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All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow Review 2024: An Expert Guide

Kate MacDonnell

By Kate MacDonnell

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Our Final Verdict

We give All About Vibe a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Customization: 5/5
Materials: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

If you don’t already have a pillow shaped like your beloved pet, trust me: you have been missing out. What could be better than a soft, cuddly pillow that looks just like your favorite cat or dog?

All About Vibe is a custom pillow company that offers soft, velvety pillows shaped like your pet and printed with their adorable face. The company’s artisans can turn almost any photo into a unique handmade pillow. But is it worth the cost and are there any drawbacks? Scroll down to find out in our detailed review.


About All About Vibe

All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - gizmo sitting on sofa with custom pillow

All About Vibe is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based company that offers high-quality custom pillows printed with your favorite photos. These pillows are either cut to fit a custom shape or more classically rectangular and are handmade in a Chicago factory. The company was founded in 2016 and even has a fun range of office pets, including a chameleon, a French Bulldog, and a parrot!



All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - gizmo's custom pillow

From available options to warranty, here’s what to know before you order your first All About Vibe pillow.

Available Options

All About Vibe offers a wide range of custom pillows in many shapes and sizes. You can create a custom-shaped pillow, shaped like the outline of your uploaded photo, or a square pillow.

Custom-shaped Pillows

As you’d expect, the custom-shaped pillows are the most customizable. To get started, you upload the image of your choice. The software automatically generates a 3-D mockup showing what the pillow will look like. This is helpful to see the overall shape and how well the image will work as a pillow.

The custom-shaped pillows are available in six sizes:
  • Keychain (4 inches)
  • Ornament (4 inches)
  • Mini (10 inches)
  • Small (16 inches)
  • Medium (22 inches)
  • Large (30 inches)

These measurements are based on the longest part of the picture you upload. The keychain and ornament options come with hangers (a chain with a ring for the keychain, and the ornament has a looped attachment so you can hang it on your rearview mirror or Christmas tree).

All of the custom-shaped pillows are made out of 100% soft velvet polyester and are fully machine-washable.

All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - gizmo looking at his custom pillow

Square Pillows

The square pillows have a more classic shape and can be a good canvas for a picture with a nice background. The other benefit of choosing this option is that you can have different pictures printed on each side, unlike the custom-shaped pillows. Printing two different images does cost a few more dollars.

These pillows are available in two sizes:
  • Regular (16”x16”)
  • Large (18”x18”)

The square pillows also theoretically come in indoor or outdoor fabrics, where indoor is velvet polyester and outdoor is water- and stain-resistant polyester. However, the outdoor fabric (which also costs slightly more) is currently unavailable.

Ordering Process

Ordering an All About Vibe pillow is surprisingly easy. The most difficult part is choosing the right photo – not all images will create the perfect pillow, although it depends on your specific preferences.

Once you pick a photo, you choose whether to get a custom-shaped or square pillow. If you want the background to show or the picture you chose has multiple people and pets, you may want to go with a square pillow. If you want a more unique pillow, you may want to choose the custom shape option.

From there, all you have to do is upload your photo, add any photo edit requests, select your size and shape, and make sure the preview looks good.

All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - design review page


All About Vibe’s custom pillows are not the most inexpensive on the market, but they are much higher quality than many of their competitors. The prices go up quite a bit if you order a medium or large pillow, but there are also highly affordable smaller options like the keychain, ornament, and mini pillows. Currently, the company is also offering free pillows with your purchase, like a free 16” small pillow if you spend over $80.

Shipping & Packaging

All About Vibe does charge for shipping and offers a choice of three speeds within the continental US: standard (8-10 business days), priority (5-8 business days), and express (3-5 business days). If your order totals over $100, you can qualify for free priority shipping.

Since these are pillows, the company does not need to worry about padding for safe shipping. The pillows come compacted into a clear plastic bag inside a larger shipping bag. This is the only downside to ordering an All About Vibe pillow as a gift – there is no available gift packaging, and the standard packaging doesn’t feel as nice as the pillow itself. However, the packaging is plenty for your pillow to arrive safely.


All About Vibe has a very generous 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can always reach out to customer support for assistance if you are unhappy with any aspect of your pillow. On top of that, they offer a lifetime warranty, where they will send you a free replacement pillow if yours ever gets damaged. All you have to do is register the damage and pay the shipping cost.

In Summary

  • Lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fun custom shapes or classic square pillows
  • Amazing printing quality
  • Soft, machine-washable velvet polyester
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Ability to request designer photo edits
  • Range of affordable sizes and types
  • Keychains and ornaments available
  • Free pillows included with many orders
  • Larger pillows won’t fit all budgets
  • Free shipping only on orders over $100
  • No gift packaging


Key FeaturesAll About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - custom shaped pillow

Overall Quality

The primary feature of All About Vibe’s pillows is their exceptionally high quality. These pillows are handmade in a US factory. The company offers custom edits to your photos, mock-ups, and proofs for your reference, and sharp, color-perfect printing.

Ability to Use Any Photo

Since these pillows are fully customizable, you can use any photo you want. That includes photos of you hugging your dog, closeups of your cat’s face, full-body shots of your puppy jumping, and anything else you might like. The shape of the pillow is fully determined by the photo you upload, so no two pillows are the same. And if you’re a little more traditional, you can opt for a square pillow instead.

Custom Edits

We also like the ability to request specific edits to your photo when ordering. After you upload a photo and look at the mockup, you can select either “Keep the mockup as is” or “Photo needs fixing,” and the All About Vibe designers will do their best to make your edits.

Guarantee and Warranty

Best of all, All About Vibe offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The warranty means that if your pillow gets damaged at any point, they will replace it for free, other than the shipping cost.


Are the Custom Pet Pillows a Good Value?

All About Vibe’s pillows certainly cost more than your average pillow, but we think they’re very reasonable for a custom, handmade product. The price includes the personal touch of designers checking your photo and making any requested edits, plus a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty in case of damage.

All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - gizmo and the custom pillow on sofa



What Kind of Photo Should You Use?

You can use any photo that is sharp enough. All About Vibe promises that any photo taken by a smartphone will work, although you may want to think about the overall pillow shape and perspective. A nice shot of your pet’s entire body, seated or from the side while standing, is a good option. You can also go for an image of just your pet’s head.

Are There Different Size Options?

Yes, the custom-shaped pillows come in six different sizes, including keychain and ornament options, and the square pillows are available in two sizes.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Because they’re custom, these pillows take 5-7 days to make. Then you have a choice of shipping speeds, so depending on which you choose, you can expect your pillow as soon as 3 days and as late as 10 days from production. That means your pillow could take 8 to 17 days to arrive at your door.

Does All About Vibe Ship Anywhere in the World?

Currently, All About Vibe only ships within the United States.

Are All About Vibe’s Pillows Good Gifts?

These pillows would make for amazing gifts for any pet lover, as long as you have a high-quality photo of the pet. The only downside is that they don’t arrive in a gift package, so you may want to re-wrap the pillow yourself.

Are They Handmade?

Yes, All About Vibe’s pillows are all handmade by artisans at the company’s Chicago factory. The photos are also checked and edited by hand by designers.

How Can You Wash These Pillows?

Conveniently, All About Vibe’s pillows can be machine-washed and dried, although the company recommends using the gentle wash cycle and the lowest heat setting to preserve the material and print colors. You can read more here.

All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - gizmo's custom pillow on a chair


Our Experience With All About Vibe

I was excited to try out All About Vibe’s pillows because although my dog Gizmo is one of the cuddliest dogs on Earth, even he has his limits. Plus, you can never have enough objects emblazoned with your pet’s face, right?

Choosing the right photo is important, and I spent some time testing out different options. This is definitely the hardest part of the ordering process. Although I have lots of cute photos of him, many of them don’t show his entire body or were taken at an angle that might look strange on a pillow. I ended up using a photo of him sitting on a bench with his tongue adorably lolling out. In the photo, his leash is attached to his collar, so I asked the magicians at All About Vibe to see if they could remove it.

When I received the pillow, I was thrilled with the results! As you can see, All About Vibe did an amazing job of removing the leash and tag. The print quality is almost too good – when I leave the pillow on my couch and walk through the room, I keep thinking it’s actually Gizmo sitting there watching me!

My pillow’s sizing is perfect, too: it’s incredibly close to Gizmo’s actual size, and holding it on my lap feels a lot like Gizmo sitting there. Although he’s a whitish dog, he stands out nicely from the pillow’s white outline, and the printing is just as adorable on the opposite side.

I’m just blown away by how adorable this custom pillow is. Now I know what to give all of my favorite pet lovers next Christmas!

All About Vibe Custom Pet Pillow - gizmo sniffing the pillow



All About Vibe’s custom pillows are some of the most fun products we’ve ever seen. These pillows are handmade in a US-based factory and beautifully printed on both sides with your favorite image of your pet. Although picking the perfect photo can be challenging, the rest of the process is quick and easy, and the results are adorable. Best of all, these personalized pillows come with a guarantee and a lifetime warranty, making them a low-risk and highly fun gift for yourself or anyone else.

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