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Krysha is a proud mom to Shelly, a tortoiseshell “Tortie” rescue kitty that loves to talk back, especially if I’m late with breakfast. Shelly’s big personality, despite her small stature, has been a driving force behind my ambition to spread awareness about local shelters and the small things residents, support groups, and non-profits can do to support them. Growing up, Krysha experienced the care of many pets, from cats and dogs to turtles and small lizards to hamsters and tropical fish. Krysha is a freelance content writer specializing in pets, travel, and wellness. Her writing career began in 2009 while still studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Now, her creative writing skills combine with technical SEO experience to provide high-quality blog and web content for eCommerce and service-based websites.

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