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10 Best Dog Lift Harnesses of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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If you own a geriatric or disabled dog, you may find it difficult to help your loyal companion with their limited mobility. Advanced age, hip dysplasia, traumatic injury, arthritis, and recent surgery can all hinder your dog’s ability to get up and freely move around.

Fortunately, there are products available to assist in lifting your dog onto their feet. A dog lift harness can improve the quality of your dog’s life. With a properly fitted harness, you can help your dog negotiate stairs, get in and out of the car, walk outside to relieve themselves, or even take a short walk.

We understand how searching for a high-quality dog lift harness may be difficult. That’s why we’ve ranked and provided in-depth reviews for the 10 best dog lift harnesses available today. After each review is a corresponding pros and cons list. Be sure to read through our buyer’s guide for additional tips to consider before you make a purchase.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Labra Sling Dog Lift Support Harness Labra Sling Dog Lift Support Harness
  • Easy-to-use sling design
  • Sturdy
  • heavy-duty material
  • Comfortable
  • fleeced lined interior
  • Best Value
    Second place
    All Seasons Dog Lift Harness All Seasons Dog Lift Harness
  • Easy-to-use sling design
  • Compact size for better storage and portability
  • Sherpa lining on interior for comfort
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetSafe Solvit Dog Lift Harness PetSafe Solvit Dog Lift Harness
  • Full body support
  • Several adjustable straps for better fit
  • Extra padding
  • LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling Harness LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling Harness
  • Ideal for hip support
  • Easy-to-use sling design
  • Machine washable
  • SGT KNOTS Dog Lift-Harness SGT KNOTS Dog Lift-Harness
  • Entire carry pouch lined with sheepskin covering
  • Supports your dog’s hips
  • Heavy-duty and adjustable nylon straps
  • The 10 Best Dog Lift Harnesses

    1. Labra Sling Dog Lift Support Harness – Best Overall


    Our top-ranked pick is the Labra Sling Lift Support Harness. Simple to use and well-constructed from sturdy, comfortable material, this harness helps you lift your dog to all four paws with ease. This sling-style harness is constructed from heavy-duty materials that can support any size dog.

    The Labra Sling Lift Support Harness is built with both your dog’s and your own comfort in mind. The wide sling design has a soft fleece lining and is long enough to support your dog’s entire core. The adjustable straps eliminate having to bend over to lift your dog, which in turn, saves you from back strain.

    While this product works incredibly well for most breeds of dogs, we learned that dogs with a long, low shape like a Corgi may experience the material bunching under their bellies, causing the sling to not lift as effectively.

    However, all in all, we still think that this is one of the best dog lift harnesses on the market.

    • Easy-to-use sling design
    • Sturdy, heavy-duty material
    • Comfortable, fleeced lined interior
    • Adjustable straps
    • Less back strain for dog owners
    • Some lower dog breeds experience bunched material

    2. All Seasons Dog Lift Harness – Best Value

    All Seasons Products

    Our recommendation for the best dog lift harness for the money goes to the All Seasons Dog lift harness. For a great value, the sling design on this harness easily slides under your dog and gathers at two sturdy handles to allow you to provide your dog with a nurturing lift.

    The inside of this harness has an extra-soft Sherpa lining for your dog’s comfort. The compact size makes it perfect for rolling it up for storage or bringing it along with you on trips. It’s also made with machine-washable materials.

    At 6 inches wide, some larger dogs may not benefit from the narrow support. The shorter handles require bending on your part. We also learned of a few instances of the handles ripping off.

    • Best value
    • Easy-to-use sling design
    • Sherpa lining on interior for comfort
    • Compact size for better storage and portability
    • Machine-washable materials
    • Narrow width not suitable for all size dogs
    • Shorter handles require owners to bend
    • Handles may rip off

    3. PetSafe Solvit Dog Lift Harness – Premium Choice


    Our premium choice, the PetSafe Solvit CareLift harness, offers full body support for your disabled, injured, or geriatric dog. The design includes several adjustable straps that can be fitted into place to provide the exact support where it’s needed most.

    Built for your dog’s comfort, this system offers fully padded straps and has a removable piece that adjusts to your dog’s gender. This harness comes with two support handles and a longer adjustable strap to give you many options for lifting your dog.

    Keep in mind that this intricate harness is one of the most expensive products on our list. Also, you will need to allow extra time to properly fit this harness to your dog. While the company states that this harness can be left on your dog for an extended time, we do not recommend leaving it in place for too long, as it may rub, irritate, or cut into your dog’s skin.

    • Full body support
    • Several adjustable straps for better fit
    • Extra padding
    • Two support handles and adjustable lifting strap
    • Expensive
    • Time consuming to fit in on your dog
    • Do not leave on your dog for an extended time

    4. LOOBANI Portable Dog Sling Harness


    If your dog needs hip support, you may want to consider the LOOBANI portable dog sling harness. The easy-to-use sling design wraps under and around your dog’s hind quarters to help your dog get around.

    This harness is constructed with machine-washable materials. It has no sharp edges and a plush soft inner lining for your dog’s comfort. For added strength, a heavy-duty, reflective nylon band runs through the length of the sling.

    The handle adjusts in length for lifting a variety of different size breeds and has removable padding. For your convenience, this harness is easily portable and stored in the included bag.

    We found that this harness works well for most dogs. Larger, heavier dogs may not care for the narrow width, which may not evenly distribute your dog’s weight. Also, the straps may twist or break.

    • Ideal for hip support
    • Easy-to-use sling design
    • Machine washable
    • Soft, plush inner liner
    • Adjustable handle with removable padding
    • Included bag for storage and portability
    • Not well-suited for larger breeds
    • Straps may twist or break

    5. SGT KNOTS Dog Lift-Harness


    For your dog’s comfort, the entire carry pouch on the SGT KNOTS support harness is covered in a soft, plush sheepskin-like covering. The sling design on this harness easily supports your dog under their belly and allows you to lift their hips.

    The heavy-duty nylon straps are built for strength and durability. Plus, the straps are adjustable to suit most sizes of dogs. However, the handles do not have any padding for your comfort.

    We found that significant number of dog owners would prefer the fake sheepskin material on this harness to be softer and less itchy and offer more padding. Also, this harness is not machine washable.

    • Entire carry pouch lined with sheepskin covering
    • Supports your dog’s hips
    • Heavy-duty and adjustable nylon straps
    • Sheepskin lining may not have enough padding
    • Handles do not offer padding for your comfort
    • Not machine washable

    6. Lepark Sling001 Lift Harness for Dogs


    The sling design on the Lepark Sling dog lift harness comes in three different sizes to better accommodate your breed of dog. This easy-to-use harness slides under your dog for greater hip support.

    Made with soft and comfortable materials, this harness has stitched edges to reduce rubbing against your dog’s skin. The handles come with removable padding for your own comfort.

    This harness is built to be strong and durable. It can sufficiently hold the weight of medium to large dog breeds. However, we learned that keeping the sling in place can present a challenge. It tends to bunch together or slip out of position.

    When you’re finished using the harness, it rolls up compactly and snaps closed for greater portability and convenient storage. It is also machine washable.

    • Three different size choices
    • Easy-to-use sling design
    • Comfortable, soft construction
    • Convenient portability and storage
    • Machine washable
    • May not stay in place on your dog
    • Material tends to bunch together

    7. Fur E. Frenz Dog Lift Harness

    Fur E Frenz

    With a design that wraps gently yet securely around your dog’s midsection, the Fur E. Frenz Woocon dog lift harness gently supports, braces, and stabilizes your dog’s hind legs and hips. The soft, quilted material on the carrying pouch offers your dog comfort as they walk.

    This harness comes with adjustable handles, which offer extra padding for your comfort. It’s machine washable, folds flat for easier portability and storage, and is available in two sizes, large and extra large.

    The structure of this harness employs an anti-slip design intended to keep it in place on your dog. However, we found that it still tends to move out of place and bunch up on certain  dogs. Also, it’s only offered in two sizes, and the wrapped section is not adjustable. You may encounter difficulty attaining a proper fit on your dog.

    • Provides gentle, stable lift support
    • Soft, quilted material
    • Adjustable handles with padding
    • Machine washable
    • Folds for portability and storage
    • Only available in two larger sizes
    • Tends to move out of place and bunch up
    • Difficult to attain proper fit on some dogs

    8. COODEO Dog Lift Harnesses


    If you need a harness that offers lifting support to your dog’s front legs, as well as the rear joints, you may want to consider the CODEO dog lift harness. The jacket style of this lift harness fits across your dog’s front chest and along your dog’s core.

    Three buckles located between the shoulders, midway, and toward the back give you several options for securing the handle. Depending on which combination you choose, you can alter the lifting motion to where your dog needs it most.

    For your dog’s comfort, the fabric on this harness is made from a soft, breathable material that is washable by hand. For your ease of use, the handle is adjustable and offers a padded grip.

    You may encounter difficulty securing a proper fit for your dog. We also found durability concerns, especially with buckles breaking during use. Generally, this harness works best for dogs with front leg issues. Also, it is higher priced.

    • Jacket style offers support to front legs
    • Three buckles for varied lifting options
    • Comfortable, breathable fabric
    • Adjustable harness with padded grip
    • Difficulty securing a proper fit
    • Lacking durability
    • Buckles may break when in use
    • Does not offer plentiful support for hind legs and hips
    • Higher priced than similar products

    9. Pet Friendz Dog Lifting Harness

    Pet Friendz

    For another sling design option at a slightly lower price point, the Pet Friendz dog lifting harness offers easy-to-use lifting support for your dog’s hind legs and hips.

    The carrying pouch is made from soft, breathable material that has an extra-soft lining for your dog’s comfort. A reflective strap runs the length of the harness to offer greater strength and support. The handles are adjustable and come with a padded grip.

    This lifting harness rolls up for compact storage and easier portability. This product comes with three bonuses, a shedding glove, an e-book, and a carrying case. It’s also machine washable.

    We found that as with all sling-style dog lifting harnesses, the material tends to bunch with use. Also, the soft lining is thin and doesn’t offer ample cushion.

    • Lower in price
    • Easy-to-use sling style
    • Soft, breathable material with a soft lining
    • Compact storage and carrying case included
    • Machine washable
    • Material tends to bunch while in use
    • Soft lining is too thin

    10. Bolux Dog Lift Harness


    This dog lift harness also employs the sling style, which helps support your dog’s rear legs and hips. The carrying pouch has a sheepskin-like covering on its interior so it’s soft against your dog’s belly and sides.

    The handles are adjustable with a padded grip and can be Velcroed together. A reflective strap runs along either side of the carrying pouch to offer a more supported and stronger lift. The exterior of the harness comes in four colors — black, blue, pink, and purple — and the fabric is waterproof Oxford material.

    We placed this lift harness last on this list for lacking in key areas. It doesn’t have much sturdiness, particularly with larger dogs. Plus, it’s difficult to ascertain a proper fit, especially for smaller dogs. Finally, the width and location in which it’s worn may get in the way when your dog urinates.

    • Sling-style design for easy use
    • Sheepskin-like soft interior
    • Adjustable handles with a padded grip
    • Reflective strap
    • Four color choices
    • Waterproof material
    • Not as sturdy as needed
    • Difficult to gain proper fit
    • May not work well for smaller dogs
    • May get in the way of urination

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Lift Harnesses

    In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over what to consider when buying the best lift harness for your dog. Not all dog lift harnesses look the same or provide the same type of support. We’ll cover what style of dog lift harness works better for different levels of impairment. We’ll also discuss key features that make a quality dog lift harness.

    Sling-Style Dog Lift Harness: The Ups and Downs

    Most dogs who have difficulty walking and maneuvering need only a little assistance. A sling-style dog lift harness is a quick and convenient tool for lifting your dog onto all four paws and for taking the weight off weakened hip joints.

    The sling harness is easy to store and portable. When you’re ready to use it, slide the fabric-carrying pouch under your dog’s belly and gently pull upward on the handles to lift your dog.

    Keep in mind that sling-style dog lift harnesses only secure your dog to a certain point. These harnesses can slide out of place and tend to bunch under your dog. Plus, they may not distribute your dog’s weight evenly.

    A dog wearing a dog lift harness

    When to Buy a Full Body Harness

    If your dog has greater needs than needing a simple lift, you may need to find a dog lift harness that offers a secure fit with more options for lifting. In most cases, full-body dog lift harnesses contain several straps and take extra time to assemble around your dog. However, once properly adjusted and fitted, your dog will gain the benefit of being supported more steadily.

    What Makes a High-Quality Dog Lift Harness?

    Above all, comfort must be your top priority when purchasing a dog lift harness. You should look for extra padding for both your dog and your own hands. The material should be soft yet sturdy. Adjustable straps can do wonders for preventing your own back strain, especially if you’re lifting a larger dog.

    Strength and sturdiness follow a close second in importance for a high-quality dog lift harness. You’ll want all the buckles, straps, and fabric to be up to the job of supporting your dog as they walk through doors, tackle stairs, get in and out of the car, etc. A failed buckle or strap could result in further injury to your already fragile dog.

    Lastly, determining a proper fit for your size and breed of dog can save you plenty of frustration. Obtaining good measurements and considering where your dog needs the most support can go far in having a successful experience with a dog lift harness.

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    We recommend the Labra Sling Lift Support Harness as our top choice and best overall dog lift harness. The easy-to-use sling design on this high-quality lift harness is made from sturdy, heavy-duty material. It has a comfortable, fleeced lined interior for your dog’s comfort and adjustable straps to ease your back strain.

    The All Seasons Dog Lift Harness has the best value of all the products on our list. For a lower price, it employs an easy-to-use sling design and comes with Sherpa lining on its interior for your dog’s comfort. The compact size allows for better storage and portability. It’s made with machine-washable materials.

    Finally, we selected the PetSafe Solvit CareLift 62367 Harness as our premium choice. This lift harness is the only product on our list that offers complete and full-body support for your dog. It comes with several adjustable straps to ensure the best possible fit. It also features extra padding, two support handles, and an adjustable lifting strap.

    We hope that we’ve helped you find the best dog lift harness for your dog. When it comes to improving the quality of your older, injured, or impaired dog’s life, a lift harness can assist your dog and make mobility easier and possible. With the options from the list of the best dog lift harnesses here, you can be sure that each offers sturdiness and comfort for your dog, as well as for your hands and back, you’ll be able to get your dog where they needs to go with ease and confidence.

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