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Are Basset Hounds Good With Cats? Temperament & Personality Traits

Krystal Facey

By Krystal Facey

Basset Hound with a cat

It might seem unusual to think about dogs and cats living together in a confined space, but it is possible! You might have seen those odd pairings of pets or animals in general who end up becoming best friends or play pals. There are different personality traits between breeds of animals that can make them either great or not-so-great furry friends.

Take the Basset Hound, for example. Would this breed of dog be good with cats? The answer is, yes! Keep reading to learn more!

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Do Basset Hounds Get Along With Cats?

Yes! Basset Hounds are one of the breeds that could get along quite well with cats. Basset Hounds are low-energy and slow-moving breeds, so they will generally get along with cats because they won’t overexert themselves or scare off cats with too much playtime.

They are also friendly breeds that are generally less aggressive around people and animals, so having a furry friend or new pal in the house will usually end up positive, but this is more likely a benefit to the cat. In terms of the basset hound, although their personalities are milder, try to introduce a cat slowly and not overwhelm it.

Basset Hound with a sleeping cat
Image Credit: Szilvia Pap – Kutasi, Shutterstock

How to Introduce Your Basset Hound to a Cat

There are certain things to consider when you think about introducing Basset Hound to your cat. Here are the things to think about:

  • Think about your cat’s vocal behaviors, like meowing, hissing, etc. Loud and unpredictable sounds might scare the normally docile Basset Hound.
  • Also, remember her cat’s behaviors in terms of how hyper they can be, like getting the “zoomies”. Its patterns around aggressiveness and how much attention they like. This will affect how well the Basset Hound gets along with them.
  • Basset Hounds are very sensitive to sounds and quick movements. Their hunting reactions to scents and sounds are heightened by these things, which is very characteristic of cats. This can be triggered by a cat racing across the room and resulting in a cat getting tackled.

It’s important to expose your Basset Hound to the possibility of high-pitched sounds or fast-moving animals over time before you bring the cat into the mix.

Dog vs Cat Personalities and Behaviors

When you think about the difference between dogs and cats, they have both spectrums of personalities, with one being known to be rowdy and high energy and the other being quite calm and preferring to be alone. So, thinking about these clashing personalities in the same room seems almost impossible. However, there are ways that this is possible.

Let’s say you already have a cat at home, and you’re thinking about getting a dog. There are a few things you would consider beforehand, such as their personality, mannerisms, behaviors around other animals, and other things like food-aggressive behaviors or how territorial they are. For example, getting a puppy when you have a senior cat who has been alone most of their life may clash. But if you have a kitten that’s a ball of energy and very friendly, maybe a puppy won’t be the worst idea.

Think about all these factors when you consider blending the two in a household together to avoid injuries and negative home life.

basset hound puppy sitting at the park
Image Credit: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

While not all dog breeds live in perfect harmony with cats, there is a good chance that a Basset Hound and a cat can live together. A Basset Hound has a more docile temperament than some breeds. Plus, these big boys are slow-moving, therefore, less likely to jump-scare your cat.

Just make sure your feline is on board co-living with a dog! Some cats have personalities that can clash with a gentle Basset Hound.

Featured Image Credit: Szilvia Pap – Kutasi, Shutterstock

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