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10 Best Dog Scales in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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If you need to monitor your dog’s weight, you’ll want a reliable scale that won’t break the bank. But what size, design, and features will suit you best?

To help you shop, we tried out quite a few models and put together this list of the 10 best dog scales available this year. For each model, we’ve written a comprehensive review, comparing price, accuracy, durability, ease of use, size, features, and warranties so you can choose the best option. If you’re wondering what features make a great dog scale, take a look at our buyer’s guide, which covers all the major considerations. Happy shopping and weighing!

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A Quick Look at our Favorite Picks of 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
W.C Redmon W.C Redmon
  • Fairly priced
  • Works with two AAA batteries
  • Low battery indicator
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Inexpensive
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Lightweight
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
  • Large stainless steel
  • Wall-mounted LCD screen
  • Very accurate
  • TeaTime TeaTime
  • Includes free non-slip mat
  • Works with two included AAA batteries
  • Accurate to 10 grams
  • Locking swivel tray
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Lightweight
  • The 10 Best Dog Scales

    1. W.C Redmon Digital Dog Scales – Best Overall

    W.C Redmon ZT7400

    Our overall favorite dog scale is the WC Redmon ZT7400 18 Precision Digital Pet Scale, which offers a great range of features and is reasonably-priced and simple to use.

    This large 17.5-pound model works with two AAA alkaline batteries and can weigh between 1.2 and 225 pounds. The well-designed weighing platform is 28×16 inches, fitting many dogs, and the scale offers a choice of pounds or kilograms. The scale also offers delta weight calculation, graduation, previous weight memory, and a low battery indicator.

    This model is somewhat bulky, though you can separately purchase a carrying bag. It’s simple to use but does require your dog to stay still for accurate measuring. The platform can also be slippery, so you may want to purchase a non-slip mat. WC Redmon offers a 1-year warranty.

    • Fairly priced and simple to use
    • Works with two AAA batteries
    • Weighing range of 1.2 to 225 pounds
    • Fairly large 28×16-inch platform
    • Features include unit selection, delta weight calculation, graduation, previous weight memory, and low battery indicator
    • 1-year warranty
    • Somewhat bulky and heavy
    • Must keep your dog still for accurate readings
    • Platform may be slippery

    2. MOMMED Digital Dog Scale – Best Value


    MOMMED Digital

    Are you shopping on a tight budget? You may want to look at the MOMMED Digital Pet Scale, which we find to be the best dog scale for the money.

    This light 4.55-pound pet scale is designed for smaller dogs and has a weighing tray with a swivel lock. It can measure from 0.11 to 220 pounds and works with two AAA batteries. There’s a large backlit LCD screen, and the scale offers zero, hold, and unit switching touch buttons.

    When we tested this scale, we found that the touch buttons were overly sensitive and easy to brush by mistake. The scale is easy to put together and very well-priced. Unfortunately, the plastic weighing tray feels flimsy and bends easily, and the scale is inaccurate if your dog moves around. MOMMED offers good customer service but no warranty.

    • Inexpensive and lightweight
    • Weighing tray with swivel lock
    • Measuring range of 0.11 to 220 pounds
    • Works with two AAA batteries
    • Backlit LCD screen
    • Zero, hold, and unit switching buttons
    • Easy to put together and use
    • Good customer service
    • Less accurate if your dog moves around
    • Flimsy, cheap-feeling plastic tray
    • No warranty
    • Overly sensitive touch buttons
    • Won’t work for larger dogs

    3. IBE Supply Vet Dog Scale – Premium Choice


    If you’re shopping for a premium dog scale, take a look at the IBE SUPPLY Veterinary Dog Scale, which is pricey and heavy but also accurate, stable, and fast.

    This 45-pound professional-grade dog scale has a large 37×20-inch stainless steel weighing platform and a maximum weight of 660 pounds. It’s accurate to 0.2 pounds, and you can either plug it in or use four 1.5-volt AA batteries. The separate LCD screen can be mounted on your wall. The scale offers a choice of kilograms or pounds, plus a tare feature.

    When we tested this dog scale, we found that it was very accurate and produced fast and stable readouts. The large weighing platform is convenient, and the scale as a whole is very effective. On the other hand, it’s heavy, expensive, and bulky, so it may be more than you need if you’re not a professional. IBE SUPPLY offers a 1-year warranty but doesn’t have great customer service.

    • Large stainless steel weighing platform
    • Accurate to 0.2 pounds
    • Can weigh up to 660 pounds
    • Can be plugged in or battery-operated
    • Separate, wall-mounted LCD screen
    • Unit switching and tare features
    • Very accurate, stable, and fast
    • 1-year warranty
    • Heavy and expensive
    • Not very good customer service

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    4. TeaTime Weight Scale for Dogs


    The TeaTime Pet Weight Scale is fairly expensive and heavy but comes with a non-slip mat and a large weighing platform.

    This 30.1-pound dog scale is accurate to 10 grams and can weigh between 2.2 and 220 pounds. There’s a conveniently large 36×24-inch weighing platform, and the package includes a yoga mat that will keep your dog from slipping. The scale has a simple display that offers unit switching, tare, and hold features. This scale works with two included AAA batteries.

    We found this scale fairly accurate, especially with the automatic hold feature. You can’t plug this scale in, and the price point may be too high. TeaTime offers a basic 1-year warranty.

    • Large 36 by 24-inch weighing platform
    • Accurate to 10 grams
    • Can weigh 2.2 to 220 pounds
    • Simple display with tare, hold, and unit switching features
    • Works with two included AAA batteries
    • Includes free non-slip mat
    • 1-year warranty
    • Expensive and fairly heavy
    • Can’t be plugged in

    5. ONETWOTHREE Digital Dog Scale


    ONETWOTHREE’s Digital Pet Scale is lightweight and affordable but is only designed for smaller dogs and has a cheaper feel.

    This pet scale weighs a light 4.4 pounds and has a small swivel weighing tray that you can lock in place. It can measure from .02 pounds up to 220 pounds and works with two AAA batteries. The backlit LCD screen offers tare, hold, and unit switching buttons, and the scale has a convenient auto-off feature.

    We found this scale harder to use and somewhat flimsy. The plastic tray tips easily and has a slippery surface. The small weighing platform won’t work for larger dogs, and the buttons may be overly sensitive. ONETWOTHREE doesn’t offer a warranty.

    • Lightweight and inexpensive
    • Locking swivel tray
    • Can measure .02 to 220 pounds
    • Works with two AAA batteries
    • Backlit LCD screen with tare, hold, and unit switching buttons
    • Auto-off feature
    • Cheaper-feeling with a flimsy weighing tray
    • Slippery and tips easily
    • Too small for larger dogs
    • Overly sensitive buttons
    • No warranty

    6. Happybuy Digital Pet Vet Scale


    The Happybuy Digital Pet Vet Scale is a pricey, heavy option with three measuring ranges, a choice of power sources, and a large, sturdy weighing platform.

    This heavy 39.6-pound scale works with an included power adapter or four AA batteries. The stainless steel weighing platform measures a generous 43×21.6 inches, and the scale can weigh up to 440 pounds. You can choose among three measuring ranges with varying accuracies. This scale offers tare, hold, count, unit switching, and recalibration options, and it has overload and low power indicators.

    We liked the adjustable feet, which will allow you to use the scale on uneven terrain, and the scale seemed fairly accurate. Unfortunately, the interface is complicated and harder to use, and the scale is expensive and bulky. Happybuy doesn’t offer a warranty.

    • Works with power adapter or four AA batteries
    • Large stainless steel weighing platform
    • Includes tare, hold, count, unit switching, and recalibration functions
    • Overload and low power indicators
    • Can weigh up to 440 pounds
    • Adjustable feet for uneven terrain
    • Choice of three measuring ranges
    • Fairly accurate
    • Heavy, bulky, and pricey
    • No warranty
    • More complicated interface

    7. Mindpet-med Digital Dog Scale


    The Digital Pet Scale from Mindpet-med is fairly priced and very portable but not particularly well designed. Though it can weigh up to 220 pounds, this scale is too small to weigh larger dogs.

    This 4.4-pound dog scale works with two included AAA alkaline batteries. It has a small 23.6×10.2-inch weighing tray and is accurate to .02 pounds. There’s an LCD screen with a blue backlight, and the scale has a battery-saving auto-off feature.

    We found that the tray was unstable and flimsy and the scale as a whole felt less durable. To get an accurate reading, you’ll have to keep your dog still, making this scale more difficult to use. We also found that the batteries tended to fall out during the weighing process. Mindpet-med doesn’t offer a warranty.

    • Well-priced and light
    • Accurate to .02 pounds and can weigh up to 220 pounds
    • Works with included AAA alkaline batteries
    • Backlit LCD screen with auto-off feature
    • Works fairly well for small dogs
    • No warranty
    • Can’t weigh large dogs
    • Flimsy and unstable tray
    • Less durable overall
    • Dogs must stay still for accurate readings
    • Batteries may fall out

    8. HOMEIMAGE Pet Scale


    The HOMEIMAGE COMINHKPR49196 Pet Scale is affordable and light but has a very limited weighing range and isn’t very accurate or durable.

    This light four-pound scale is accurate to half an ounce but can only weigh up to 44 pounds. Through a switch on the bottom, you can choose between kilograms, pounds, and ounces. It’s powered by an included CR2 battery and offers hold and tare buttons, plus auto-off and overload protection features.

    This scale fluctuates quite a bit and doesn’t seem very accurate or durable. It has a cheaper feel overall, and it can’t weigh medium to large dogs. HOMEIMAGE offers a 1-year warranty.

    • Low cost and lightweight
    • Accurate to half an ounce
    • Choice of three units
    • Hold and tare buttons, plus auto-off and overload protection
    • Works with one included CR2 battery
    • 1-year warranty
    • Can only weigh up to 44 pounds
    • Cheaper feel and doesn’t seem durable
    • Measurements fluctuate and aren’t very accurate

    9. ZIEIS Digital Dog Scale


    The ZIEIS Digital Dog Scale is a pricey, somewhat heavy option with a non-slip mat and a great warranty. It takes a while to calibrate, has a complicated interface, and isn’t fully accurate.

    This 20-pound scale has a medium-sized 30×20-inch weighing platform that’s covered in stain-resistant, non-slip fabric. It works with an included 110-volt power adapter or six AA batteries, and there’s a surge protector. This scale offers convenient programmable hold options, including manual and automatic. The complicated interface can be wall-mounted and has hold, unit, zero, and tare buttons.

    This scale is very expensive and can only weigh up to 150 pounds. It takes longer to measure, and we found that the measurements fluctuated. ZIEIS offers a great 10-year warranty.

    • Fairly large weighing platform
    • Stain-resistant non-slip cover
    • Works with power adapter or batteries
    • Included surge protector
    • Programmable hold options
    • Wall-mounted interface with unit, hold, zero, and tare buttons
    • Great 10-year warranty
    • Expensive and somewhat heavy
    • Can only weigh up to 150 pounds
    • Takes longer to calibrate
    • Measurements may fluctuate
    • Complicated interface

    10. Prime Scales Veterinary Scale

    Prime Scales

    Our least favorite dog scale is the Prime Scales Veterinary Scale, a heavy, pricey model with limited features and flimsy construction.

    This 25-pound scale can weigh up to 700 pounds and offers a large 38×20-inch stainless steel platform with a non-slip mat. There’s a peak hold function, and you can choose to measure in pounds, kilograms, or ounces. The interface has four colorful buttons, and the scale has convenient lifting handles.

    We found that this scale wasn’t very accurate and could arrive with broken components. The scale as a whole isn’t very durable, and the handles, in particular, feel flimsy. This scale is more expensive than its limited options justify. Prime Scales offers a 1-year warranty.

    • Large stainless steel platform with non-slip mat
    • Peak hold function
    • Choice of units
    • Convenient lifting handles
    • 1-year warranty
    • Can weigh up to 700 pounds
    • Less durable overall
    • Flimsy carrying handles
    • May arrive with broken components
    • Not especially accurate

    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dog Scale

    You’ve taken a look at our 10 favorite dog scales. But what exactly makes a great scale, and which model should you choose? Keep reading to learn all about the best features.


    The first thing you’ll want to consider is how large your dog is. Many of the lightweight models we reviewed are designed for small dogs, and the small weighing platforms won’t fit larger breeds. If you have a small dog, you may be fine with these more portable models. Just keep in mind that these plastic scales may be less durable and potentially less accurate.

    Is your dog larger? You’ll probably want to stick to scales with large, flat weighing platforms. To get an accurate read, you’ll need your dog to stand with all four feet on the platform, so you may want to measure your dog and compare the numbers with each model’s listed dimensions.

    Beyond the weighing platforms, you’ll want to make sure your scale is designed to weigh in your dog’s pound range. Each scale has a listed weighing range, which will tell you the maximum number of pounds it can read without breaking.

    Extra Features

    If you’re just looking to get a quick read on your dog’s weight, you may not be interested in a long list of features, which often come with more complicated interfaces. But features like hold, unit, and tare can make the difference between frustrating and easy weighing processes. Hold features, which may be automatic or manual, will allow you to save the measurement even if your dog moves or walks off the scale, and will ensure a more accurate reading. Tare and zero buttons allow you to reset the scale. Unit switching is convenient if you’d like to choose between kilograms, pounds, and ounces.


    Dog scales can be significant purchases, so you may want a good warranty to protect your investment. Many of the scales we reviewed here come with basic 1-year warranties. Some offer longer protection, up to 10 years. If you’re interested, pay attention to the details of each model’s warranty, and make sure you register your scale when you receive it.

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    Our favorite model is the WC Redmon ZT7400 18 Precision Digital Pet Scale, an easy to use, battery-operated scale with many useful features and indicators. If you’re looking to save money, you may want to try the MOMMED Digital Pet Scale, a lightweight, inexpensive option with plenty of functionality. Would you prefer a premium model? Take a look at the stable and accurate IBE SUPPLY Veterinary Dog Scale, a professional-grade scale with a large weighing platform and a separate wall-mounted display.

    Whether you’d like your dog to lose, gain, or maintain weight, an accurate, durable scale is a must-have. But with so many models available, how do you find just the right scale? We hope this list of the 10 best dog scales, complete with in-depth reviews and a quick buyer’s guide, helps you pick the model that suits your needs. You’ll be weighing your dog with ease in no time!

    Featured Image Credit: Boryana Manzurova, Shutterstock

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