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30 Best Songs About Dogs: Tributes to Our Four-Legged Best Friends

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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The love we’ve got for our four-legged friends is something special, isn’t it? They stick with us through good times and bad, like the ultimate partners in crime. But how do musicians pay homage to these loyal fur babies?

Through songs, of course! So today, we’re embarking on a melodious journey through the 30 best songs that immortalize our four-legged best friends.


The 30 Best Songs About Dogs

1.“Little Boys Grow Up, And Dogs Get Old” by Luke Bryan

Just as children grow into adults, dogs journey from playful puppies to graceful senior citizens. Country singer Luke Bryan offers a musical narration of this cycle in his poignant series dedicated to dogs.

These songs don’t just give your emotions a workout; they’re also little nudges to remind you to soak up all the good times with your pup. The next time you’re scrolling through Spotify, add this to your playlist for a good dose of doggo devotion.

Bass guitar being played by guitarist
Image Credit: josearaica, Pixabay

2. “Seamus” by Pink Floyd

What might initially appear to be an uncomplicated tune quickly reveals layers of historical context. “Seamus” dives into the simpler days when technology wasn’t the cornerstone of our lives.

The song nudges you to think about the uncomplicated lives of pets during those analog days. Were we better off then or now? The next time you’re contemplating life, give “Seamus” a listen. It’s a pleasant aural trip down memory lane and an invitation to reflect on pet life in simpler times.

3. “I Love My Dog” by Sublime

The title pretty much nails it. Sublime’s “I Love My Dog” is like an audio hug for dog lovers. With a tune you can’t help but hum along to and lyrics that hit home, this song is an instant pick-me-up.

If you consider your dog an irreplaceable part of the family, then make sure to play this song during your next car ride with Fido. The tune will have both you and your pup’s tails wagging.

4. “Old King” by Neil Young

Ever thought of your dog as the silent but wise observer in your household? Neil Young sure did in “Old King.” This song narrates the tale of an older dog, seemingly mundane yet deeply insightful, living on a farm with a couple.

It’s the sort of track you’d want to listen to while reminiscing about the golden days with your ever-faithful pet. So, if you’re in a nostalgic mood, let “Old King” be your background score.

Image Credit: Monkey Business Images, Shutterstock

5. “The Puppy Song” by Harry Nilsson

While some songs might bring a tear to your eye, Harry Nilsson’s “The Puppy Song” is bound to elicit a chuckle. This song is basically a high-five to all the goofy and charming things dogs do that make us crack a smile, even on cloudy days.

So whether you’re a die-hard dog enthusiast or just someone in need of a tune to lift your spirits, this song’s got your back.

6. “The More Boys I Meet” by Carrie Underwood

With breakups come rebounds, and sometimes, the best rebound isn’t another person but a dog. At least that’s what Carrie Underwood sings about in “The More Boys I Meet.”

A country ballad infused with wit and relatable lyrics, this song is an upbeat take on moving on with the help of a four-legged friend. Underwood’s mellifluous vocals serve as the cherry on top. Keep this track in your back pocket for those days when you need a reminder that dogs are indeed our best friends.

7. “Feed Jake” by Pirates of the Mississippi

Well, here’s a treat for both your ears and your pup’s ever-grumbling stomach! “Feed Jake” by Pirates of the Mississippi takes the kibble for capturing the ceaseless appetite of our four-legged friends.

The beat is catchy, the humor is spot-on, and let’s be real: any dog owner knows the struggle of keeping that food bowl filled to canine satisfaction!

Image Credit: alexandbremer, Pixabay

8. “Gonna Buy Me A Dog” by The Monkees

Putting their pop-rock flair on the back burner, The Monkees serenade us with “Gonna Buy Me A Dog,” capturing the full emotional spectrum and benefits that come with being a dog parent—from steadfast loyalty to pure, unfiltered happiness.

So, whether you’re a seasoned dog owner with years of fetch under your belt, or you’re merely hovering over that adoption application, this song underscores the universal truth: dogs are bona fide joy generators.

9. “I Love My Dog” by Cat Stevens

If Cat Stevens could sing about loving dogs, well, anyone can! Stevens really gets into the nitty-gritty of what it’s like to have a dog in “I Love My Dog”, showing us the love goes both ways, no strings attached.

Honestly, it’s the perfect tune for those chill Sunday afternoons when you’re just lounging on the couch with your furball.

10. “Cracker Jack” by Dolly Parton

Leave it to Dolly Parton to create an infectious tune that enumerates the benefits of dog ownership. “Cracker Jack” is more than a song; it’s a PSA for why everyone should consider getting a dog.

From companionship to security, this track extols the many virtues of having a furry friend, especially for families with children. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics make it hard not to sing along. So go ahead, play it loud, and let the dog-loving spirit take over.

dog resting while the female hand pushing button on smart speaker to play music
Image Credit: SeventyFour, Shutterstock

11. “Gypsy, Joe And Me” by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton makes the list again, and this time, she’s pulling on our heartstrings with “Gypsy, Joe and Me”. This heartfelt trinity is about Dolly, her man Joe, and, of course, their dog Gypsy.

This country classic reaffirms why dogs rank so high in the hierarchy of love—they offer unconditional companionship. It’s a song to appreciate while watching a setting sun, perhaps with your pooch lounging at your feet.

12. “Man Of The Hour” by Norah Jones

In Norah Jones’ life, the “Man of the Hour” is actually her dog. Here, the sultry singer-songwriter takes a sardonic dig at human relationships, offering up her canine companion as the more desirable option.

If you ever needed proof that dogs are indeed better than ex-boyfriends, add this track to your playlist. If nothing else, it will lift you up if you’ve recently endured a bad breakup.

13. “Me And You And A Dog Named Boo” by Lobo

Talk about a classic that gets passed down like a prized family recipe. “Me And You And A Dog Named Boo” taps into that shared sense of missing our past pets. The words are easy to catch onto, making it a great road trip sing-along for the whole fam.

And if you’ve ever had to say a tough goodbye to your four-legged buddy, this song hits the spot. It’s a trip down a memory lane we’d often rather avoid, but somehow, this track makes it a healing journey. Definitely worth a listen.

man playing guitar beside dog
Image Credit: evrymmnt, Shutterstock

14. “Blue” by Peter, Paul and Mary

Folk legends Peter, Paul and Mary offer us “Blue”, a jovial tribute to the man’s best friend that’s as memorable as it is catchy. Its charming tune and feel-good lyrics encapsulate the love and devotion between humans and their dogs.

The joyous energy of this song will have you spontaneously breaking into choruses around your home—just don’t be surprised if your dog joins in with a howl or two!

15. “Planet Dog” by Booth by Graffoe

From chihuahuas with delusions of grandeur to mutts that are just plain lovable, Boothby Graffoe’s “Planet Dog” honors them all. With lyrics as varied as the breeds it celebrates, this song is like a canine encyclopedia set to music.

This is basically the go-to jam for anyone who thinks life would be a whole lot cooler if we all had tails to wag. Feel-good vibes all the way! If another song on this list got you down remembering a former dog in your life, this tune will surely lift you back up.

16. “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window” by Patti Page

Admit it, you’ve walked past a pet store window and done a double-take at a puppy so adorable, you felt like your heart just grew three sizes. Patti Page captures this sentiment in her tune. Regardless of your age, you’ve almost certainly heard this song at some time or another in your life.

This whimsical number provides that “aha” moment, reminding us that sometimes the best things in life can be found with four legs and a wagging tail.

man play guitar music with a dog
Image Credit: Photo Smoothies, Shutterstock

17. “Like My Dog” by Billy Currington

Billy Currington hits a home run with “Like My Dog,” serenading listeners with an ode to the virtues of canine companionship. If you’re on the fence about adopting a dog, this tune might just convince you that you need a furry friend in your life.

It’s like a canine Employee of the Month program set to music! If you’ve got a pooch snoozing at your feet, Billy’s ballad is a must-listen, evoking the simple pleasure of sitting back and relaxing with your bona fide best friend.

18. “Old Grey Dog” by Jimmy Scott

It’s the timeless tale of the circle of life in Jimmy Scott’s “Old Grey Dog.” This tune pays homage to our aging pets, recounting the irreplaceable memories and shared experiences.

It’s like a scrapbook of your best moments with your dog, all sewn together with lyrics and melodies. Queue up this tune if you’ve got an older dog you want to pay tribute to or a photo album you’re eager to revisit.

19. “Ol’ Red” by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton takes the whole “dogs as best friends” concept to another level. In “Ol’ Red,” Shelton narrates a dark tale involving jail time, heartbreak, and, curiously enough, canine love. Intrigued? You should be. This isn’t your typical dog song; it’s a whole canine drama served with a side of country twang.

woman playing guitar with beagle dog
Image Credit: KlingSup, Shutterstock

20. “I’m Gonna Buy Me A Dog (To Take The Place Of You)” by Duke Robillard

We’re all guilty of using pets as emotional Band-Aids. Duke Robillard’s song showcases how one can consider filling an emotional void with a furry friend.

If you’ve ever felt like swiping right on a dog adoption site after a breakup, this blues-infused narrative will hit the right chords. A song for anyone who’s pondered the complexities of relationships, both human and animal.

21. “Martha My Dear” by The Beatles

Alright, Beatles aficionados and canine enthusiasts alike, gather ’round. If there was ever a Hall of Fame for dog songs, “Martha My Dear” would have its paw prints cemented there. This song is like the ultimate family photo where everyone’s smiling, even the dog.

Whether or not you consider yourself part of the Beatles’ global congregation, this song is a heartfelt anthem for anyone who’s ever considered their dog a bona fide family member.

22. “Lilly” by Pink Martini

Let’s spice things up with Pink Martini’s “Lilly”. Far from being just another generic ode to a dog, this song mixes musical elegance with an emotional core that dog lovers will find utterly compelling.

It’s a sophisticated tribute that brings both paws and applause. Mark it down: if your playlist of dog-loving tunes doesn’t include this number, you’re missing a trick.

yorkie puppy fell asleep while listening to music
Image Credit: Scorpp, Shutterstock

23. “B-I-N-G-O” by Scottish Folk Song

This one’s a childhood classic with a doggy twist! “B-I-N-G-O” is not just a spelling bee set to music; it’s practically an initiation into the dog lovers’ club for the younger generation. Like Patti Page’s “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window,” we’ve all heard this song.

If you’ve got kids—or even if you don’t—this Scottish folk song is a wag-worthy inclusion. It makes learning fun and reminds us that dogs are as much a part of our culture as they are of our homes.

24. “My Dog And Me” by John Hiatt

Nothing beats the understated joy of spending quality time with your dog, and John Hiatt nails this sentiment in “My Dog and Me.” It’s the perfect soundtrack for those little, invaluable moments—be it a walk in the park or a snooze on the couch.

This tune sums up why dogs are often considered humankind’s most consistent companion. Cue this track and feel that furry bond strengthen.

25. “Sometimes I Don’t Mind” by The Suicide Machines

Well, if dogs could be divas, this song would be their jam. “Sometimes I Don’t Mind” by The Suicide Machines captures the “love me, warts and all” spirit that dogs bring into our lives. Admit it, your dog’s given you that look a time or two.

Well, this song is a candid snapshot of the trials and tribulations of dog ownership. Yet it never forgets that, in the end, the barks and scratches are but a small price to pay for unconditional love.

Pianist playing on the piano
Image Credit: music4life, Pixabay

26. “Old Blue” by The Byrds

If you ever thought a song couldn’t be an emotional rollercoaster, then “Old Blue” by The Byrds will have you rethinking that assumption. It starts off as a cozy tale about an old dog and his owner but morphs into a poignant lesson on the fragility of life.

Think of it as the four-legged version of a coming-of-age tale, except it’s the dog who does all the aging. So, next time you’re pondering life’s uncertainties, perhaps this song will serve as a nudge to give your pet an extra pat or two.

27. “Old Shep” by Elvis Presley

Leave it to Elvis to make an upbeat and funny song about man’s best friend. If you’re ever down in the dumps, “Old Shep” will not only lift your spirits but will also remind you of the simple, unconditional love that a pet brings to the table.

It’s a song that brings you to your emotional feet, even if your actual feet are too busy doing the twist. An essential listen for dog lovers and Elvis fans alike.

28. “Hound Dog” by Big Mama Thornton

What’s that? A song that’s oozing so much soul, it’s practically a musical version of a wagging tail? Enter “Hound Dog” by Big Mama Thornton. If you’re a fan of Elvis, this tune will surely be recognizable to you.

This isn’t just a track; it’s a cultural experience that transcends mere lyrics and melody. If you want something that can bark with the best of the blues, this is your go-to track.

man playing music
Image Credit: Spencer Selover, Pexels

29. “The Dog Song” by Nellie McKay

The simplicity of this tune by Nellie McKay captures the essence of dog ownership in a nutshell: just hanging out with your four-legged pal and loving every minute of it. Is there anything much better than that?

This song is the audio equivalent of a warm blanket and a loyal pup by your side. It’s as uncomplicated as a game of fetch but just as satisfying. A must-add to your “Dog Days” playlist.

30. “Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog” by Jane Siberry

Talk about canine-induced tunnel vision! Jane Siberry’s “Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” explores how pets can become such an integral part of our lives that they influence our perspective on just about everything.

Yes, even storms. Far from being a song about obsession, it’s a joyful acknowledgment of the happiness that pets bring into our lives. Because let’s face it, being constantly reminded of your best friend is hardly a prison sentence!

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From Dolly Parton’s rhythms to Big Mama Thornton’s deep, soulful beats, each song on this list paints its own portrait of the complex emotional tapestry that is the human-canine bond. If you’re a pet parent who’s worn down the same old walking path or have perhaps exhausted all the tricks in the dog-training book, consider this playlist your refreshing escape.

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