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20 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds That Love to Cuddle (With Pictures)

Elizabeth Gray

By Elizabeth Gray

Portrait of woman with dog_goodluz_shutterstock

According to a recent survey of pet owners, almost 75% of dog owners let their pups share the bed or couch.1 If you fall into that category, you’d probably rather share your home with a dog that appreciates your affection and love of snuggling. Keep reading to discover 20 of the most affectionate dog breeds that love to cuddle. Here’s a hint; you might need a bigger bed for some of them!

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The 20 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds That Love to Cuddle

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel in the hands of his female owner
Image Credit: Nestor Rizhniak, Shutterstock
Height: 12–13 inches
Weight: 13–18 pounds

With a tail that seldom stops wagging, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the sweetest breeds you’ll ever encounter. These small, friendly Spaniels love their families and are happy to cuddle up on the couch after a day of play. Their affection extends to other pets and children as well. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friendly to strangers, making them wonderful therapy dogs.

2. Golden Retriever

two people with two golden retriever dogs
Image Credit: Anna Tarazevich, Pexels
Height: 21.5–24 inches
Weight: 55–75 pounds

If you’re jealous of your dog’s attention to other people besides you, you’ll have to get over it if you own a Golden Retriever. This breed is unlikely ever to meet a stranger and will happily share their affection with everyone they meet. The Golden Retriever is the ideal therapy dog once they grow out of their puppy stage. They typically get along with everyone, including other pets. They’ll snuggle with kids as readily as they will play with them. If you want to feel loved, the Golden Retriever is happy to oblige.

3. Labrador Retriever

young woman holding a white labrador retriever puppy
Image Credit: Helen Sushitskaya, Shutterstock
Height: 21.5–24.5 inches
Weight: 55–80 pounds

As the most popular dog in America for decades, the affectionate Labrador Retriever was just dethroned by another breed that appears later in our list. Like the Golden Retriever, Labs typically adore everyone they meet and won’t hesitate to show it. Until they calm down, their affection might be enough to knock you over and cover you in slobber, but it’s all done with love. Labradors love to play and will take over your bed once you’re exhausted.

4. American Staffordshire Terrier

american staffordshire terrier sniffing things in bed
Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock
Height: 17–19 inches
Weight: 40–70 pounds

This entry might surprise you, given the reputation that tends to follow all “Pitbull-type” dogs. The short and sturdy American Staffordshire Terrier isn’t always the biggest fan of other canines, but they will shower affection on their humans. To ensure they remain good citizens, they need careful socialization and training. Well-bred and cared-for AmStaffs (and any Pitbull) make loving companions. They love to cuddle and are sensitive to the emotions of their humans.

5. Great Dane

black great dane dog cuddling with owner
Image Credit: Roger costa morera, Shutterstock
Height: 28–32 inches
Weight: 110–175 pounds

Remember when we said you might need a bigger bed? Here’s one reason why; the enormous Great Dane might look scary, but they’re one of the most affectionate dogs. They’re gentle and loving, and they reserve most of their cuddles for their family but are happy to make friends with strangers given enough time. The affections of a Great Dane might be overwhelming for small children, but with careful supervision, they make patient playmates.

6. Pug

little girl and her pug dog on green grass
Image Credit: Serhiy Kobyakov, Shutterstock
Height: 10–13 inches
Weight: 14–18 pounds

Pugs may not make the quietest cuddle companions, but if you’re okay with a lot of snoring and snorting, they’ll happily snuggle up in bed with you. Flat-faced Pugs don’t always have a lot of energy, thanks to their frequent breathing issues, but they’re happy to spend the day on the couch with you. Pugs typically love everyone and are happy to share their affection. They are adorable, and they know it. The more affection they receive, the more they give in return.

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog on the brown couch
Image Credit: Kristesoro, Shutterstock
Height: 23–27.5 inches
Weight: 70–115 pounds

As another large canine that is generous with affection, the Bernese Mountain Dog makes a loving family companion. Bred as working dogs, they’re also calm and patient pets. They are sweet and intelligent dogs who love to please their beloved humans. Bernese Mountain Dogs reserve their affection for those they know well but are good-natured enough to get along with everyone, including other dogs. They are typically excellent pets for children but should be supervised due to their size and energetic nature.

8. Bichon Frise

teacup bichon frise puppy
Image Credit: Vladimir Nenezic, Shutterstock
Height: 9.5–11.5 inches
Weight: 12–18 pounds

People with allergies will be happy to hear that the affectionate Bichon Frise may be less likely to trigger their symptoms than other breeds on our list. They are full of pep and personality, but they also love snuggling in your lap or bed. The Bichon Frise is adorable and charming and is happy to share their affection with family members and new friends. They also get along with other pets and children, making them the perfect companion for the whole family.

9. Boston Terrier

Black Boston Terrier
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock
Height: 15–17 inches
Weight: 12–25 pounds

Boston Terriers are affectionate with their families and new friends they meet on their daily walks. This playful breed is an American original and one of the best small family dogs you’ll find. The Boston Terrier is happy to play and content to cuddle once their energy is spent. Flat-faced Boston Terriers don’t handle hot weather well, so spend extra time on the couch instead to keep them safe.

10.  Dachshund

owner carrying his pet dachshund at the park
Image Credit: Zarubina Viktoriia, Shutterstock
Height: 5–9 inches
Weight: <11 pounds or 16–32 pounds

If you’re a small rodent, the Dachshund won’t be your friend, but they love to show affection to their human families. Dachshunds are especially fond of burrowing into blankets on the bed or couch. However, they’re not the best with children because of their independent nature and fragile backs. Dachshunds can be a little too brave sometimes, and their stubbornness can make them challenging to train. However, these adorable pups are happy to snuggle up and charm their way out of trouble if necessary.

11.  English Setter

Image credit: michellegraber, Pixabay
Height: 23–27 inches
Weight: 45–80 pounds

The English Setter might not be the first breed you think of when it comes to affection, but these beautiful hunting dogs are as loving as they come. They were bred to spend the day hunting and come home to cuddle quietly with the family. They’re gorgeous and sweet-tempered, and they do well with children and other dogs but may chase cats or smaller pets. The English Setter is seemingly always in a good mood and loves to curl up beside you on the couch.

12.  French Bulldog

adorable French bulldog lying down on the armchair
Image Credit: Patryk Kosmider, Shutterstock
Height: 11–13 inches
Weight: <28 pounds

After decades of dominating the popularity charts, the Labrador Retriever was knocked down by the comical, adorable, and affectionate French Bulldog. Frenchies are friends with everyone, from their families to other pets to the neighbors who just moved in next door. Unfortunately, Frenchies are prone to severe health issues, including breathing problems. Because of that, cuddling may be the safest activity for them. Thankfully, the French Bulldog is happy to do so.

13.  German Shepherd Dog

Czech German Shepherd Dog in the snow
Image Credit: ehrlif, Shutterstock
Height: 22–26 inches
Weight: 50–90 pounds

Don’t expect the protective German Shepherd to show affection to strangers, but they are among the most loyal and devoted to their families. As perfect working dogs, German Shepherds are intelligent, dedicated, and intent on pleasing their humans. With proper socialization, the breed is gentle and patient with children. The German Shepherd can be intense and is not for inexperienced dog owners. They love as fiercely as they protect and thrive on attention from their people.

14.  Maltese

happy adult maltese running outdoor
Image Credit: Kimrawicz, Shutterstock
Height: 7–9 inches
Weight: <7 pounds

If you’re looking for a lap snuggler that doesn’t shed much, the Maltese is the breed for you. They may look prim and proper, but they’ll bark if they see anything suspicious and are athletic enough to compete in agility trials. The Maltese will probably withhold affection until they get to know you but are extremely loving towards their family. As a toy breed, they aren’t the best fit for families with small children.

15.  Mastiff

groomer drying the hair of tibetan mastiff dog
Image Credit: Vershinin89, Shutterstock
Height: 27.5–30 inches and up
Weight: 120–230 pounds

A Mastiff will gladly take up the entire couch if you let them and leave it sagging in the middle from their weight. As one of the oldest and largest breeds, Mastiffs are naturally suspicious of strangers but incredibly affectionate towards their families. Their size can be intimidating, and they need careful socialization and training. However, the Mastiff is not an energetic breed, and they will happily cuddle with you. Mastiffs are calm and patient dogs that do well with children if properly supervised.

16.  Newfoundland

newfoundland dog with his owner
Image Credit: Irina Kozorog, Shutterstock
Height: 26–28 inches
Weight: 100–150 pounds

As another giant breed you might be surprised to see on this list, the shaggy Newfoundland was bred as a working dog but also makes a sweet family pet. They’re naturally calm and patient, and Newfoundlands are especially affectionate towards children. They will watch out for their small friends carefully. The Newfoundland loves people, and their mellow temperament makes them a fine choice for therapy work, but their size may still intimidate some people.

17.  Shetland Sheepdog

Portrait of a cute shetland sheepdog looking upwards and barking
Image Credit: atiger, Shutterstock
Height: 13–16 inches
Weight: 15–25 pounds

If you want a dog that is sensitive and affectionate with family but doesn’t give strangers the time of day, the Shetland Sheepdog belongs on your couch. These beautiful, intelligent dogs are easily trained and are frequent competitors in dog sports like agility courses. Shelties can be noisy and are quite energetic, making them less-than-ideal apartment dogs. Keeping their long coat tangle-free requires plenty of attention too. Shelties are dedicated to their owners and won’t hesitate to show it.

18.  Vizsla

Image Credit: Pixabay
Height: 21–24 inches
Weight: 44–60 pounds

The gorgeous Vizsla is a talented hunting dog and one of the most affectionate breeds. Since they were bred to work closely with humans, the Vizsla forms a close bond with their family. They don’t like being left alone and prefer to be always near their people. Vizslas are sensitive and intelligent dogs that won’t do well with harsh training methods. Give them affection, and you’ll get it back in return. Vizslas get along well with children and have the energy to play for hours.

19.  Siberian Husky

siberian husky lying on wooden floor
Image Credit: Piqsels
Height: 20–23.5 inches
Weight: 35–60 pounds

Few breeds can match the Siberian Husky’s beauty, which is usually what first draws people to these dogs. Huskies are also extremely affectionate, often to the point of what can politely be termed “neediness.” This is not the breed for everyone, as they can be stubborn and hard to train. Siberian Huskies can also be very vocal, expressing their opinion on everything as loudly as possible. Since they were bred to work as a team to pull sleds, Huskies usually get along with other dogs, especially other Huskies. They love attention from whoever will give it to them and use their good looks to get it.

20. Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier with owner
Image Credit: StockSnap, Pixabay
Height: 7–8 inches
Weight: 7 pounds

As one of the smallest dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are big on personality and generous with their affection. They’re tougher than they look, and Yorkies aren’t always the best with other dogs. They like kids more than many toy breeds, but you’ll want to supervise younger children who may be too rough for these tiny Terriers. They’re another good option for people with allergies, and they make friends easily. Their size makes them ideal for small spaces and city living. Yorkies are happy to sit in your lap but will still think they’re the household bosses.

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As you can see, these 20 affectionate dogs come in all sizes and personalities. To decide which is the best fit for your sofa, you’ll need to consider other factors besides the breed’s willingness to cuddle. Some canines on our list aren’t a good fit for first-time dog owners, while others may have specific housing and grooming needs. Do your research before you get too attached to a certain breed, no matter how much affection they may be prepared to shower on you.

Featured Image Credit: goodluz, Shutterstock

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