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650 Betta Fish Names for All Different Types and Colors

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By Lindsey Stanton

crowntail betta fish

Now that you’ve got your new Betta fish, the first thing you must do is set up their tank and plan to properly care for them. After this, however, you’ve got to choose a fitting Betta fish name—but how?

You can choose a name for your Betta fish in several ways: drawing inspiration from your life, your interests, what particular type of Betta fish you have, the appearance of your fish, or simply picking something you think sounds cool.

While classic fish names, such as bubbles, have their place, many modern aquarists prefer to be more creative when choosing a name for their fish.

Even if the fish will never know their name, you’ll be telling it to curious friends and family members for years to come, so it’s best to pick something you won’t be embarrassed by.


How to Choose a Name for Your Betta Fish

Here are some ideas of how to choose suitable Betta names:

  • Pop culture names—Select a name inspired by one of your favorite movies, TV shows, books, comics, or celebrities.
  • Friend and family names—Why not name them after a loved one?
  • Appearance-based names—Choose a name based on the color or general appearance of your new Betta fish.
  • Personality-based names—Observe your new Betta and pick a name based on the kind of personality they have; for instance, if they’re confident, shy, or funny.
  • Food names—If you’d like a cute name for your new Betta, try naming them after one of your favorite foods.
  • Mythological names — Name your Betta fish after your favorite characters from Greek, Roman, or Norse mythology.
  • Animal names—Why not be confusing and name your fish after a different animal?

If you still need some help after reading through these suggestions on how to pick a name for your Betta fish, we’ve come up with an extensive list of names to choose from.

Male Betta Fish Names

Close up of gold half moon betta fish
© lalalululala / Adobe Stock

Owners of male Bettas might choose to call them traditionally masculine names, though there’s no harm in subverting gender stereotypes and opting for a more feminine or unisex name. After all, your new Betta has no real concept of gender.

That said, to start, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of male Betta fish names you might choose to give your new fish. Some are taken from popular TV shows, movies, etc., where they might suit Bettas of a particular personality or merely have a nice ring to them. Here are some of the best names for male Betta fish:

Abe Frank Mulder
Adam Garland Nardole
Admiral Gary Nemo
Albert Giles Noam
Albus Gonzalez Odin
Anakin Han Parker
Andy Harry Paul
Apollo Hiro Peter
Ares Homer Pike
Atticus Indie Presley
Balder James Reiichi
Bart Jamie Ron
Bear Jem Rory
Bobby Joey Ross
Bowie Jose Ryan
Brian Jupiter Sarjan
Bruce Kylo Severus
Butch Larry Sirius
Captain Leland Spike
Chandler Leo Steve
Charger Leonard Thor
Christian Loki Timmy
Clyde Louis Tom
Cohen Lucian Vader
Colin Lucius Walter
Dale Luke Wayne
Darth Lupin Wilfred
Dave Mal William
Depak Mars Wolf
Doctor Matt Xander
Doug Max Zappa
Draco Minos Zeus
Fox Moe Ziggy

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Female Betta Fish Names

female betta guarding newly laid eggs
Image Credit: mnoor, Shutterstock

Females are more drab and less showy than their male counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve awesome names!

You could name a female after a friend or relative, look to pop culture, or simply choose a name you like. Some people like feminine or flowery names for female Bettas, whereas others prefer strong names.

Unlike males, which must be kept without another Betta in their tank, females can live in groups, so you might want to choose names that go with one another.

Here’s a list of our favorite female Betta fish names:

Abigail Effie Norma
Amanda Elizabeth Olivia
Amelia Elsie Ophelia
Angela Emma Orchid
Anya Esther Padma
Astrid Euphemia Paris
Athena Evelyn Parvati
Audrey Fleur Patience
Ava Freya Patricia
Bella Geraldine Persephone
Belle Ginny Phoebe
Berry Grace Pixie
Bess Hannah Princess
Betty Hannah Priscilla
Blanche Harmony Queenie
Buffy Hermione Rachel
Bunny Hope Rey
Camilla Josie Rose
Carly Kat Ruby
Cher Laura Sarah
Cho Lauren Shelly
Coco Leia Skyler
Cora Lily Sophia
Cordelia Lola Sybil
Cupcake Louise Tara
Daisy Lucy Tatum
Diana Luna Thelma
Dianne Lyla Veronica
Donna Marnie Viola
Doris Mary Violet
Drusilla Miyoko Wendy
Duchess Molly Willow
Edith Monica Yasmin

Unisex Names for Betta Fish

Close up of red betta fish swimming above black substrate
© lalalululala / Adobe Stock

Unisex names are suitable for both males and females. Males and female Bettas look different from one another (males are larger with more vivid colors and long, flowing fins), so you’re unlikely to have a Betta fish you don’t know the gender of, but you can still choose a unisex name.

You may always prefer unisex names to specifically male or female names, or you might just like a particular unisex name or think that it suits your new fish.

Below, you’ll find a wide selection of unisex names for fish, some of which are cute, others of which are more serious. Either way, you’re likely to find something that catches your eye. And, if not, we’ve still got many more fish name ideas to come.

Aki Drew Pretzel
Akira Edamame Puff
Alex Eleven Punk
Alfalfa Ellis R2D2
Alto Falcore Rain
Alva Fender Ren
Angel Frankie Riley
Ashley Harper River
Aubrey Hayden Salsa
Avery Hollis Scout
Bailey Hunter Shay
Bongo Jamie Snap
Brid Java Sparky
Brook Jessie Splash
C3P0 Jo Stevie
Cameron Jordan Stinky
Carob Karma Storm
Casey Kelsey Tanner
Chaos Kennedy Tiki
Charlie Laser Tory
Checkers Leslie Tsunami
Chewie Lucky Val
Chipper Macaroni Waverider
Chips Magic Waves
Chutney Micah Winter
Clem Noodle Wotsit
Crackle October Wren
Crash Pal Wyn
Cricket Palmer Yang
Daikon Parker Yin
Dale Payton Yoda
Devon Pepper Zag
Dresden Popsicle Zig

Funny Betta Fish Names

Close up of the face of a blue betta isolated on black
© surachetkhamsuk / Adobe Stock

Humor is important in life, and if you can’t have fun when you’re naming your fish, when can you? So we’ve come up with a range of funny Betta fish names.

Some are puns, some are referring to the fact Betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish, and others are humorous because they’re not the sort you’d normally find in a list of fish names.

So, if you’re always cracking jokes or you’re known as the class clown, choosing a funny name just makes sense. We can’t guarantee that each and every one will put a smile on your face, but we’re sure at least a few will make you chuckle.

We certainly had fun coming up with these funny names for Betta fish!

Alpha Betta Fin-ley Lake Skywalker
Aqua Fin-a Floater Lovely Bubbly
Aquaman Fluffy M. Sea Hammer
Betta Max Georgia O’Reef Muhammad Ali
Betta Midler Gill-bert One True Cod
Betta White Gilly Nelson Rocky
Captain Hook Hammerhead Sushi
Carrie Fisher Harley Finn Swedish
Cujo James Pond Swim Shady
Fido Jaws Tuna Turner

Cute Names for Betta Fish

Close up of blue half moon betta fish nosing in black gravel substrate
© lalalululala / Adobe Stock

Betta fish aren’t exactly as cute and cuddly as a fluffy puppy or a baby pony, but we can’t see why you shouldn’t give yours an adorable name, anyway. These cute Betta fish names will have you squealing with joy!

Food names are generally a good bet when coming up with cute name ideas, but any name that screams “adorbs” has made it onto this list.

These sickly-sweet names might not be for everybody, but if you’re a fan of the cute and kawaii, pay close attention!

Aggie Fifi Pinko
Albie Floof Pixie
Ally Freckles Pops
Apple Fuzzles Posey
Archie Gizmo Puffin
Baby Glitter Rainbow Brite
Bambam Gopher Rascal
Bambi Gracie Roo
Berry Gravy Roomba
Binky Gumdrop Rudy
Biscuit Gwennie Sausage
Bliss Happy Scrappy
Bonsai Jazzy Scrinkle
Boo Jeffie Shortcake
Bug-Bug Jelly Skittles
Butters Kiki Socks
Buttons Kitty Soda Pop
Cookie Love Heart Sparkles
Crinkle Lulu Sparky
Crumpet Marshmallow Spoops
Cuddles Merry Squish
Dinky Monkey Suki
Dipsie Mr. Chips Sweetie
Dixie Muffin Taco
Dodo Nibbles Tiggy
Dolly Nipper Tinkles
Domino Oreo Tiny
Donut Pee Wee Tofu
Doodle Penny Twinkle Toes
Dory Pickles Wasabi
Dweeb Piglet Wiggle
Ellie Pinball Winkle Picker
Fairy Pine Nut Winnie

Betta Fish Names by Color

What’s the first thing most people will notice about your Betta fish? We bet it’s their color, so why not give your new friend a name based on their hue?

We’ve collected several lists of names, sorted by color, so you can easily find the relevant color and search for a name.

Whether your new Betta is orange, red, yellow, black, white, blue, or multi-colored, we’ve got a name for you. Some are obvious, whereas others are more creative, but either way, you’ll find some cracking names here.

Names for Orange Betta Fish

Close up of orange siamese fighting fish isolated on white
© lamyai / Adobe Stock

The following names are best suited to orange Betta fish. We’ve got names inspired by famous orange characters, orange items, orange foodstuffs, and basically anything related to the color orange.

Amber Clementine Nacho Cheese
Apricot Copper Nectarine
Arancione Crookshanks Orangeade
Auburn Dorito Peaches
Autumn Ember Persimmon
Butternut Fanta Pumpkin
Butterscotch Garfield Rusty
Candy Corn Ginger Satsuma
Carrot Gingersnap Sunset
Cheddar Goldie Tang
Cheese Puff Mandarin Tangerine
Cheeto Marmalade Tigger

Red Betta Fish Names

Close up of red betta / siamese fighting fish on black background
© Patiwat / Adobe Stock

Does your Betta fish have a beautiful red hue? Well, why not try one of these excellent red Betta fish names?

Apple Poinsettia Russet
Blaze Poppy Scarlet
Cherry Red Strawberry
Coral Rosella Strawberry Shortcake
Crimson Rosie Valentine
Fever Rosso Vermilion
Flame Ruby  

Names for Yellow Betta Fish

yellow betta / siamese fighting fish isolated on black bg
© sakhorn38 / Adobe Stock

Yellow appears a lot in nature, so we’ve got a selection of nature-inspired names for yellow Betta fish, as well as some cute and funny options.

Check out these Betta fish names for our yellow friends:

Barley Honey Star
Blondie Mellow Sunflower
Butterball Mustard Sunglow
Buttercup Pikachu Sunny
Custard Saffron Sunshine

Names for Black Betta Fish

black orchid betta fish
Image Credit: Bitberyl, Shutterstock

You can find plenty of excellent black betta fish names. Some come from black objects or foods, whereas the darker side of life inspires others.

Anise Ebony Panther
Ash Eclipse Pepsi
Beetle Ember Raven
Blackfish Grimm Reaper
Blackjack Guinness Shadow
Char Ink Smokey
Cinder Licorice Smudge
Coal/Cole Midnight Soot
Coffee Nero Tar
Crow Olive Velvet
Damien Omen Voodoo
Donnie Darko Onyx  

Names for White Betta Fish

Close up of white betta fish isolated on black background
© pakpong pongatichat / Adobe Stock

If you’re searching out names for your white Betta, you can turn to all things white and wintery for inspiration. Or, if that’s too obvious for you, there are subtler choices, too.

Arctic Ivory Quartz
Aspen Jasmine Snowball
Beluga Magnolia Snowdrop
Blizzard Mayo Snowflake
Diamond Misty Snowy
Dove Moonshine Sugar
Ghost Opal Swan
Glacier Polar Vanilla

Blue Betta Fish Names

Blue betta fish isolated on black background
© sakhorn38 / Adobe Stock

Your striking blue Betta deserves an awesome name to go with their vivid color. Our favorite blue fish names are listed below.

Aqua Cobalt River
Aquamarine Cookie Monster Sapphire
Blue Cornflower Sea
Blue Moon Cyan Sky
Bluebell Marine  
Blueberry Neptune  

Names for Multi-Colored Betta Fish

A multi-colored betta fish isolated on blue background
© montree999 / Adobe Stock

Many Betta aren’t just one solid color. Instead, they have multiple hues adorning their bodies. Here are some great names for Betta fish with multiple colors.

Aurora Patches Skittles
Dotty Peacock Splodge
Freckles Picasso Spot
Kingfisher Prism Sprinkles
Panda Rainbow Zigzag

Cool Betta Fish Names Based on Personality

Close up of a blue / brown betta fish against a background of blurred green aquarium plants
© jitpitak / Adobe Stock

Sometimes, the best fish names are based on your fish’s personality. Think about your fish and what they’re like. Are they shy or confident? Aggressive or passive? Clever or a little bit slow? Any of these personality traits (and more) could be the inspiration for a fitting name.

You can be quite obvious with personality-based names, or you can choose a subtler approach. Either way, you may come up with a name that suits your fish to a tee.

Check out these cool Betta fish names based on personality and see if any of them suit your fish.

Bandit Fang Prince
Banshee Fizz Raptor
Bolt Flake Rocket
Brains GaGa Rowdy
Champ Genghis Sabre
Charmer Goober Sassy
Chief Hannibal Scruffy
Chomper Happy Serenity
Clogs Haughty Slick
Cowboy Hulk Sloth
Crusher Jet Speedy
Cuddles Jiffy Spirit
Dart Khan Sting
Dash Killer Sweetie
Dean Liberty Tizzy
Diablo Lux Turbo
Dink Monster Viper
Dizzy Mugs Wolverine
Doofus Nibbles Xena
Duke Outlaw Yawner
Einstein Patience Zoom

Do Betta Fish Know Their Name?

Many owners will claim they do, but to be honest, this is very unlikely! Bettas do respond to human approach, and potentially learn to recognise their owners, as can be observed by them coming to the surface as if to meet their owners when they approach.

There may well be some vibrations caused in water when you call your Betta’s name, but the same vibrations will be caused when you utter almost any word close to your Bettas tank. Betta approaching their owners is more likely due to just any sound being sensed by them that’s recognizable as being from a human, rather than them truly recognizing their name though. However, naming your fish is more for our pleasure rather than for our fish. It’s a bit of good-natured fun!


That’s it for this edition of the Betta fish names game. We’re sure you will have found something suitable in our lists above, though, of course, we also know we’ve only scratched the surface.

However, we have another extensive article on the best names for goldfish you might like to look at for further inspiration. Although another species, many of the names would still be suitable for a Betta. Take a look, there might be something that floats your boat! You can check it out here: Best names for goldfish.

Happy fish keeping!

Featured Image Credit: ivabalk, Pixabay

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