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5 Best Cat Car Carriers With a Litter Box


Holding in the urine and poop can be harmful to your pet. I researched the best car carriers that have a litter box. A good carrier with a litter box should also have all the standard functions.___ I tested five carriers and explained what can be expected from using each of these and what is the best option for each use case.

When it comes to traveling with a cat, it is always difficult to make a trip comfortable. Still, there is a product that will make your adventure pleasant. A cat car carrier with a litter box is a make-it-or-break-it thing for your road trip. The right product will help your pet feel relaxed during the ride.

Cat car carrier with a litter box is created for long car and plane trips. So if you are traveling abroad or visiting your family, this product is your must-have thing. It is especially recommended for cats that tend to be too nervous or anxious. Stress can cause a lot of unpleasant accidents during your vacation. Choose the best carrier for your cat, and your pet will feel like at home right from the start of your journey. No more smelly or messy trips with your kitty. Only joy and happiness!

Cat car carriers come in different colors, sizes and shapes. I recommend you to choose the model according to your cat’s character and habits. In this article, I’ve made a list of the most functional and comfortable cat car carriers with a litter box on the market right now. I’ll also mention the most important features of this product which you should take into account before buying the carrier.

Features to consider


It is recommended to buy a cat car carrier which is one and a half your cat’s size. Small or large models can also be the reason for your pet’s stress and nervousness.


Expandable carriers are easy to travel with. Extra space is perfect for long rides. It provides good ventilation, so your cat will feel comfortable and safe.


Stressed cats are freedom-loving creatures. They don’t like confinement at all. So it will be better if you buy a cat car carrier that allows your cat to see you. If you’ll be in sight, your cat will be calm and enjoy the ride. Moreover, the holes for visibility bring more fresh air to the carrier.

Top loading

Top-loading cat car carrier with a litter box allows you to place your cat inside easily. Such models have two doors (in the front and on the top) to provide enough access and comfort. Moreover, a top door opens to the left or right providing much more options for transporting your pet. Easy entry is the key to success when traveling with a cat. So make sure the construction of your carrier is variable enough to make the trip perfect for your fluffy friend.


Cat car carriers with a litter box can be hard- and soft-sided. Hard-sided models are more durable and safe. They are usually made of heavy-duty plastic. Such carriers are perfect for cats with an elevated level of anxiety. Soft-sided ones are more lightweight, easy to transport and store. Calm cats usually like such carriers more than hard-sided ones. The material is softer and pets don’t feel stressed at all.

Top Cat Car Carriers With a Litter Box

It’s a perfect cat carrier for a long road trip. The bottom of this model is covered with velvet which brings maximum comfort to your cat’s traveling experience. Moreover, the bottom bed material is machine washable. The product is produced in medium and large size, so it’s perfect for both small and big cats. Pet Fit For Life cat car carrier is equipped with a teaser toy, a collapsible water bowl and a litter box. It also has 2 window screens, so your cat will stay calm and keep you in sight.

Both the crate and the litter box are collapsible. The carrier has two top handles, so it will be very easy to transport it during the trip. The canvas flaps may be shut or open to add more air or privacy when needed. Pet Fit For Life can become your kittie’s safe place.


  • flexible and versatile (has 2 handles and collapsible litter box)
  • includes a bonus cat toy and a water bowl
  • large interior with an ultra-soft velvet bottom
  • made of durable nylon material


  • it’s not designed for carrying your cat around
  • Product Dimensions: 32 in x 19 in x 19 in
  • Shipping Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Material: durable nylon fabric & velvet

Necoichi stands for “cats first” in Japanese. This carrier shows that the name of the brand was not chosen by chance. It can be used as a traveling space or a private room for your cat. Or maybe two cats! Yep, it’s quite large (31.5 x 20.1 x 20.1 inches) to become a home for two grown-up pets.

Roll-up mesh front and side windows are a find for every cat owner. They provide great visibility and ventilation as well. Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cat Cage is equipped with zipper locks which is a guarantee that your cat won’t escape. The carrier has a waterproof fleece cover and a storage bag. It is large enough, however, it folds to a very compact size.

The manufacturers also added rear seatbelt straps for safe and comfortable trips.

This cat car carrier is equipped with a litter box and is totally collapsible. It is easy to store.


  • roomy enough for two cats
  • waterproof floor
  • equipped with seatbelt straps
  • litter box included
  • totally collapsible


  • not sturdy enough
  • zipper lock can get stuck
  • Product Dimensions: 31.5 in x 20.1 in x 20.1 in
  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
  • Material: durable nylon fabric

This carrier is one of the most stylish ones. Moreover, it is top-loading which means you can easily place your cat inside this small house. No force needed!

Coopeter Cat Outhouse has a revolutionary construction. This cat car carrier is equipped with a litter box that has a honeycomb structure. Such construction helps you to gather litter just by picking up the mat. The droppings pass right through the fabric and stay right in the mat. You just have to place the mat back inside.

The carrier has a small box on the left for garbage bags and litter balls. The surface of the litter box is very smooth and easy-to-clean. The box can be removed from the inside. As you see, it is one of the most comfortable products both for a cat and its owner.

This outhouse can become a home for very large cats (up to twenty-five pounds). The carrier has a small door for your cat to go out.


  • top loading
  • revolutionary construction allowing to gather litter fast
  • random litter scoop included
  • great warranty
  • very stylish
  • easy to store


  • can be hard to transport
  • Product Dimensions: 26.4 in x 17.7 in x 21.5 in
  • Shipping Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Material: durable nylon fabric

The carrier comes with 2 doors (including top entry one), so you will easily access your cat.

Petmate Two Door Top Load has ventilated sides which makes it very comfortable for long trips. It is a hard-sided model, so it is not collapsible. However, it is more durable than other products. The carrier is made of heavy-duty plastic, which is better for cleaning.

This product is equipped with grated steel doors, so your pet won’t escape. Moreover, the holes in the doors provide extra ventilation.

Petmate Two Door Top Load has an easy-squeeze lock. You can open the door with one hand! The comfortable carrying handle makes this product very easy for transporting.

The top and bottom of the carrier fasten securely thanks to the wingnut-and-bolt design.

This cat car carrier with a litter box can become a real travel home for your fluffy friend. It is designed especially for large cats. The size of the kennel and durable plastic material guarantees comfort for the largest cats.


  • cheap
  • highly durable
  • comes with 2 doors
  • comes in many sizes
  • 4 great color combinations
  • top and bottom of the carrier fasten securely


  • not collapsible
  • Product Dimensions: 19.4 in x 12.8 in x 10 in
  • Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Material: heavy-duty plastic

This product is available in small, medium and large sizes. Sherpa Pet Carrier has an extra compartment for toys, treats, pet travel documents and other stuff you have. This model has top and side entries equipped with locking zippers for your cat’s safety.

The carrier has mesh windows for ventilation and faux lambskin liner which is easy to wash.

The manufacturers recommend selecting this type of carrier based on your cat’s measurements. You shouldn’t focus only on the weight itself.

The product also includes a seat belt security strap which can be doubled as a luggage strap. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Pet Carrier has another no-slip adjustable shoulder strap for easy transporting. The kennel can be placed comfortably under most of the airline seats. It is approved on most major airlines. The carrier has a durable nylon construction and has a one-year limited warranty against all the defects noticed.


  • available in different sizes and 6 colors
  • approved by all airlines
  • machine-washable faux lambskin liner
  • provides great ventilation


  • not collapsible
  • a litter box is not included
  • not waterproof
  • Product Dimensions: 19 in x 11.8 in x 11.5 in
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: durable nylon, faux lambskin

Buying a cat carrier with a litter box vs buying them separately

If you want to spend your trip with maximum comfort, then you should buy the carrier equipped with a litter box.

It is quite cool to buy everything all at once and don’t think about the additional purchases.

However, in this case, you’ll face the problem of choosing a sturdy carrier.

You should take into account that such carriers are not easy to transport due to their construction. Still, if you don’t need this product for carrying your cat, it won’t cause problems.  Cat car carriers with a litter box can become a safe and comfortable travel house for your pet.

If you are ready to spend a little bit more time and money, then you can buy these products separately. You’ll be able to carry the kennel easily. Besides you can combine different products when choosing the carrier that doesn’t include a litter box. For instance, you like the Sherpa Pet Carrier and a litter mat with a honeycomb structure (like in the Coopeter Cat Outhouse). You are free to combine products and form your perfect match.

Choose the product that answers to your priority needs, and your trip will be carefree and full of great memories!

How to secure a cat carrier in a car 

Step 1 – Make the carrier as convenient as possible.

Even if the bottom bed is made of velvet or other soft materials, you need to prepare it for a long ride.

TIP: if long-distance traveling is your #1 priority – check our guide with top cat carriers for long-distance travels.

First, make a layer of newspaper and put it on the bottom. Then put a towel above. The surface will become soft enough for your cat. Moreover, newspapers and a towel will help to soak up any “accidents” your cat may produce during the trip.

Step 2 – Place the carrier in the back seat.

Surround the carrier with a couple of additional boxes or valises to stabilize the kennel. It is especially important if you have a soft-sided carrier that is not very sturdy.

Add your cat’s favorite toys to make your cat feel less stressed. You may, in addition, use a seatbelt to place the carrier more securely.

Step 3 – Drive safe.

Remember that no matter how securely you fixed the carrier, your cat may still feel a lot of stress.

So try not to make sudden stops or starts. Avoid potholes on the road. Turn the radio on and keep the volume on the low level. And don’t forget to talk to your cat while driving. It will help your fluffy friend to relax.


Will my cat use a litter box inside the car cat carrier?

Some cats (let’s call them “homebodies”) prefer only their original domestic litter box and refuse everything else. In such a case, I recommend you to make a couple of test rides for your pet. It will get used to the travel litter box. Moreover, it is hard for many cats to use a litter box in a moving vehicle. It is preferable to use it when you make stops. You’ll also need a litter scoop and some plastic bags. Still, calm grown-up cats can use the litter box inside the car cat carrier in a moving car. So make sure it is fixed properly.

Why does my cat poop in her carrier in the car?

Your cat poops in the carrier because it gets stressed. Try to make the ride as comfortable as it can be (read the previous part) and practice short-distance rides with your cat. If it doesn’t help, buy a cat diaper, and your cat won’t end up covered with poop.

Can a cat be outside their carrier when in a car?

Yes, it can. It is absolutely legal for your cat to stay outside the carrier in a moving car. A cat can ride in a car freely if it’s not a threat to a driver. Moreover, your pet can ride in the front seat if there is no airbag in the vehicle.

How to place a cat carrier in the backseat of a car?

First of all, make sure the cat car carrier with a litter box is stabilized properly by a seatbelt or some additional boxes. Try to keep as many things around as you can. That’s how you will prevent the carrier from falling. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t pile up things near the mesh windows. The kennel must be ventilated as well.

Which litter is the best for portable litter boxes during traveling?

The best litter should be dust-free and lightweight. CatSpot coconut litter and Yesterday’s News cat litter match these criteria perfectly.

In a word

Buying a cat car carrier with a litter box is the best thing you can do before travelling with your fluffy friend. It opens a lot of opportunities during your ride.

With the cat carrier, you don’t have to worry about your cat’s behavior during the trip. Your back seat will remain clean, and you will enjoy the views when driving instead of looking constantly in the rearview mirror. You won’t have to find a cat sitter, because your pet will be with you all the way!

A cat carrier with a litter box is one of the most common methods to make your cat get used to your car. Some cats may need a couple of rides. However, some stressed cats may need more time (from 10 to 20 rides).

Take into account the visibility, ventilation and space inside a carrier before buying it.

Choose the right cat carrier according to your cat’s size and temper, and you’ll soon wonder why you have never travelled with your fluffy buddy before.

Using the carrier requires a lot of effort, but it will pay back with a huge munch of emotions from your first ride together. 

Keep all the factors in mind, and you’ll be able to choose the best carrier for your cat!

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