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6 Best Cooling Dog Beds of 2024 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A dog on a cooling bedIf you own a dog who tends to get very warm and restless while sleeping, you need a dog bed that will help cool them down. While many dog beds are designed for cozy warmth, cooling dog beds do the opposite. They use materials and construction that help your hot sleeper get a cool night’s rest and ultimately, a better night’s sleep.

As you shop for cooling dog beds, you may not be sure which brand or style will work best for your “hot” dog. We sorted through a variety of dog beds and selected only the coolest ones. We also added informational reviews and quick-reference pros and cons lists. Be sure to also check out our buyer’s guide, where we go more in-depth into the key factors that make a high-quality cooling dog bed.

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A Quick Glance at our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
K&H Pet Products K&H Pet Products
  • Clever water-filled design
  • No toxic gels
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Best Value
    Second place
    AmazonBasics AmazonBasics
  • Cot-style bed
  • Exceptional air flow
  • Mesh fabric
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Sealy Sealy
  • Quad-element foam
  • Orthopedic element and memory foam
  • Machine washable cover
  • Coolaroo Coolaroo
  • Cot-style elevated bed
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Powder-coated steel frame base
  • Zermätte Zermätte
  • 4-inch cooling gel
  • Memory foam padding
  • Orthopedic support
  • The 6 Best Cooling Dog Beds

    1. K&H Pet Coolin’ Comfort Dog Bed – Best Overall

    K&H Pet Products

    Our top pick, K&H Pet Products Coolin’ Comfort bed, is the best overall cooling dog bed in value and performance. This orthopedic foam core bed doesn’t require electricity to cool your dog. Instead, you create the cooling effect by adding cold water through its convenient and easy-to-fill cap.

    You can adjust your dog’s cushion level with the air valve. There are no toxic gels included in this bed. This flat rectangular bed comes in a sporting blue color.

    We found that most dogs find cooling comfort with this bed. The design helps dogs suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia as well. However, keep in mind that with the water added, the bed is heavy to move. If you plan to store it, you need to be sure to remove all the water to prevent mildew.

    All in all, we think that this is the best dog cooling bed on the market right now.

    • Most dogs find cooling comfort
    • Clever water-filled design
    • A reasonable value
    • Adjust cushion level with air valve
    • No toxic gels
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Helps dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia
    • Heavy to move when water is added
    • Storage is difficult due to proper water removal

    2. AmazonBasics Cooling Dog Bed – Best Value


    Our selection for the best cooling dog bed for the money goes to AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling pet bed. For a great price, you’ll get a cot-style dog bed that is constructed to lift your dog several inches off the ground so cool air can flow freely in all directions.

    This dog bed provides cooling relief from exceptional airflow through its mesh fabric, which is durable and easy to clean by washing off with water as needed. The frame of the bed is sturdy enough to support dogs weighing well over 100 pounds.

    This bed comes in a variety of sizes and in neutral colors of gray or green. Screws and a hex tool are included for assembly. However, you may have difficulty properly putting this bed together, which may affect its overall durability.

    • Best value
    • Cot-style bed
    • Exceptional air flow for cooling comfort
    • Mesh fabric is breathable, durable, and easy to clean
    • Sturdy construction to support large dogs
    • Offered in a variety of sizes
    • Difficult to assemble despite tool and screws included
    • Improper assembly may lead to lack of durability

    3. Sealy Cooling Dog Bed – Premium Choice


    We chose the Sealy dog bed as our premium choice for its quad-element foam that’s designed to provide your dog with ultimate cooling comfort and support. Although you’ll pay significantly more for this dog bed, it may be worth the expense for its high-quality construction and easy-to-clean material.

    The quad-element foam in this Sealy dog bed offers four extraordinary components of comfort to help your dog get better rest. The cooling energy gel helps regulate your dog’s sleeping temperature to a lower level. The pet rest memory foam and the orthopedic element help support dogs with arthritis, joint and bone discomfort, and other issues. The charcoal foam feature absorbs odors, which helps your dog’s bed stay fresh longer.

    The cover is machine washable, but we found that the material may not maintain its durability and quickly loses its high-quality texture. However, the overall construction of this rectangular bed does hold up over time.

    • Quad-element foam
    • Ultimate cooling comfort for your dog
    • Orthopedic element and memory foam for added support
    • Charcoal foam feature reduces odors
    • Machine washable cover
    • Expensive
    • Poor quality cover material

    4. Coolaroo 317270 Elevated Dog Bed


    For an inexpensive price, the Coolaroo elevated pet bed gives your dog a cot-style bed that allows for optimal air flow, providing cooling comfort. Similar in design and price to our second-place pick, the Coolaroo also uses a breathable mesh fabric suspended on a powder-coated steel frame base.

    The mesh fabric is made from high-density polyethylene, which is easy to keep clean and maintain by spraying off with water. As added bonus, the material is flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant. This bed comes in three sizes and offers comfortable support for dogs of all sizes.

    We placed this bed lower on our list for its quality of construction. We found that the screws holding the bed together need to be regularly tightened. Also, the mesh fabric tends to stretch out of shape over time. Finally, you may find it difficult to easily assemble this bed due to the poor directions and components not lining up properly.

    • Cot-style elevated bed
    • Breathable mesh fabric
    • Powder-coated steel frame base
    • Easy-to-clean mesh fabric
    • Fabric is flea, mite, mild, and mildew resistant
    • Screws need to be regularly and often tightened
    • Mesh fabric lacks durability
    • Difficult to assemble

    5. Zermätte Cooling Dog Bedlink


    With a 4-inch cooling gel, solid memory foam padding, this Zermätte dog bed will give your dog a place to rest in cool comfort. Your dog’s joints and bones will benefit from the unique orthopedic support.

    This rectangular bed comes with an attached bolster to better support your dog’s head, along with an anti-skid bottom. The memory foam is infused with odor-absorbing charcoal and eco-friendly bamboo and includes a 100% waterproof liner.

    The Zermätte dog bed has machine-washable fabric that easily unzips for cleaning. The fabric material is designed to protect the foam base by blocking hair, fur, dust, dander, and liquid spills.

    Keep in mind that this bed retails for a more expensive price. Though similar in cost and style to our premium choice, we placed this dog bed lower on our list for its unfortunate odor that’s apparent at delivery.

    • 4-inch cooling gel, memory foam padding
    • Orthopedic support for joints and bones
    • Attached bolster for head and neck support
    • Infused with odor-absorbing charcoal and eco-friendly bamboo
    • 100% waterproof liner
    • Machine-washable, easy-to-remove liner
    • Durable and resistant fabric
    • Expensive
    • May have an unfavorable odor at delivery

    6. iComfort Sofa Dog Bed


    Your dog will enjoy Serta’s Cool Action Dual Effects memory foam in this iComfort Sofa pet bed. The dual action refers to two components, micro-support gel beads and exclusive Micro Cool+ gel, which work together to provide your dog with cooling comfort and excellent support.

    This dog bed has a rectangular pillow-like shape with a backrest bolster to resemble a sofa design. The gel beads not only cool down your dog, but they also eliminate pressure points so your dog can enjoy even weight distribution.

    The material is breathable, which increases air flow and efficiently dissipates heat for a cool night’s sleep. The fabric is machine washable, though we learned that some dogs can easily scratch holes in it.

    We also discovered that the nonskid bottom comprised of circular material tends to easily fall off, especially after a washing. The backrest pillow can lose its shape after only a few uses.

    • Cool Action Dual Effects memory foam
    • Micro support beads
    • Micro Cool+ gel
    • Breathable fabric
    • Machine washable material
    • Some dogs easily scratched holes in material
    • Nonskid bottom may fall off
    • Backrest pillow is poor quality

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Cooling Dog Bed

    After reading through our reviews, you still may have questions about which cooling dog bed will work best for your dog. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over tips to keep your dog cool and comfortable, compare the different styles of cooling dog beds, and highlight their most important features.

    “Hot” Dog

    If your dog tends to overheat, buying a cooling dog bed is an excellent step in caring for your companion. Heat exhaustion in dogs is a serious condition. If your dog’s sleeping area lacks proper air circulation or cooling components, your dog may suffer from heat exhaustion, resulting in excessive panting, dehydration, and even more severe symptoms. Certain breeds of dogs with thick fur or dogs with obesity are more at risk for heat exhaustion.

    Dog Sleep Positions

    There are several ways to determine whether you should invest in a cooling bed for your dog. Even if your dog’s bed has provided them comfort so far, the change in season to the summer months may bring a change in your dog’s sleeping behavior. One of the first indications that your dog is uncomfortably hot will be your dog’s sleeping position. Your dog may shift from being a curled-up ball in winter to being stretched out on their back in summer.

    Time to Buy a Cooling Bed

    When your dog has abandoned their cozy bed for the cool floor, it’s time to shop for a new bed. Although the floor may provide the desired cooling effect, your dog’s joints, muscles, and bones will all pay the price from the hard surface.

    Best Dog Cooling Bed

    Cot-Style Bed

    There are two kinds of cooling beds on our list. The cot-style bed offers an elevated sleeping area that allows for improved air circulation. These beds come with a metal frame that supports an expanse of breathable mesh.

    As long as your dog is able to climb up onto the elevated surface, a cot-style bed may be an excellent cooling choice. Be sure that the bed you purchase has a sturdy construction, particularly if you have a larger, heavier dog.

    Pillow-Shaped Bed

    The second style of bed featured on our list has a pillow shape that rests flatly on the floor. These beds all contained a cooling element in the bed padding. From cold water to high-tech memory foam, these beds may look cozy, but they actually stay cool.

    One of the benefits of this style of bed is the softer support. If your dog requires an orthopedic sleeping surface, these beds provide plenty of cushion and support. However, be sure that the fabric is made from a durable material and is easy to maintain by machine washing. You’ll want to double-check that if you buy a memory foam bed, precautions such as a waterproof liner are included.

    Cost vs. Value

    The beds on our list spanned from affordable to expensive. Depending on your dog’s needs and your budget, you may need to factor how many extra features are necessary. If you own a healthy, younger dog, a simple cot-style bed may be all that’s necessary during the warmer months. However, if your dog has other health issues, providing a supportive bed that’s also cooling may warrant spending more.

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    Final Verdict

    We recommend the K&H Pet Products 1714 Coolin’ Comfort Bed as the best overall cooling dog bed. We found that most dogs find cooling comfort in this dog bed, with its clever water-filled design that doesn’t include toxic gels. For a reasonable price, this dog bed can be used for indoor and outdoor use. It also helps dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia.

    For the best value, AmazonBasics 2007M-GY Elevated Cooling Pet Bed is a cot-style bed. This design provides exceptional air flow for cooling comfort. The mesh fabric is breathable, durable, and easy to clean, and the sturdy construction is able to support large dogs. This bed is offered in a variety of sizes.

    Finally, our premium choice goes to the Sealy 93652 Dog Bed. This high-quality dog bed offers the ultimate cooling comfort for your dog. The Quad Element Foam includes an orthopedic element and memory foam for added support. The charcoal foam feature reduces odors. This dog bed is easy to maintain with its machine-washable cover.

    We hope that you can find the best cooling bed for your dog based on our helpful reviews, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guide. The right cooling dog bed with temperature control can help your dog finally find relief and cooling comfort.

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