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7 Best Cat Kidney Supplements in 2021


The bitter truth of life is that many cats suffer from problems with kidneys today. It happens with age, wrong nutrition, or on the back of coexisting diseases. Willing to help felines, vets, and pet food manufacturers collaborate to design specific formulas and supplements for cats with kidney disease. Thanks to peculiar ingredients and their effects on a cat’s body, such products ease the symptoms and prevent the spread of CRF (chronic renal failure).
In this guide, we’ll reveal the role of cat CRF supplements and review the top seven supplements for cat kidneys for pet parents to be on the subject.

Benefits of kidney supplements for cats

The diagnosis of kidney disease means the inability of this organ to maintain water and electrolyte balance, filter waste products from the blood, and make new red blood cells. It’s a serious problem that, when progressing and untreated, can lead to a fatal outcome.

When suffering from chronic kidney disease, a cat needs a transition to a specific, veterinary-approved diet. Most pet food manufacturers offer kidney-friendly formulas, – Royal Canin Renal Support, Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d, and Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diet NF Kidney Function are just to name a few – but it often happens that food itself is not enough to deal with the problem.

As kidney disease progresses, more interventions are necessary for a feline to feel well. And that’s where cat kidney supplements come in handy. Providing supplemental nutrients, fluids, vitamins, and minerals, they help support a cat’s body running.

The benefits of supplements for cat kidneys are:

  • Moderation of regular hydration and urination
  • A healthy urinary tract promotion by minimizing the frequency of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Support for the immune system functionality against kidney issues
  • Enhance of kidney function
  • Support for normal urine pH
  • A regular appetite and healthy weight maintenance

Supplements for cats with kidney disease also promote a natural increase in energy levels and general vitality. Together with prescribed medicine and kidney-friendly diets for cats, these products serve to help felines deal with such a serious health issue.

Top 7 cat supplements for kidney disease 2021

Trust me, I’m an EXPERT in this question. We managed to save our Ronnie’s life in 2016 (he has chronic kidney disease). And I do believe that Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support made a very important contribution to this. It’s an efficient supplement advised by a number of veterinarians and I highly recommend you this one to improve your cat’s health and even to save its life. However, you should always consult with your vet to properly manage your expectations and to make sure that all the supplements are compatible with your cat’s medicine and nutrition.

Safe to use for cats of all ages, this supplement serves to maintain kidney function and prevent issues with weight. The formula is a blend of herbs, backed with scientific data and manufactured at GMP-certified facilities of the USA or Canada. Its content works to help a cat’s body respond to viruses and bacteria and maintain healthy urea and creatinine levels. (Both are products of metabolism in kidneys.)

It works together with a high quality urinary diet, providing a feline with extra energy and hydration. Feeding instructions are on the package, but it’s recommended to ask a vet for approval before using it.

  • Type: liquid
  • Weight: 59 ml.

AminAvast is among the cat kidney supplements that have no side effects reported but positive reviews from pet owners on the improvements in their felines’ appetite, behavior, and weight gain. The capsules are easy to store (no refrigeration needed) and mix in food to make the supplement more comfortable and palatable for cats to eat.

Manufactured in an FDA-licensed facility (USA), the product promotes and supports a healthy renal function. Thanks to its new ingredient (amino acids + a peptide, a proprietary process), each capsule works to maintain a cat’s health and vitality. Safe for adult and senior felines, this supplement serves best as a part of the kidney-friendly diet.

  • Type: capsules
  • Weight: 300 mg.

This one claims to be the yummiest cat CRF supplement for a healthy urinary tract: Chewable tablets with a chicken flavor, cranberry, parsley, and horsetail will suit a feline’s taste by all means. Safe and natural for adult and senior cats to consume, Vet’s Best is veterinarian-formulated and NASC-approved.

As seen from the product’s name, it helps support the normal, healthy urinary tract function of our felines. Please consult your vet before feeding a cat with this supplement, especially if your feline is pregnant or nursing, and follow the instructions on the package. The product is easy to store (keep it closed in a cool, dry place) and use: Give 1-2 tablets twice daily, breaking them into smaller pieces. Don’t give to cats with severe kidney disorders or conditions that cause the rise of acidic urine.

  • Type: chewable tablets
  • Weight: 60 counts

One of the best natural supplements for cat kidney failure, this formula is US-made and used by many vets and animal hospitals across the country. It helps ease the symptoms of urinary tract infections and kidney/bladder infections in a cat’s body. Feel free to give to felines suffering from acute and chronic cystitis, hematuria, and struvite kidney stones. (But remember: It’s not a treat but medicine, so consult with your vet before usage!)

UroMAXX is a cold-processed powerful liquid formula. It contains Vitamin C, cranberry juice extract, and Glucosamine-HCL to ensure a higher absorption rate and easier assimilation. No sugar, soy, salt, or wheat is here, making the product 100% safe for felines to consume. (It works for dogs too, by the way.) You can mix the supplement with dry or

  • Type: fluid
  • Weight: 180 ml.

This cat kidney supplement serves as a palatable urinary acidifier, lowering and maintaining normal urine pH. The product is designed to support a healthy urinary tract and reduce the kidneys’ chances of stones. Also, it works as a supplemental source of Methionine to increase the urinary excretion of quinidine. (When in disease, it may become toxic.)

This product is for adult cats only, so don’t feed yours if she is less than one year old. Feeding instructions prescribe a 1/2 teaspoon for felines daily: Give it during feeding time or after (place a small amount of the gel on a pet’s nose or paw to stimulate interest). Methigel also promotes a healthy bladder and helps control a strong urine odor.

  • Type: oral gel
  • Weight: 120.5 g.

This one is a daily supplement to promote a healthy urinary tract by reducing the crystal formation. Its added nutrients help maintain pH balance in the urine, preventing the organs from inflammation. The formula is veterinarian-formulated and approved by NASC, which indicates its high quality and efficiency.

UT Support is chicken liver flavored soft chews, with no wheat, corn, or artificial ingredients inside. Instead, it contains four active ingredients serving for a healthy urinary system: cranberry – for pH balance, Bromelain – to preserve the UT lining, D-Mannose – to support waste elimination, and N-Acetyl glucosamine – for the mucosal lining.

  • Type: chews
  • Weight: 60 chews, 75 g.

This formula is a potassium gluconate supplement to support renal health and function in cats. Not only does it promote healthy kidney function, but it also maintains normal muscle and nervous system work. The ingredients such as B-Complex vitamins, Biotin, and Calcium D Pantothenate serve to manage potassium levels in cats.

Renal K+ is OK to give to adult cats and use with other diets and supplements. Add it to food or place on a nose or paws to make it more palatable for a pet to eat. Feeding recommendations prescribe giving it twice daily, and the total amount of powder will depend on a cat’s weight. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer and ask your vet if it meets your feline’s individual needs.

  • Type: powder
  • Weight: 100 g.

The role of cat kidney supplements

The problem is that felines with kidney disease make large volumes of urine and sweat water-soluble vitamins. Also, they suffer from inflammation and oxidation, and can no longer regulate their food intake and water balance.

Supplements for cats with kidney disease help maintain the essential nutrients, lower or prevent inflammation, and regulate water balance in a cat’s body. In other words, they assist a cat in her struggle for health, providing her organism with energy and nutrient balance she needs to thrive.

With so many supplements for cat kidneys on the market, pet parents should discuss their usage with a professional vet to ensure optimal treatment of their cats. Plus, these products can only work together with urinary diets and proper hydration.


How long should cat kidney supplements be used? 

It depends on a cat’s overall health condition and a type of kidney disease she has: acute or chronic. In the case of CKD (chronic kidney disease), supplements can be used permanently. You need to consult a vet and follow their recommendations. Make sure to read the instructions on a product’s package and never prescribe supplements yourself.

Can I use several supplements at once?

Even if using natural supplements for cat kidney failure, you need to understand they won’t work when applied randomly. The possibility of simultaneous use of several supplements depends on their ingredients and compatibility. That’s why you shouldn’t make such decisions yourself; consult a vet instead.

Claudine Sievert, DVM

In a word 

Kidney problems are among the most common disorders vets see in cats. With a few causes possible (age, poor nutrition/hydration, or the context of coexisting diseases), it lies in cat parents’ power to help their felines deal with the problem.

These additives are only one part of a complex strategy. In addition, I highly recommend adding a cat water fountain to your home because it is proven to improve hydration in cats.

With vet recommendations, prescribed medicine if necessary, and a kidney-friendly diet, we can hasten our four-legged friend’s recovery with specific supplements for cats with kidney disease. In this guide, I’ve covered the best ones on the market, so I hope it will be less challenging for cat parents to get their bearings now.

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