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7 Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles in 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Goldendoodles are beautiful, friendly dogs, but they generally have thick coats that can be difficult to trim at home. Luckily, with the right pair of clippers, you can trim your Goldendoodle’s hair without the expert help of a veterinarian.

To help you pick out a great pair of dog clippers, we bought and tested all the major brands. Here you’ll find our ranked list of this year’s seven best dog clippers for Goldendoodles. For each model, we’ve written an in-depth review, comparing price, weight, power source, motor and blade quality, accessories, and warranty so you can feel confident in your selection. And if you’re looking for more details, stick around for our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

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A Quick Comparison of Our 2024 Favorites:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Andis ProClip 2-Speed Andis ProClip 2-Speed
  • Reasonably priced
  • Detachable blades
  • 120-volt brushless motor
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Wahl Mini Arco Pet Trimmer Wahl Mini Arco Pet Trimmer
  • Cordless
  • Includes two batteries
  • Cheap
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Oster ClipMaster Oster ClipMaster
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Two-hour runtime per charge
  • cyrico 5-Speed cyrico 5-Speed
  • Quiet five-speed motor
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Up to four hours runtime
  • Wahl Professional Animal Thick Coat Wahl Professional Animal Thick Coat
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet two-speed rotary motor
  • 14-foot power cord
  • The 7 Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles:

    1. Andis ProClip Dog Clipper – Best Overall

    Andis 22340

    Check Price on Chewy

    Our overall top pick is the Andis 22340 ProClip Detachable Blade Clipper, which is reasonably priced with a strong motor and a conveniently long power cord.

    This heavier two-pound model has a 120-volt brushless motor. You’ll have to leave it plugged in while you’re trimming, so the lengthy 14-foot cord is useful. The blades are detachable for easy cleaning, and the drive cap can be removed. Replacement blades are readily available.

    When we tested these clippers, we found that the motor was quite strong and quickly cut through a Goldendoodle’s hair. You’ll have to buy accessories like guards, combs, and scissors separately, and the blades may get hot while you’re trimming. Andis offers a one-year warranty.

    • Reasonably priced
    • Strong 120-volt brushless motor
    • Detachable blades and drive cap
    • Long 14-foot power cord
    • Replacement blades available
    • One-year warranty
    • Somewhat heavy
    • Must be plugged in
    • Accessories sold separately
    • Blades may get hot

    2. Wahl Mini Arco Pet Trimmer – Best Value

    Wahl Mini Arco Pet Trimmer

    Pet trimmers are designed to trim the eyes, feet, and other areas where hair can grow rampant if left to its own devices. The higher the power of the trimmer motor, the quicker and more silently it cuts, and the more precise it will trim hair.

    The Wahl Mini Arco Pet Trimmer might be cheaper than most models on our list, but it has a 6,000 SPM motor and you receive two rechargeable batteries with every kit, which means that you can enjoy a total of 160 minutes of cord-free cutting. The device incorporates pass-through charging, which means that you can use the clippers while they are plugged in and using the 10-foot power cord. You also receive the Wahl 5-in-1 blade: a single blade that lets you choose between five cutting lengths, depending on the area you’re cutting and the length of coat you want to achieve. Additional combs are included in the kit, allowing you to cut longer hair and still keep it under control.

    These clippers are only suitable for trimming, or for small breed dogs because the head is very small so it will take a lot of passes to cut large areas. Overall, we find this to be the best dog clippers for Goldendoodles for the money.

    • Cordless with pass-through charging
    • Includes two batteries
    • 5-in-1 blade is very handy
    • Cheap
    • Small head only suitable for small areas

    3. Oster Clipmaster Dog Clippers – Premium Choice

    Oster 078003-100-000

    Would you prefer a premium pair of dog clippers? You may be interested in the Oster Clipmaster Grooming Machine. This high-end model has a nicely-designed body, sharp, durable blades, and a surprisingly quiet motor.

    These light 15-ounce clippers have an attractive black plastic body and a built-in lithium-ion battery. This model is cordless and charges with an included battery charging stand. The 3,000-strokes per minute motor is very quiet and can run for up to two hours per charge, though it can only run for 20 minutes continuously. The package includes a size 10 CryogenX blade made of sharp high-carbon steel, and the clippers are compatible with all of Oster’s A5 detachable blades.

    These clippers are somewhat bulky and can’t be used while charging. The blades may get hot, and the motor wears out fairly quickly. With such a short continuous runtime, you may need to take breaks while grooming your Goldendoodle. Oster offers a one-year warranty.

    • Lightweight with attractive black design
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Cordless with included battery charging stand
    • Two-hour runtime per charge
    • Quiet, high-spm motor
    • Includes sharp high-carbon steel blade
    • Compatible with many other Oster blades
    • One-year warranty
    • Pricey and somewhat bulky
    • Can only run for 20 minutes continuously
    • Can’t be used while charging
    • Blade may get hot
    • Motor wears out fairly quickly

    4. Cyrico 5-Speed Goldendoodle Dog Clippers


    The cyrico 5-Speed Dog Clippers are another decent option, with a sizeable weight but a reasonable price, quiet motor, and several speed options.

    These heavy 2.2-pound clippers work with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. They can run for up to four hours per charge and operate at a quiet 60 decibels. You have a choice of five speeds, and there’s a convenient LED screen with indicators for blade cleaning and oiling. The package includes stainless steel scissors and a comb, plus four guide combs, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a battery charging stand.

    When we tested this model, we found that the blades tended to break and fall. The blades also weren’t very sharp, making grooming more difficult, and the accessories were somewhat difficult to attach. cyrico offers a 60-day warranty.

    • Reasonably priced
    • Quiet five-speed motor
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Up to four hours runtime
    • LED screen with blade cleaning and oiling reminders
    • Includes stainless steel scissors, comb, guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil, and battery charging stand
    • 60-day warranty
    • Blades may break or fall off
    • Not very sharp
    • Accessories may be difficult to attach
    • Fairly heavy

    5. Wahl Professional Thick Coat Clipper

    Wahl 9787-300

    The Wahl Professional Animal 9787-300 Thick Coat Pet Clipper is lightweight but pricey, with a strong corded motor but a less durable feel overall.

    These clippers weigh a light 12.9 ounces and have a unique bright purple body. You can choose between two speeds, 3,000 or 3,500 strokes per minute, and the rotary motor is quiet and low-vibration. This model has to be plugged in while you’re using it, so the lengthy 14-foot cord is convenient. The package includes a blade, blade oil, cleaning brush, and instructions.

    We found that these clippers were quite a bit more expensive than their limited features justify. There aren’t many included accessories, and the clippers as a whole don’t feel especially sturdy. The detachable blade can also be difficult to reattach. Wahl offers a good two-year warranty.

    • Lightweight with unique purple body
    • Quiet two-speed rotary motor
    • 14-foot power cord
    • Includes blade, blade oil, cleaning brush, and instructions
    • Two-year warranty
    • More expensive
    • Few included accessories
    • Must be plugged in
    • Not very sturdy overall
    • Blade can be difficult to reattach

    6. Andis Ultra Edge Dog Clipper

    Andis 23290

    The UltraEdge Detachable Blade Clipper from Andis is a pricey corded option that doesn’t include accessories and burns out fairly quickly.

    This 1.75-pound model, which comes in a range of bright colors, has a two-speed rotary motor and a good 14-foot power cord. The package includes detachable blades but no other accessories.

    These clippers must be plugged in while you’re trimming, and we found that the blade and body got quite hot while running. The motor also doesn’t last very long. Andis offers a one-year warranty but doesn’t have very good customer service.

    • Choice of bright colors
    • Two-speed rotary motor
    • 14-foot power cord
    • Detachable blades
    • One-year warranty
    • Poor customer service
    • Must be plugged in
    • Blade and body may get hot while running
    • Motor may burn out quickly
    • Few included accessories
    • Pricey and fairly heavy

    7. WAHL Pro- Series Pet Grooming Kit

    WAHL 9591-2100

    Our least favorite option is Wahl’s 9591-2100 Clipper Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Grooming Kit, which is inexpensive and includes a good range of accessories but is also fairly cheap-feeling, with less durable attachments and a weaker motor.

    This 1.7-pound kit includes four guide combs, a mirror, a styling comb, scissors, a cleaning brush, blade oil, a blade guard, and a storage case. The lithium-ion battery can run for two hours on a single charge and has a 10-minute quick-charge feature. The detachable blades have self-sharpening features.

    We found these clippers to be fairly loud and not particularly strong. They produce an uneven cut, with less durable plastic attachments and somewhat dull blades. The clippers as a whole have a cheaper feel, and the battery may not hold its charge well. Wahl does offer a great five-year warranty.

    • Inexpensive
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Quick-charge feature and two hours of runtime
    • Self-sharpening detachable blades
    • Includes guide combs, mirror, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, blade guard, and storage case
    • Five-year warranty
    • Loud and not very powerful motor
    • Less durable plastic attachments
    • Cheaper feel overall
    • Duller blades produce an uneven cut
    • Battery may not hold its charge well

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles

    Now that you’ve looked through our list of the best clippers for Goldendoodles, it’s time to start shopping. But which options will be the most useful to you? Keep reading for our in-depth guide to your choices.

    Power Source

    You have two major options when it comes to power sources: rechargeable batteries and power cords. Models with built-in lithium-ion batteries are often lighter and can typically operate wirelessly, so you won’t have to deal with a power cord while you’re trimming your dog. Battery-operated models will need regular charging and may have less powerful motors. If you purchase a battery model, you may want to pay attention to whether it can be used while charging. If it can’t, you’ll have to remember to charge it ahead. Models that charge via charging stands operate cordlessly but can’t be used while charging.

    The other major type is the corded electric variety. These clippers, which are typically more powerful and may be professional-grade, must be plugged in at all times to work. You’ll have to deal with a power cord and find a convenient outlet, but you won’t have to remember to charge ahead or deal with short runtimes and degrading batteries. If you choose a corded model, you may want to look for longer power cords of at least 14 feet.


    Are you looking for plenty of included accessories, or would you rather purchase individual attachments as you need them? Many dog clippers come with useful accessories like guide combs, styling combs, and scissors. Some may include blade conditioning oil, blade guards, and storage cases as well. Guide combs, which help you maintain an even trimming length, may be particularly useful if you’re new to dog grooming. The more streamlined packages will include just clippers, blades, and power or charging cords.

    Image By: Josh Fields, Pexels


    Goldendoodle coats can be curly, wavy, or straight and are generally fairly thick, so blades are a key component of dog clippers. High-quality, sharp blades will help you produce a smooth, even cut without the services of a trained professional. You’ll probably want to look for blades made of sturdy materials like stainless steel or ceramic. For easier cleaning and replacement, you may also want to purchase a model that has a detachable blade or blades. You’ll be able to easily switch out your blades when they become dull or if you need a different size.


    While many dog clippers offer only one speed, some will allow you to choose among two or even five speeds. This can be useful when you’re trimming different areas of your dog’s coat.


    How much room do you have in your budget? There are useful models available no matter what your budget is, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you may appreciate the extra power and features of high-end models. Plus, grooming your Goldendoodle at home can help you save money on veterinarian bills and save your dog the stress of an extra visit.


    Do you like the security of knowing your dog clippers are backed up by a good warranty? All of the models we reviewed here come with a warranty, but they range from two months up to five years. You may want to consider how long you’d like your warranty to last, and if you’re particularly interested, you may also want to read the details of what each warranty covers.

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    Final Verdict

    So what were our results? Our favorite dog clippers for Goldendoodle was the Andis 22340 ProClip Detachable Blade Clipper, which is well-priced, powerful, and very effective on Goldendoodle hair. Are you working with a smaller budget? You may prefer the Wahl Mini Arco Pet Trimmer, which offer quiet operation and a good range of accessories at a great price. Are you in the market for a high-end model of clippers for your Goldendoodle? Take a look at the cordless Oster Clipmaster Grooming Machine, which has a great blade, a nice design, and plenty of power.

    Whether your Goldendoodle has curly, wavy, or straight hair, you want clippers that can handle a thick coat. Not all clippers will produce an even cut, so it’s important to find a great model. We hope this list of this year’s seven best dog clippers for Goldendoodles, complete with full reviews and a quick buyer’s guide, helps you find the best model for your dog and your budget. Your dog’s next great haircut is just around the corner!

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