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11 Best Designer Dog Leash Brands in 2023: Stylish & Luxury Options

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

Every dog needs a leash. Why not pamper your canine and give him an extra-fabulous leash from a designer brand? In the modern pet owner world, it has become the norm to pamper our pets with everything from memory foam beds to extra-fancy dog treats. Spending a little bit more time (and money) on your pet’s wardrobe is also becoming more and more common.

Several luxury dog brands have fancy, designer leashes available. As you might imagine, many of these are more expensive than your average leash. However, if you’re looking for only the best designer dog leash for your pup, you can’t get better than these high-end dog leash options.

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The 11 Best Designer Dog Leash Brands:

1. Finn+Me

Launched in 2017 by Rebecca Fadden, this luxury dog brand is named after her labradoodle Finn. Finn+Me makes luxury dog products, including leashes and other canine accessories. Every collection is handmade in the company-owned factory in New York. Plus, a portion of every purchase goes to alleviating youth homelessness.

This brand makes many different dog leashes, as well as collars and bags to match. The Raleigh Leash is one of their most popular options and comes in many different colors. They have other leash styles that come and go.

2. Wild One Designer Dog Leashes

Wild One is probably best known for its on-spot Instagram page, which undoubtedly helps them sell many dog leashes. Co-founded by Minali Chantani and Veronica Becchetti, this company focuses on creating functional, luxury products. You won’t find many leashes better than theirs in both form and function.

Their leash is both durable and waterproof. You can easily adjust its length, and it is odor-resistant. In other words, it looks great while also being able to keep up with your canine promptly. It is also capable of quick tie-ups, leash-adjustments on the go, and everyday adventuring. They also make collars and harnesses that go with their leash.

3. Hiro and Wolf

This luxury pet company makes adorable accessories for cats and dogs. Perhaps one of our favorite accessories is their cat bow tie collection (for obvious reasons). This company was founded in 2012 by Amy and Bee, who met while they were walking their pups Hiro and Wolf, hence the company’s name. One thing led to another, and eventually, they were designing pet accessories. All their products are handmade in the U.K.

They make a few lead variants, but their classic leads are likely one of their more popular options. They even have a “Wizard of Dog’ classical dog lead! If you’re looking for a truly unique option, this is the company to look at.

4. Little Beasts Designer Leashes

Little Beasts produces unique products with ethically sourced materials. Their products are high-quality and not mass-produced, unlike most big retailers of dog accessories. They also give back to animal-focused non-profits. Every time you make a purchase, a donation is made.

Their leashes are unique and quite well-put-together. They are very rope-like and exceptionally durable. There are many colors available, as well as matching collars and other accessories.

5. Love Thy Beast

Love Thy Beast makes accessories for both dogs and cats. They were founded in 2012 in Tiziana Agnello, who had difficulty finding the right carrier for his senior pug. So, she made one! After focusing on stylish carriers for a time, the company expanded to include other accessories as well.

They make tons of different leashes, though they are a bit more expensive than even the other designer options we’ve mentioned on this list. They make adjustable rope leashes as well as webbing leashes. Some are more expensive than others, but they all come in many different colors.

6. Boo Oh

Boo Oh focuses on dog accessories and feeding necessities. They sell lovely leash and collar sets that come in a wide variety of colors. These leashes are made with a precisely milled aluminum handle and vegetable-dyed leather straps. Everything is 100% handcrafted. You can also purchase the leashes separately, but who doesn’t want a matching collar to go with it?

This Seattle-based company was founded by Jay Sae Jung Oh, which is where the company’s name comes from. Many of their products are made with a modern design in mind, so many are incredibly unique.

7. For the Furry

Out of all the companies we discovered, For the Furry is one of the newest one. Founded in 2018, this company is a curated shop of lifestyle products for dogs and cats. They focus on style and travel. As you imagine, this also means that they make a lot of different leashes and similar travel items.

While most companies just have one leash design, this one has tons. They have beautiful colors leashes like the Sorbet Web Leash. They also make more traditional leashes, like their Latte Leather Leash. Many have quite a few different colors available, so you can choose which one fits your style best.

8. Dog & Co.

Dog & Co. is a marketplace that allows smaller, luxury dog brands to sell their collections. For this reason, they have many different leash designs that are all quite different. After all, different people and companies designed all of them. They have harness and lead set by Mendota. They also have adjustable rope lead by Found My Animal. If you’re looking for something specific, you may be able to find something appropriate here.

On top of leashes, you can also find things like matching collars and dog clothing. They are a vast marketplace.

9. Pets So Good

Pets So Good creates beautiful beds, leashes, and other accessories for dogs and cats. They focus on creating high-quality products for canines using the best possible materials. Plus, many of their products are much cheaper than other luxury dog brands, which is always a bonus.

Their leashes are simple yet comfortable. They are made with nylon webbing and have a very sporty design. They aren’t fashionable or anything of that sort, but they are efficient and designed to be used every day.

10. Max-Bone

This company makes many different dog products. For example, they make dog food, as well as many different dog accessories. Overall, their products are slanted towards luxury. Even their foods are a bit more luxurious than other options on the market.

Their leashes match this overall theme of quality. They have a simple sport leash, which isn’t necessarily as fancy as other options but is very functional. They also make high-end leashes with extra design features and style.

11. V.I.P. Very Important Puppies

V.I.P, which stands for Very Important Puppies, makes all sorts of dog accessories from doggie boots to collars. They make their products from human-quality fabrics that are comfortable and practical. Each collection is designed in New York City. They partner with famous fashion brands worldwide, so there are always new styles and fashions.

They have a whole walk collection that includes things like leashes and booties. Many of their leashes are studded, like this one. Quite a few are very brightly colored, so they’re perfect for those that want something eye-catching.

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Stylish Dog Leashes: Tons of Different Options

We listed 11 of the most popular luxury dog accessory companies in this article. However, you also have plenty of other options out there. Luxury, stylish dog leashes are becoming more popular, so you can likely find just about anything you’re looking for.

And of course, feel free to shop around. The price difference between one stylish leash and another can potentially be hundreds of dollars.

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