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Can Cats Eat Vanilla Pudding? Nutrition Facts & Safety Guide

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Can Cat Eat vanilla pudding

While dogs may be man’s best friend, no one can deny how much we cat parents love our feline friends. Having a furry (or hairless if that’s your preference) pal who curls into your lap, demands food at the oddest hours, and can keep us in our place with just one look, is simply one of the best things in life. This closeness we feel to our cats is one of the main reasons we are tempted to offer them certain human foods we enjoy, that may not be great for them.

Vanilla pudding is yummy, no one can deny that, but is it okay for us to share it with our cats? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no, cats shouldn’t eat vanilla pudding. While you may think vanilla pudding is a safe sweet treat for you and your kitty to share, the ingredients inside can be quite dangerous for your feline friends. Let’s take a deeper look at vanilla pudding and why you shouldn’t give it to your cat.

Is Vanilla Pudding Safe for Cats?

As we said above, it isn’t exactly safe for your cat to eat vanilla pudding. When it comes to this snack,  it’s the ingredients inside that can cause your cat big issues. The main ingredients in vanilla pudding are sugar, milk, butter, eggs, and salt. Individually, each of these ingredients can cause your cat significant problems. Combining them can make vanilla pudding toxic for your cat. Let’s take a look at a few of these ingredients and how harmful they can be.


A majority of cats are born lactose intolerant. This is something many pet owners aren’t aware of. By offering your cat foods with high milk content you may be causing stomach issues. Diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, and dehydration can all stem from offering your cat milk if they suffer from the lactose intolerance most cats experience.

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While sugar isn’t deadly to cats, it can be dangerous. Sugar should only be given to cats in moderation. Most vanilla pudding recipes call for ½ a cup of sugar or more. This high amount of sugar can be quite dangerous for kitties. Unfortunately, cats can become diabetic if their diets are kept in check.


We’ve already touched on cats and their lactose intolerance. With butter being a dairy product, it can easily upset this issue. That isn’t the only issue with butter, however. Butter contains a lot of fat, which isn’t something cats need. Too much fat in your cat’s diet can cause an upset stomach and of course, obesity.

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Other Ingredients

The salt, artificial flavors, and preservatives also added to vanilla pudding aren’t ideal for your cats either. These types of ingredients are common in many human foods and are some of the main reasons we shouldn’t offer our snacks to our kitty companions. To keep our cats healthy, they should be fed a balanced diet of cat food and cat-safe treats.

What To Do If Your Cat Eats Vanilla Pudding

If your cat has only eaten a small amount of vanilla pudding, there may be no need to panic. Yes, some of the ingredients listed can be harmful, but in small amounts, they shouldn’t be toxic. You may need to deal with diarrhea, vomiting, or an upset stomach. If things get too bad, contact your vet.

If your cat has ingested a large quantity of vanilla pudding, it may be best to give your vet a call. They will want to be aware of the ingredient list so they can best decide how to handle the situation. Along with diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting, you may also find your cat suffering from a lack of energy and lethargy. Make sure to follow your vet’s instructions closely to help your kitty feel better quickly.

Now that you know what you can safely feed your cat, it’s just as important to find a bowl that supports their health and well-being. With whisker-friendly bowls and a wide tray to catch any spills, our Hepper NomNom Cat Bowl is our favorite option.

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While our cats often call the shots around the house, it’s best to not let them decide what foods they eat. If you want to keep your kitties healthy and happy, avoiding dangerous snacks like vanilla pudding is a great start. You’ll feel better about what your cat is eating and they will thank you for not offering them sweets that can hurt their tummies.

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