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160+ Dog Names Starting with J for Your Pup

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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When it’s time for you to choose one for your dog buddy, there are about as many different reasons for choosing as there are names. Some folks like to name their dog after a friend or loved one, or a famous human they’re fond of. Sometimes a name based on your dog’s appearance or behavior is the way to go.

And sometimes, you just want a cool name.


Tips for Naming Your Dog

The options are almost endless when naming your dog, and it can quickly get overwhelming. One distinct advantage is that you already know them, a little or even a lot, which should help in the selection of an appropriate name. Unlike people, who normally get named when nobody has any idea about their personality!

One thing to keep in mind is that your dog will be keeping this name for life, so you should consider making a choice that will be good in the long run. Also, you may want to avoid names that, while cute or funny at the time, don’t last so well.

While you may have already narrowed the options down to the letter J, there are still some ways to help you narrow it down further.

Think about whether you want them to have a fun name or a more unique name, and names that are easy to say and for your dog to understand. One of the best places to start is with your dog’s personality. Is your dog energetic or laid-back? Friendly or a bit shy? Vocal or quiet?

Another easy place to get started is with your dog’s appearance, although narrowing it down to a letter limits this somewhat.

Female Dog Names Starting with J

If you’ve got a new female dog, and want a simple, classic name beginning with J—we’ve got you covered. Check out the list below to see if there are any that may be a perfect fit.

  • Jacqueline
  • Jade
  • Jamie
  • Jane
  • Janet
  • Janine
  • Jasmine
  • Jasper
  • Java
  • Jax
  • Jayla
  • Jazz
  • Jemima
  • Jenny
  • Jess
  • Jessa
  • Jessamine
  • Jessica
  • Jessie
  • Jett
  • Jewel
  • Jillian
  • JJ
  • Jo
  • Joanna
  • Jocelyn
  • Joelle
  • Jolanda
  • Jolene
  • Jordan
  • Josephine
  • Josette
  • Josie
  • Journey
  • Joy
  • Joyce
  • Jude
  • Judy
  • Julia
  • Juliet
  • Juliette
  • June
  • Juniper
  • Juno
  • Jupiter
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Image Credit: Grisha Bruev, Shutterstock


Male Dog Names Starting with J

If you’re looking for some great male names beginning with J for your pooch, our list below should help you find a great name.

  • Jabba
  • Jace
  • Jack
  • Jackson
  • Jacky
  • Jacoby
  • Jacques
  • Jagger
  • Jake
  • Jamal
  • James
  • Jamie
  • Jango
  • Jared
  • Jarvis
  • Jason
  • Jasper
  • Java
  • Javi
  • Javier
  • Jax
  • Jaxon
  • Jay
  • Jean-Pierre
  • Jeff
  • Jefferson
  • Jeffrey
  • Jensen
  • Jeremiah
  • Jeremy
  • Jerome
  • Jesper
  • Jesse
  • Jett
  • Jettison
  • Jim
  • Jimin
  • Jin
  • JJ
  • Jo
  • Joe
  • Joel
  • Joey
  • John
  • Johnson
  • Jolly
  • Jon
  • Jonah
  • Jonas
  • Jonty
  • Jordan
  • Jordi
  • Jos
  • Joseph
  • Joshua
  • Journey
  • Judas
  • Jude
  • Jughead
  • Juice
  • Julian
  • Julio
  • Julius
  • Jupiter
  • Justice
  • Justin
great dane dog standing on grass
Image Credit: Damon Vanderbilt, Shutterstock


Celebrity Names Beginning with J

If you’re a big lover of music, movies, and TV shows, choosing a name starting with J based on a celebrity can be a perfect option.

  • Jayden (Smith)
  • James (Blunt)
  • Jane (Austin)
  • Janet (Jackson)
  • Janis (Joplin)
  • Jennifer (Aniston)
  • Jim (Carrey)
  • Jimi (Hendrix)
  • Joan (Jett)
  • Joe (Dimaggio)
  • Joe (Perry)
  • Julia (Andrews)
  • Justin (Bieber)
  • J.K. (Rowling)
  • Jack (Nicholson)
  • Jared (Leto)
golden retriever dog standing on grass
Image Credit: Mohammad_Hamza7393, Shutterstock


Funny & Unique Names Beginning with J

If you’re looking for a name that helps your pooch stand out from the crowd, try one of the unique names below!

  • Jabari
  • Jabber
  • Jabberwocky
  • Jag
  • Jaguar
  • Jambalaya
  • Java
  • Javelin
  • Jaws
  • Jazzy
  • Jelly
  • Jellybean
  • Jellybelly
  • Jellyfish
  • Jellyroll
  • Jester
  • Jezebel
  • Jibber
  • Jiffy
  • Jiggles
  • Jigsaw
  • Jingle
  • Jinx
  • Jitterbug
  • Jojo
  • Jolly
  • Jolly Jumper
  • Jolt
  • Joule
  • Jovial
  • Joyful
  • Jubilee
  • Juju
  • Jukebox
  • Jumble
  • Jupiter
Welsh Pembroke Corgi dog standing on the field
Image Credit: Furry Tales Photography, Shutterstock



There you have it! Over 150 names beginning with J to help you on the journey of naming your pooch. Whether you want a simple, standard name, something a bit more fun and unique, or a name inspired by one of your favorite celebrities, hopefully, one of the names above will be a perfect fit.

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