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30 Hilariously Relatable German Shepherd Memes (With Pictures)

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By Kerry-Ann Kerr

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German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the world. They’re versatile and make wonderful family dogs, excellent watchdogs, and working dogs. They’ve been used in search and rescue, as herding and guide dogs, and they’ve worked in the military and police. They are intelligent, brave dogs that also have a goofy, affectionate side generally only seen by those closest to them.

Thanks to their diverse personalities, they make wonderful memes. So, to celebrate these fantastic dogs and how much joy they bring to those lucky enough to work with and love them, we’ve unearthed some of the best German Shepherd memes for you to peruse and share!

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The 30 Best German Shepherd Memes on the Internet!

1. They’re Serious and Stern Looking, but They Have a Goofy Side

If you’re lucky enough to have a German Shepherd, chances are you’ve seen how goofy they can be. They’re incredibly affectionate and bond closely with their family, so expect lots of belly rubs and cuddles in your future.

2. They’re Secretly Great at Interior Design

Did you know your home will look much better covered in stuffed animal innards? No? Well, now you do. Maybe that stuffed animal was a threat to their favorite human. Either way, the toy is now dead, and you are welcome.

3. They’re Also a Gardener

The plant didn’t look right there anyway, so your German Shepherd has helpfully removed it.

4. They’re Always Alert

German Shepherds are protective, so expect plenty of nose art on your windows. Early training and socialization are essential so your German Shepherd doesn’t develop guarding tendencies. But still, expect them to be wary of anyone passing by, whether they’re a burglar or the postman.

5. Make Time for Them, or They’ll Make the Time for You

They love spending time with their families, so if you don’t set aside the time to give them a little attention, they’ll carve out the time for you. There isn’t a cuter distraction than a German Shepherd!

6. Small Body, Big Heart

German Shepherd puppies grow into their big hearts, and a bigger body means there is more to cuddle.

7. They’re Brave and Hard Working

Initially, German Shepherds were bred for herding, and now they’re often used as working dogs in the armed forces and police. These intelligent, loyal dogs love being active and are known for being easy to train.

8. A Good Boy

German Shepherds make wonderful family dogs and are known for being loyal, protective, and brave. So, it’s completely understandable that your German Shepherd would grow used to hearing how good a boy he is on a regular basis.

9. Their Bark Isn’t Worse Than Their Bite

German Shepherds might look intimidating, but it’s nothing compared to how they’ll react if they think you’re a threat to someone they love. These wonderfully loyal dogs will protect you until the very end!

10. They’ll Be Your Best Friend

No problem is too big for your German Shepherd; they will be there through all your ups and downs. If cuddles don’t make your problems disappear, eating them certainly will.

11. They’re Not Dangerous if Raised Right

Early training and socialization are essential for raising your German Shepard. Let’s face it: with their sticky hands and tantrums, kids can be much more intimidating than dogs!

12. Groom One German Shepherd, and Suddenly You Have Two

German Shepherds shed a lot, but that’s okay because you can gather all the fluff into a pile, and you’ll have two dogs! The only thing better than a German Shepherd are two German Shepherds!

13. They’re Always There to Lend an Ear or Two

German Shepherds are all ears when they’re puppies. They eventually grow into their ears, but make sure you snap as many pictures during the puppy stage as possible so you don’t forget this look.

14. They’re Excellent Food Tasters

It’s difficult to say no to those big eyes, but your German Shepherd is only checking that you’re safe. That sandwich might be dangerous. So, let them protect you and hand it over.

15. Don’t Mess With Them

You might almost feel sorry for the poor individual who tries to mess with you or your home. Your German Shepherd has your back, and beware of anyone who threatens you!

16. They’re Not People, but They’re Babies

This protective breed might look intimidating, but they love their families. No matter how big they get, our dogs will always be our babies.

17. They’ll Easily Manipulate You Because They’re So Cute

They might know that shoes are for walking in, not chewing, or they shouldn’t scratch the new couch. But sometimes, it’s just too much fun to avoid, and they feel bad about it afterward. Good luck telling that cute face off; we certainly couldn’t.

18. Tough Exterior, Marshmallow Interior

Strangers might be intimidated by your German Shepherd’s stare, but if you’re lucky enough to live with one of these dogs, you’ll know they’re nothing more than big marshmallows at heart.

19. They’re Pure Joy

Speaking of Friday, if you’re off the weekend, it means more time to spend with that special German Shepherd in your life. Any time spent together is time well spent.

20. They’re Always There Even if They’re Not Always Listening

Any secret you tell your German Shepherd puppy is safe with them, probably because they weren’t listening to you. They’re much too busy wondering when you’ll take them walkies.

21. You and the Vacuum Will Be Well Acquainted by Now

You might not have fully anticipated how much vacuuming would be in your future when you adopted a German Shepherd. However, the frequent cleaning is worth every second your dog is in your life.

22. They Always Watching

You might have thought this meant your German Shepherd would always be guarding. But, no, sometimes they just want to stare adoringly into your face. They love you quite a lot, after all.

23. You Messed Up if You Mess With a German Shepherd

You might have time to get away if you’re unlucky enough to get on the wrong side of a German Shepherd and their family. Just start running!

24. You’re Going to Spend a Lot on Toys

Intelligent dogs like German Shepherds need to be stimulated, so expect to spend a lot of money on toys!

25. They’re Not the Best Liars

Sometimes, the trashcan explodes by itself, or the cat bursts all the cushions. German Shepherds aren’t the best liars, but their antics will make a funny story when you finish cleaning up.

26. Don’t Embarrass Them at the Dog Park

Everyone thinks their dog is the most adorable ever, and everyone is right. But maybe keep the cuddles to a minimum in public so you don’t embarrass your German Shepherd at the dog park.

27. They’re Not Above a Little Bribery

You might get your socks back in one piece if you’re quick, but we can’t guarantee their safe return.

28. It’s Tricky Being a Puppy

It’s difficult when you want to play, but you also don’t want to give up your favorite ball. Playtime might end up becoming a game of chase-the-puppy instead of fetch.

29. You Never Know When a Human Might Need Protection

It’s their job to keep you safe, and considering how irritating baths can be, it makes sense your German Shepherd would assume you might need them close by in the bathroom.

Plus, who knows when evil might creep up on you? They need to make sure you leave the shower alive; you know where all the treats are kept.

30. They’re Not “Just” a Dog, They’re Family

German Shepherds are loyal, affectionate, and wonderful family dogs, and if you don’t have one, you just won’t get what it feels like to love or be loved by one of these amazing dogs.

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If you have a German Shepherd, you’ll be fully aware of how accurate these memes are. They are serious dogs related to wolves, but when they’re on the job, they’re also loyal and loving goofballs around those they feel most comfortable around. Loving a German Shepherd is an honor and a privilege, and it can also be hilarious!

Featured Photo Credit: shelma25, Pixabay

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