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  • “Just A Box” Cardboard Box Cat Bed

    Do you ever feel like your cat is more interested in the cardboard box than the expensive…

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  • Hepper Nest Bed

    Are your couches, chairs and beds covered in cat fur? The Hepper Nest Cat Bed keeps your…

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  • Hepper Pod Gray

    Hepper Pod Bed

    Does your cat feel safe and secure when napping? The Hepper Pod pet bed protects your cats…

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Modern Cat Beds From Hepper

Cats love wiling the hours away snoozing and relaxing, but how do we know they’re enjoying it as much as they could be? At Hepper, our goal is to remove any residual doubt when it comes to cat and kitten rest. All our beds are lined with self-warming soft fleece liners to ensure the most comfortable possible sleep. We also construct our beds with soft touch shells for the same exact reason. At Hepper, we really care about our products looking great in reality, not just on a screen. Both our Nest bed and Pod bed are designed to fit seamlessly into any room, and be attractive whilst doing so. What’s more, our liners are removable and machine-washable too - to keep your home as fresh as it deserves to be. A lot of current cat furniture asks you to make a choice - form or function. For Hepper, there is never a choice, and the two always go hand in hand. 

Our Products 

Hepper Pod - Our towering cat cave provides comfort and privacy in equal measure. With a sturdy metal and rubber base, cats and kittens can rest in perfect safety and security, protected from the hustle and bustle of any home. With four screw construction, it’s easy to put up, so you can spend more time relaxing with your feline friend.  Hepper Nest - Our elevated circular cat bed is the perfect snoozing pit. With a wraparound design hours of soft serenity are guaranteed. We even make sure the lip is covered in microfiber for chin resting. With Hepper - every element of cat comfort is considered. It’s lightweight design means it’s easy to pop down and move around, protecting any surface in the house from catnaps and tray hairs. Hepper beds - a beautiful home to match your own.