Update: We have a winner!

Do you have great photos of your kitties using Hepper products?

Do you want to win an awesome bundle of all our products?

All you have to do is send us some photos that we can upload to our Pinterest account.

Then get your friends to repin those photos as much as possible.  The photos that get repinned the most win!

At the end of May, we’ll send the owner of the most pinned Pinterest image a Hepper bundle.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Using the form below submit your best photos of cats with Hepper products.
  2. We’ll upload your photos to our Pinterest site (give us a couple days and then check here).
  3. You repin your photo.
  4. You get all your friends, family, neighbors, second cousins, and anyone else you know to repin your photo (no robots, though, we’ll be watching!).
  5. [update 5/7/13] You get one valid repin “entry” per unique Pinterest account.  So, you can go repinning on all your boards – but they all count only as one entry.  This will keep it fair for everyone!
  6. At the end of May we’ll give a Hepper bundle to the owner of the photo with the most repins!

To win, you must be a member of Pinterest.com to enter, and you must be following Hepper’s Pinterest page http://www.pinterest.com/hepperhome.


Win a Hepper bundle, including a Pod Bed, Hi-Lo Scratcher and a NomNom bowl!