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Veterinarian (DVM)

Dr. Rachel Ellison

Graduated from the Ohio State University

10+ years of veterinary experience


Dr. Rachel Ellison has worked in veterinary medicine for over a decade. She lives on a mountain in Utah with her husband, daughter, and son, as well as their animal menagerie— a Bernese Mountain Dog, an orange tabby cat, and a Bengal/Siamese mix, as well as numerous chickens. During her free time, you will find her with those she loves, cooking and baking, reading, hiking, and exploring nature and the world around her.  


Dr. Ellison graduated from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) with her bachelor's degree in Zoology, and then her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University in 2013. 


Over the past decade, Dr. Ellison has learned that she loves teaching and helping others (animal or human), preventive medicine, and preserving the animal-human bond.  She has had experience writing both veterinary-related and non-veterinary-related articles for various companies and websites- including Hepper! 

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