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Can Dogs Eat Bagels? (Our Vet Explains)

Dr. Lorna Whittemore

By Dr. Lorna Whittemore

Can Dogs Eat Bagels

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Dr. Lorna Whittemore

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When you’re sitting down for your morning breakfast, it’s perfectly normal to have your pup sitting next to you giving you the most pleading eyes of all time. When they’re staring you down and making you feel guilty for eating your breakfast, it’s only natural to want to give them some.

But can you give your dog some bagel or is it really that bad for them? The truth is that if they get some bagel, it’s usually not a huge deal, but it’s not a treat you should consistently give them. We’ll break down why and give you some better treat options you can feed them the next time they’re staring you down.

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Should You Feed Your Dog Bagels?

While you probably don’t need to rush your pup to the vet if they accidentally get a bagel, that doesn’t mean you should make it a regular treat option for them. That’s because bagels don’t have any nutritional value for your dog and are high in carbohydrates and calories.

Even worse, most bagels contain ingredients like white four, which many dogs have problems digesting. Just because your pup wants something doesn’t mean you should give it to them.

Potentially Concerning Ingredients in Bagels

We all know that bagels come with all sorts of toppings and in all sorts of flavors. This wide assortment of options means that some bagels are simply far worse for your dog than others. That’s because many of these toppings and ingredients are toxic for dogs.

If your dog ate a bagel with garlic, onion, or poppy seeds, you need to pay extra attention to them and potentially take them to a vet. These ingredients are toxic for dogs, and too much can lead to severe health complications. The likelihood of toxicity from a bit of bagel is low, fortunately.

Shiba Inu Dog Eating Bagel
Photo Credit: Kelsie Taylor, Shutterstock

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5 Better Treat Options for Your Dog

Just because you can’t feed your dog bagels doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of healthy treat options you can feed them. Below, we’ve highlighted five different treats that your pup will love that you can safely feed them.

Just remember when feeding your dog treats to follow the 10% rule. This rule states that treats should make up no more than 10% of your pup’s daily caloric intake.

1. Watermelon

Jack Russell Terrier eating watermelon
Photo Credit: Albina Glisic, Shutterstock

Watermelon is a great sweet treat that your pup will love. It is high in sugar, though, so don’t give them too much. Not only that but remove any seeds and don’t feed your dog the watermelon rind. But from there, it’s a great refreshing treat for your dog.

2. Carrots

Finnish spitz Eat carrots
Photo Credit: masterpiece creator, Shutterstock

Carrots are another great treat for dogs. Just ensure you finely dice raw carrots so your dog doesn’t choke on them. You can also feed your dog cooked carrots, just don’t add any additional flavorings or sweeteners.

3. Bananas

shih tzu eat banana
Image Credit: BoBoMuMu, Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a low-priced treat for your dog, bananas make a great choice. Bananas have tons of beneficial nutrients for your pup, just don’t overdo it since bananas also contain a lot of sugar.

4. Broccoli

Unlike the fruit on our list, broccoli doesn’t have a ton of sugar you need to worry about. You can feed dogs both raw and cooked broccoli, but cooked broccoli is typically a little easier for your dog to digest, so this is how we would recommend feeding it to them.

5. Strawberries

offering dog strawberry
Image Credit: MRAORAOR, Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love the taste of a sweet strawberry? Dogs love them too, making them an outstanding sweet treat high in vitamin C. Wash them and remove the stalks before feeding them to your dog, and don’t give them too many since they’re high in sugar.

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Final Thoughts

Just because your dog wants your bagel and likes the taste doesn’t mean you should give them any! Bagels don’t provide any beneficial nutrients to your dog, and there are far better treat options for them.

We know it can be tempting when they’re staring up at you, but stay strong and have some dog-friendly snacks on hand for these situations.


Featured Image Credit: Terrance Barksdale, Pexels

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