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Hepper Nest Bed

Are your couches, chairs and beds covered in cat fur? The Hepper Nest Cat Bed keeps your human furniture clean, and is perfect for curling up for a snooze.


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Features -
  • Interior cat bed liner made of sherpa fleece for maximum coziness - and it's easy to remove and wash.
  • The cat bed bowl is made with a soft-touch construction of flexible molded foam with fabric laminated on both sides.
  • Comfy bowl shape with rounded sides for leaning against.
  • Wide lip for resting tired heads.
  • Overall size 17.5"W x 17.5"D x 5.75"H. Bed area is 15" diameter, 5.5" deep. Please check to be sure your critter will fit.
  • Best for cats and small dogs up to about 17 pounds, but we have many happy customers with 20 pound cats curling up inside!
  • Trademarked and Registered
Materials/care +

The Nest Bed gives your cats a space of their own, within your space



It looks great anywhere – on the couch, chair, bed, dresser, desk, closet, top of fridge – where ever your cat likes to go. Now you can both enjoy your human furniture together. You’ll be happy that your cat is curled up near you, with all her fur contained in the Nest bed, and she will be happy that you are not pushing her out of your spot while she is trying to nap!



We designed the Nest Bed to solve all these problems


And because we appreciate modern furnishings, we made it look great too! While any cat with good taste will appreciate the Nest Bed, the real benefits are all for you, their parent.

Keep Fur Off Your Furniture

Keep Fur Off Your Couch, Bed and Furniture With Our Modern Bed for Cats and Small Dogs.

Designed for Comfort

Perfect for cats to curl up, lean on the round sides, or rest their chin on the lip.

Looks great in your home

Upholstered fabric construction – just like your human furniture.  The Liner is made of cozy fleece for extra layer of comfort for your sleepy friend 

Durable and Easy to Clean

High quality materials are built to last and easy to clean.

New! Wider base for added stability!


Removable Liner is made from cozy sherpa fleece and smooth microfiber. It’s perfect for curling up for a snooze, and kitties like to rest their head on the wide lip!


The liner is easy to pop off for cleaning. It can be machine washed on warm/warm and dried on low. The fabric covered Nest bottom can be spot cleaned or rinsed out in the tub.


The Hepper Nest Bed is the perfect size for most cats and dogs up to 20 pounds. Little guys can double up and bigger critters can curl into a tight ball – just how they like to sleep!

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The liner in the bed is removable, and can be machine washed with cold water, before being dried on a low temperature, to help get rid of those pesky hairs! The base of the bed can be hand washed to keep it looking spotless.

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