at wild-caught salmon skin. This little princess would probably reject sashimi flown in first-class from Tokyo. Honestly, I was not expecting much of a reaction from a Wufers cookie.

Since Pip is a Chihuahua, I decided to give her the smallest donut cookie. I showed it to her and let her sniff it. She took it, which was not a surprise. But would she even try it?

To my shock, she did! Holy moly, she did!

Pip settled down and started crunching on the cookie. She got through about half of it before she stopped. But I was thrilled that she ate half of it! Trust me—this is the pickiest dog I have ever met. But Wufers passed the Pip test! This company deserves an award for that alone.

Wufers Got a Perfect Score: 4 Out of 4 Dogs Loved Them!

Overall, each dog enjoyed Wufers cookies. Since I do not want to give my dogs one whole cookie each, I can easily see these two boxes lasting several weeks. I will give these out as special treats, not everyday ones. While Manic would be able to burn off the extra calories, Jelly and Lorraina are older dogs. Jelly is not as active, and Lorraina is already a little bit on the plump side. Wufers Cookie Boxes are a fantastic treat.

pip licking the donut cookie from wufers

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Wufers Cookie BoxesWufers Cookie Boxes are such an incredible way to spoil your dog. These cookies are top quality and hearty, and my dogs loved them. I am currently thinking about other dog parents in my address book whom I can send the gift of a Wufers subscription. Go on, treat your dog! And, as tempted as you might be to try the cookie yourself, just stick with smelling them instead.

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