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Are Beagles Good for First-Time Owners? Breed Facts & FAQs

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

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Beagles are excitable dogs that love to interact in social situations and enjoy spending time with their human companions at home. They are adventurous, active, athletic, and easygoing. Like all dogs, they can be challenging at times, but they make excellent pets for households with and without kids. But are they good for first-time dog owners?

The answer doesn’t come in the form of a simple yes or no. The bottom line is that it depends on your lifestyle and what you want to get out of adopting a pet dog. Let’s discuss the kind of first-time dog owner that a Beagle would be ideal for and when first-time dog owners should consider adopting another breed.

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What Type of First-Time Dog Owner Is the Beagle Good For?

Beagles were bred to hunt, so they are considered working dogs. This means they like to exercise, and they like to do it frequently. The typical Beagle requires at least 1 ½ hours of exercise each day to stay healthy and happy. Therefore, they require an owner who lives an active life. If you are someone who enjoys spending time on hikes, at the lake or ocean, and in parks, a Beagle might be a good fit for you, even if you’ve never owned a dog before.

When spending time at home, Beagles like to get close to their human companions and cuddle up to watch a movie or just lounge together. If you like to relax during your downtime and don’t mind a furry canine lying in your lap or against your leg, you will probably enjoy having a Beagle as a pet. Beagles happen to like other animals and children too, so if your household is full of kids and pets, a Beagle should fit in well.

The ideal first-time owner of a Beagle has the following qualities:
  • Lives an active life almost daily
  • Has time to bond for at least an hour a day
  • Has time for daily walks and outdoor adventures
  • Doesn’t mind bringing their pet along on outdoor adventures
  • Can handle the barking that Beagles tend to do when they get excited or bored
  • Can be patient and committed when it comes to obedience training
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Image By: Maria Sbytova, Shutterstock

What Type of First-Time Dog Owner Is the Beagle Not So Good For?

There are certain types of first-time dog owners who probably shouldn’t consider adopting a Beagle and should instead focus on another breed to ensure that their new pet has a happy and healthy life.

Here are a few qualities that a first-time dog owner might have that would indicate that a Beagle is not the dog for them:
  • Lives a sedentary lifestyle
  • Has little patience for barking
  • Is not interested in engaging in training
  • Prefers indoor activities to outdoor adventures

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A Quick Recap

Beagles are awesome dogs that enjoy being an integral part of the family dynamic. These dogs are extremely active, though, so they require an owner who likes to get out and exercise on a daily basis. Outdoor adventurers and those who want to build a strong bond with their pets tend to be the best suited for this breed.

Featured Image Credit: MagicalKrew, Shutterstock

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