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130+ Chinese Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Cat (With Meanings)

Genevieve Dugal

By Genevieve Dugal

Chinese Cat Names

Soon you will welcome a mischievous little creature into your home. Everything is ready to welcome your adorable kitten, but the most important thing remains: choose the name that they will keep throughout their life! So, to choose the name of your feline, you can let your imagination run wild, involve the children, choose at random from the dictionary, or anything else you can come up with.

But if you came across our article, it is probably because you have already decided to give your kitten a Chinese name, whether it is for the love of the culture or simply for an interest in these pretty names. Either way, you will certainly find a name in our list that will do justice to the unique personality of your new furry little companion.

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How to Name Your Cat

Your cat’s name should be short and easy for the animal to remember – and for you! Try to pick a name that is only two syllables long. Note also that the cat is more sensitive to high-pitched sounds; therefore, your kitty will have an easier time recognizing their name if it ends with a vowel.

Plus, you need a name that will suit not only their physique but also their personality. So ideally, your new kitten’s name should be short, unique, easy to pronounce, and grab the attention of your new pet.

a black polydactyl cat licking its mouth
Image Credit: Casey Elise Christopher, Shutterstock


Chinese Names According to Your Cat’s Appearance

Whether your cat is chubby, slender, graceful, or wrinkled, you will find several original ideas below.

  • Bay: White, pure
  • Dà: Chubby
  • Diandian: Spot
  • Fang: Scented
  • Gengi: Golden
  • Jia: Cute
  • Jin: Gold
  • June: Nice
  • Lan: Elegant
  • Mei: Beautiful
  • Nà: Gracious
  • Wei: Tall, sturdy
  • Xue: Snow
  • Xun: Fast
American bobtail cat
Image Credit: Mary McDonald, Shutterstock

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Chinese Names Based on Your Cat’s Personality

Is your new kitten an energetic little monster? Or, on the contrary, is your feline the embodied sweetness? Here you will find a great Chinese name to honor the unique personality of your furry friend.

  • Ah Fook: Lucky
  • Ai: Friendly
  • Year: Calm, peaceful
  • Ben Ben: Beast
  • Chao: Surpass
  • Chéng: True, honest
  • Dá: Smart, gifted
  • Fen: To fight
  • Gang: Strong
  • Guiying: Brave, heroic
  • Hey: Harmony
  • Huá: Splendid
  • Huáng: Intelligent
  • Hui: Wise
  • Jiàn: Strong, healthy
  • Jù: Huge
  • Jun: King
  • Lí: Reasonable, capable
  • Min: Ingenious
  • Nao Nao: Naughty
  • Níng: Serain
  • Nuan: Hot
  • Ping: Peaceful
  • Qiang: Energetic
  • Rú: Scholar
  • Sai Hu: Fast
  • Shu: Charming
  • Xinyi: Happy
  • Yong: Brave
  • Yú: Delicious
  • Zhong: Loyal
calico cat lying on a scratched sofa arm rest
Image Credit: AllNikArt, Shutterstock


Chinese Famous Names and Characters

You already know Jackie Chan. But do you know Mushu, Pu Yi, or Tian? Name your precious little feline after a famous Chinese personality, emperor, or animated character.

  • BuddhaChang’e: Goddess of the moon
  • Da Yu: Legendary sovereign
  • Daoji: Popular hero
  • Dizang: God of Hell in Chinese mythology
  • Eason Chan: Hong Kong singer
  • Fan Bingbing: Actress
  • Fushi: God of happiness
  • Gong Gong: Sea dragon
  • Hou Yi: God of archers
  • Hua Mulan: Heroine of Mulan, a Disney movie
  • Jackie Chan: Actor
  • Lei Gong: God of Thunder
  • Meng Jiang: Popular eroine
  • Mushu: Mulan’s dragon, in the Disney movie
  • Nüwa: Creator goddess of humanity, in Chinese mythology
  • Pangu: The Creator, in Chinese mythology
  • Pu Yi: Last Emperor of China
  • Sun Wukong: King of the monkeys in The Peregrination to the West
  • Yu Di: Jade emperor
  • Tian: God of Heaven
  • Xihe: Sun goddess
  • Xuanzang: Hero in The Peregrination to the West
  • Yinglong: Dragon God of Rain
  • Zhao Wei: Actress
a maine coon cat lying next to a pot
Image Credit: renateko, Pixabay

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Other Chinese Names for Cats

Here is a medley of Chinese names representing the seasons, nature, beauty, and even… dumplings!

  • Bao: Precious, jewelry
  • Boba: Sweet tea from Taiwan
  • Chen: Morning
  • Chun: Spring
  • Di Di: Little brother
  • Fu: Lotus
  • Hai: Sea
  • Hey: River, lotus
  • Hong: Rainbow
  • Hua: Bloom
  • Huáng: Phoenix
  • Jia: Family
  • Jiaozi: Ravioli, dumpling
  • Li Ming: Beautiful light
  • Lin: Jewels
  • Líng: Soul, bell
  • Mei Mei: Little sister
  • Qiu: Autumn
  • Róng: Glory
  • Tofu
  • Xià: Summer
  • Xiáng: Good luck
Image Credit: 8H, Shutterstock

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  • Bao: Treasure
  • Dilong: Earth dragon
  • Huo: Fire
  • Manchu: Pure-looking cat
  • Mo Chou: Free of sadness
  • Na: Graceful
  • On: Piece
  • Qing Niao: Mythical bird
  • Shu: Well-behaved cat
  • Shun: Obedient
  • Wang Shu: Name of a god
  • Wonton: Type of food dish
  • Yaling: Graceful
  • Ying: Brave, heroic
  • Ying Yue: Reflection of the moon
  • Yinglong: Responsive dragon
  • Yun: Cloud
  • Zhi: Wisdom
applehead siamese cat
Image Credit: woff, Shutterstock

Female Chinese Cat Names

  • Ai: Love
  • Bai: Pure
  • Bik: Jade
  • Heng: Persistent
  • Hua: Splendid
  • Huan: Happiness
  • Jia Li: Good, beautiful
  • Jiahao: Home, family
  • Jing: Quiet, gentle
  • Li Hua: Pear blossom
  • Li Mei: Pretty rose
  • Li Ming: Pretty, bright
  • Lian: Lotus
  • Ling: Dawn
  • Rika: True fragrance
  • Shika: Deer
  • Shizuko: Quiet child
  • Sora: Sky
  • Yijun: Joy, harmony
Cat with heterochromia held up high
Image By: didsss, Pixabay


What’s Your Pick?

If you are a fan of everything related to Chinese culture, it goes without saying that your cat must have a Chinese name! Either way, we hope our list has given you some original ideas for naming your furball, other than Jackie Chan or Mulan!

Featured Image Credit:  Elisa Putti, Shutterstock

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