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5 Homemade Dog Toothpaste Recipes You Can Try Today! (Vet-Approved)

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how to make homemade dog toothpaste

Cleaning your dog’s teeth isn’t the most glamorous part of pet ownership, but it can make a big difference in your pet’s health. If you don’t want to pay your vet to do it or shell out for pricey commercial toothpaste, you’ll need a handy homemade dog toothpaste recipe.

That’s where we come in! All of these toothpaste recipes are dog-friendly and easy to whip up. Some use simple ingredients like baking soda and cinnamon, while others add unusual things like kelp and parsley. Whichever you choose, your dog is sure to thank you!

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Why Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

Just like with humans, proper dental care can make a big difference in your dog’s health. The symptoms of dog oral disease include swollen gums, excessively bad breath, and loose teeth — all things you and your furry friend want to avoid! Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can keep your dog’s mouth healthy, which will keep your dog healthy, too.

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What Are the Best Dog Toothpaste Ingredients?

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t use human toothpaste for your dogs. Human-grade toothpaste generally contains ingredients like xylitol (a sugar substitute) and fluoride, both of which are harmful to dogs. And don’t forget that while humans spit out their toothpaste, dogs swallow it. That’s why you’ll want to use fully dog-safe ingredients in your homemade dog toothpaste.

How to Make Dog Toothpaste Yourself?

To make a good dog toothpaste, you’ll want to combine gentle abrasives with breath-freshening and flavor-improving ingredients. Things like baking soda and cinnamon are effective and safe abrasives that will gently remove the buildup on your dog’s teeth.

Herbs like mint and parsley can improve your dog’s breath (just think of chewing gum), and ingredients like beef or chicken bouillon make the mixture tasty enough for your dog to enjoy.

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The 5 DIY Vet-Approved Homemade Dog Toothpaste Recipes:

1. Simple Homemade Dog Toothpaste

We start our list with an easy and inexpensive dog toothpaste recipe. Mix together ingredients like cinnamon, beef bouillon, and baking soda to make a toothpaste your dog will love. Get the full recipe.

2. Herbal Dog Toothpaste

Want something a little more unusual? This recipe from K9 Instinct shows you how to make dog toothpaste that they will enjoy: combine parsley, turmeric, and kelp with a simple coconut oil base. Interesting flavors that will clean your dog’s teeth! Get the full recipe.

3. Clove Dog Toothpaste

This dog toothpaste recipe may remind you of the holidays because it uses ground cloves to add a little spice. Whip together bouillon, baking soda, parsley, and coconut oil and you’ve got a great toothpaste! Get the full recipe.

4. Mint & Parsley Dog Toothpaste

Here’s another simple homemade dog toothpaste recipe, using ingredients you probably already have around the house. Throw in mint and parsley and you’ve got a gourmet toothpaste! Get the full recipe.

5. Lemon Dog Toothpaste

We wrap up our list with a more unusual dog toothpaste recipe. This recipe uses brewer’s yeast, lemon rind, herbs, and table salt to make an interesting — and effective — toothpaste. Get the full recipe.

Wondering how to brush your dog’s teeth? Check out this video:

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The Bottom Line: DIY Toothpaste for Dogs

Cleaning your pup’s teeth is important, and choosing the right toothpaste is crucial. You need a homemade toothpaste that’s safe and effective.  We hope these recipes showed you how to make dog toothpaste help you craft the perfect homemade dog toothpaste — that won’t break your budget. Enjoy your furry friend’s sparkling teeth and improved doggy breath!

Looking for more homemade dog recipes?

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