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10 Best Dog Combs in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Pet Comb Maintaining your dog’s coat between grooming sessions requires a few useful tools. Among your grooming arsenal, you’ll need a high-quality comb to combat matting and to keep your dog looking their best.

While a dog comb may seem like a simple tool, finding one that’s up to the challenges of your dog’s coat may not be as easy as it looks. You’ll need one that’s built for both durability and comfort for your dog and your hand.

Fortunately, we’ve combed through a multitude of options to present you with our top 10 dog combs. We’ve added handy pros and cons lists to the reviews for your convenience.

Also, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide to help you make a purchase.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Andis Pet Steel Comb Andis Pet Steel Comb
  • Lightweight for comfortable use
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • No rusting
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Safari Dog Flea Comb Safari Dog Flea Comb
  • Easily removes fleas
  • Durable
  • Comfortable handle
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Poodle Detangling Pet Comb Poodle Detangling Pet Comb
  • Two-in-one detangling system
  • Durable construction
  • Solid stainless-steel teeth
  • LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb
  • Double-sided comb with two combing options
  • Most ideal for toy dog breeds and around the face
  • Effectively detangles
  • SHINY PET Dog Comb SHINY PET Dog Comb
  • Stainless-steel teeth
  • Effective for tangles and hair
  • debris
  • and pest removal
  • Teeth has rounded tips
  • 10 Best Dog Combs

    1. Andis Pet Steel Comb – Best Overall

    Andis Pet Steel Comb

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    We recommend the Andis Pet steel comb as the best overall due to its high level of performance that matches higher-priced combs. For a more affordable price, you’ll get a lightweight comb that helps you get ahead of your dog’s shedding and is comfortable to use.

    Made of sturdy steel that doesn’t rust, the Andis comb effectively untangles knots while removing loose hair and dirt or debris. It’s also strong enough to get through mats. Working this comb through your dog’s coat has the added benefit of stimulating skin and hair follicles.

    The Andis comb works well for finishing and fluffing coats. It has a dual-sided feature that includes coarse and fine teeth. Remember that this comb is not explicitly designed for flea and tick removal.

    • Affordable price with high-quality results
    • Lightweight for comfortable use
    • Sturdy steel construction
    • No rusting
    • Effective for untangling and removing hair, dirt, and mats
    • Dual-side teeth for finishing and fluffing coats
    • Not as designed as a flea comb

    2. Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb – Best Value

    Safari 770071

    Our choice for the best dog comb for the money goes to the Safari dog flea comb. For a low price, you’ll get a durable comb that easily removes fleas from your dog’s coat. It also has a comfortable ergonomic handle and works well on all breeds of dogs.

    While not designed for other grooming tasks, such as removing mats or fluffing up coats, this flea comb is worth adding to your grooming toolbox. The Safari comb performs well when removing pests, including fleas and ticks.

    This comb’s double-row teeth design ensures that all fleas in its path will be removed. It also helps detect the early stages of dry skin on your dog. However, we did learn that the narrowly aligned teeth can make it difficult to remove pests and debris from the comb. Working alongside a bowl of soapy water for frequent cleaning seems to help with this issue.

    • Best value
    • Easily removes fleas
    • Durable
    • Comfortable handle
    • Effective for all dog breeds
    • Detects dry skin on your dog early
    • Double-row teeth design
    • Difficult to clean after use
    • Not designed for removing mats or fluffing dog coats

    3. Poodle Detangling Pet Comb – Premium Choice

    Poodle Pet Detangling

    We selected the Poodle Pet detangling pet comb as our premium choice for its ability to be used on long- and short-hair dog breeds. It features a two-in-one detangling system that incorporates long and short teeth for quicker and easier mat removal, detangling, and combing.

    The Poodle Pet comb is built for durability, as well as for the comfort of your dog and your hand. The solid stainless-steel teeth have rounded tips to protect your dog’s skin from scratches and irritation. The soft plastic handle has an anti-slip grip, and the comb is easy to clean when you’ve finished grooming your dog.

    While we found that most dog owners of several breeds are highly satisfied with this comb, there were a few issues with removing heavy matting and thick tangles. Also, the overall width of the comb area may be too small when combing a large breed dog.

    • Two-in-one detangling system
    • Durable construction
    • Solid stainless-steel teeth
    • Tips of teeth are rounded for your dog’s comfort
    • Anti-slip soft plastic grip
    • Easy to clean
    • Not as effective for heavy matting and untangling
    • Comb width may be too small for large-breed dogs

    4. LilPals W6200 Double-Sided Dog Comb

    LilPals W6200

    With two choices for combing through your dog’s coat, the LilPals double-sided dog comb allows you to detangle with one side and finish with the other. This comb is designed for all small and toy breeds. However, its extra small size is best suited for toy breeds or for around your dog’s face.

    LilPals suggests beginning with the wider-spaced comb with the longer teeth to penetrate your dog’s undercoat. Once you have worked through all the tangles, use the other side of the comb with more narrowly spaced teeth to remove loose hair and lift out fleas and debris as you finish your dog’s coat.

    The teeth on this comb are made with durable stainless steel and are rounded to protect your dog’s sensitive skin. The smooth plastic handle is comfortable to grip, though it may be too small for people with larger hands.

    • Double-sided comb with two combing options
    • Most ideal for toy dog breeds and around the face
    • Effectively detangles
    • Removes loose hair, debris, and fleas
    • Made with durable stainless steel
    • Rounded teeth to protect your dog’s skin
    • Not suited for medium through large dog breeds
    • Handle may be too small

    5. SHINY PET Dog Comb


    With an emphasis on ensuring your dog’s comfort, the Shiny Pet dog comb incorporates stainless-steel teeth with extra rounded edges. Unlike combs that have teeth with sharp tips, it provides your dog with a comfortable experience while offering enough strength to get through tough tangles and remove excess hair and unwanted pests and debris.

    Shiny Pet also keeps your comfort in mind by including an ergonomic soft rubber handle. The grip is easy to hold and designed to prevent slipping. There’s also an e-book included to help you learn the best grooming methods.

    The size and shape of this comb work well on all sizes of dog breeds. Half the teeth are set narrowly together, while the other half have wide spacing. This allows for more options as you work through your dog’s coat. However, remember that this comb is not designed for heavy matting or for thoroughly removing fleas.

    • Stainless-steel teeth
    • Teeth has rounded tips
    • Effective for tangles and hair, debris, and pest removal
    • Soft ergonomic handle with no-slip grip
    • Includes an e-book with grooming tips
    • Two tooth spacing options
    • Not designed for heavy matting
    • Not intended for thorough flea removal

    6. PAWABOO Pet Dematting Comb


    If you’re looking for a comb that will last for years, consider the Pawaboo pet de-matting comb. It’s made with chrome-plated stainless steel and built to retain its high quality; the Pawaboo comb should not fade, corrode, or lose its smoothness.

    This comb features two types of teeth spacing, with the top half offering more densely spaced teeth and the lower half featuring teeth set wider apart. These two options allow for effective detangling, removing loose hair, eliminating dirt and dander, and finishing and fluffing. The rounded tips on the teeth ensure a comfortable combing experience for your dog.

    The style and shape of this comb make it a solid choice for all sizes of dog breeds. However, the handle has a simple design, lacking a proper grip, so removing tight tangles and tough mats is difficult. Also, the Pawaboo comb is not intended for flea control.

    • Made with high-quality chrome-plated stainless steel
    • Designed not to fade, corrode, nor lose smoothness
    • Two teeth spacing options
    • Effective for detangling and removing loose hair, dirt, and dander
    • Works well for finishing and fluffing
    • For use on all sizes of dog breeds
    • Handle does not non-slip grip
    • May have difficulty removing tight tangles and tough mats
    • Not intended for flea removal

    7. Pettom Pet Steel Grooming Butter Comb

    Pettom Pet Steel

    Similar in design to the previous product, the Pettom pet steel grooming butter comb is built to work through your dog’s tangles as smoothly as slicing a knife through butter. This stainless-steel comb features two spacing options, with one half wider apart and the other half narrowly set.

    The rounded teeth can effectively work through coats of any size breed. This lightweight comb gets through tangles, removes mats, combs away loose hair, and lifts dirt. It also nicely finishes and fluffs. While it may remove certain pests, the Pettom comb is not for flea and tick control.

    The simple style of this comb doesn’t include an area to maintain a sturdy grip. It also lacks sturdiness. It does not have a durable metal finish, and the teeth are prone to bending or falling out.

    • Two teeth spacing options
    • Rounded teeth for your dog’s comfort
    • Lightweight and effective for all dog breeds
    • Removes tangles, mats, and loose dirt
    • Ideal for finishing and fluffing
    • Not intended for flea and tick control
    • Lacking a sturdy handle
    • Metal finish is not durable
    • Teeth may bend or fall out

    8. FURminator 104015 Finishing Dog Comb

    FURminator 104015

    The unique rotating feature on the FURminator finishing dog comb lessens the uncomfortable yanking sensation that your dog experiences when you’re working through a tangle. If your dog has anxiety with combs that tug, the FURminator may be worth trying.

    For your dog’s comfort, the teeth all feature rounded tips. For your ease of use, the soft plastic handle is designed with a comfortable and secure grip. This comb includes a flexible point where the handle and comb connect to better maneuver around the contours of your dog’s body. Unfortunately, the point may become weakened, and the comb can snap in half.

    While the FURminator does well with most tangles and small mats, the rotating feature may inhibit your ability to work effectively through your dog’s coat, particularly if your dog has a dense double coat or heavily tangled and matted fur. It is not ideal or intended for finishing, fluffing, or removing fleas.

    • Rotating feature lessens tugging discomfort
    • Teeth with rounded tips
    • Soft plastic ergonomic handle with secure grip
    • Not effective for heavily tangled or matted fur
    • Handle may break in half
    • Rotating feature may not be as helpful as intended
    • Not ideal for finishing, fluffing, or removing fleas

    9. Burt’s Bees Double-Sided Dog Comb

    Burt's Bees FF9722

    Made with an earth-friendly bamboo and recycled handle, Burt’s Bees double-sided dog comb features two options for combing through your dog’s coat. One side has narrow-spaced teeth to remove flea and flea eggs.

    The other side has teeth set wider apart for removing tangles, debris, and loose hair. The metal bristles of both sides are rounded and work well to restore the shine in your dog’s coat.

    This affordable comb is part of a larger selection of Burt’s Bees products for dogs. We placed this comb lower on our list for its lack of effectiveness on large mats and stubborn tangles. It also isn’t ideal for finishing or fluffing, and it is not quite wide enough for working on larger areas of your dog.

    • Double-sided comb with two teeth spacing options
    • Removes fleas and flea eggs
    • Rounded tips on teeth
    • Handle made with earth-friendly materials
    • Lacking effective detangling and mat removal
    • Not ideal for finishing or fluffing
    • Too small

    10. Ordermore Grooming Comb


    With rounded tips on its teeth and a comfortable plastic handle, the Ordermore grooming comb works well to break up most tangles while removing loose hair, dirt, and debris. It’s designed to work on all sizes of breeds, but the comb width is narrow, which may not be ideal for combing through larger areas on your dog’s body.

    You’ll enjoy the comfortable plastic handle with an anti-slip grip. Also, the Ordermore comb is made with materials that are easy to clean. We placed this comb last on our list for the inadequate teeth spacing.

    It only has densely spaced pins. While this comb seems to work well to remove mats and help control shedding, it is not intended for removing fleas and may not be effective for finishing and fluffing.

    • Rounded tips on teeth
    • Comfortable plastic handle with anti-slip grip
    • Easy to clean
    • Small width of combing area
    • Lack of teeth spacing options
    • Not intended for flea control
    • Not ideal for finishing and fluffing

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Combs

    In this buyer’s guide, we’ll review a few key features to consider before purchasing your next dog comb. From the quality of materials to the overall design, we’ll quickly break down what to look for in a comb and what to avoid.

    pet owne brushing his dog's fur
    Photo Credit: dimid_86, Shutterstock

    What Makes a High-Quality Dog Comb?

    While it may seem straightforward, dog combs come in variations that make them effective or make you feel buyer’s remorse. Look for combs made from sturdy, durable materials, such as stainless steel, which is resistant to rusting and breakage.

    Dog combs that incorporate narrow and wide teeth spacing are worth purchasing. Also, if you need a comb to remove pests such as fleas and ticks, check if the one you’re purchasing is designed for that purpose.

    Finally, while the style of the handle may come down to your personal preference, generally, a comfortable, non-slip grip increases your chances of getting through pesky tangles and thick mats and decreases the chance of dropping the comb, which can be a nuisance or cause minor injury.

    What to Avoid when Buying a Dog Comb

    All the dog combs on our list feature teeth with rounded tips. Although the selling point for sharper tips is that they more easily penetrate your dog’s undercoat, you risk injuring your dog’s sensitive skin.

    Dog combs should have a simple design. Extra features, unique styles, and gimmicks lead to unsatisfactory results. Combs with superfluous extras usually break more easily. Save your money for a traditionally designed, sturdy dog comb.

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    We chose the Andis Pet Steel Comb as our number-one pick. It has an affordable price yet yields high-quality results. The sturdy steel construction passes the durability test with no reports of rusting. This dog comb is highly effective for untangling as well as removing hair, dirt, and mats. It is the only comb on our list with dual-sided teeth for better finishing and fluffing coats.

    At a great price, the Safari 770071 Dog Flea Comb is our selection for the best value. It’s the perfect choice if you need to remove fleas. Additionally, it is durable and comes with a comfortable handle. It is effective for all dog breeds, and the double-row teeth design not only removes fleas easily but also detects dry skin on your dog.

    The Poodle Pet Detangling Pet Comb is our premium choice for its durable construction and solid stainless-steel teeth featuring rounded tips for your dog’s comfort. The two-in-one detangling system works well for long- and short-haired breeds. This high-quality dog comb is easy to clean and has an anti-slip, soft plastic grip.

    The right dog comb can keep your dog’s coat looking their best. We hope that our informative reviews, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guide have helped you find the best dog comb that not only will work well for removing tangles, mats, dirt, and possibly fleas but also is one that you and your dog find comfortable and enjoyable to use.

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