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48 Pudelmischlinge: Welcher Mischling ist der richtige für dich? (Mit Bildern)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

standard poodle at the beach

Poodles are among the 10 most popular dog breeds in the United States, currently ranking seventh. Due to their popularity, personality and appearance, they are one of the most common dogs used for crossbreeding or designer dogs. All different types of poodles are bred, including standard, toy and dwarf. Most Poodle mixes are referred to as “Doodles.”

We’ve put together a list of the most common mixed breeds you can get by crossing a Poodle.

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The 48 Best Poodle Mixes

1. Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle mix)

Cockapoo in the forest
Photo credit: mountain treks, Shutterstock

Although still considered a medium-sized dog, the Cocker Spaniel is smaller than other dogs in this size class. The Cocker Spaniel was crossed with the Poodle to create the Cockapoo and was one of the first Doodle crosses in the 1950s.

Weighing up to 25 pounds, these dogs are lap dogs that are great for a family with small children. They are friendly dogs that get along with everything and everyone from an early age. They love to play and have fun.

These dogs are easily distracted and may need additional training to obey properly. They are also very vocal and bark more than other larger dogs because they feel the need to get attention. Their fur is soft and thick. They can have a smooth, wavy or curly coat with brown, black, tan, gold, white or mottled coloring.

2. Pomapoo (Dwarf Pomeranian x Poodle mix)

Pomapoo smiles at the camera
Photo credit: dawnie206, Pixabay

The Pomapoo is a combination of a Pomeranian and a Poodle, two breeds that are very popular among toy dog ​​lovers. Both are friendly and positive dogs, so this cross likely has the same characteristics.

The Pomapoo is typically a dog that exudes a natural calmness and is often very sociable. They are intelligent dogs that are easy to train and are often recommended for first-time dog owners.

Due to the influence of the Pomeranian in this dog’s gene pool, they tend to bond strongly with a particular family member. But they still get along with everyone and are good family dogs.

3. Bernedoodle (Poodle x Bernese Mountain Dog mix)

Bernedoodle lies in the grass
Photo credit: Kat Franklin, Shutterstock

The Bernedoodle is an absolutely lovable dog that is suitable for large dog lovers. They often combine the good looks of their Poodle parent and the Bernese Mountain Dog. They typically have wavy hair that is about medium length. They often take on the coloring of the Bernese Mountain Dog and have the blue eyes and brown eyebrows to go with it.

This crossbreed can be a gentle but playful giant depending on the type of Poodle it was crossed with. They have inherited intelligence and loyalty from both parents and do not feel intimidated in almost all social situations. Bernedoodles also make excellent pets for children because they are drawn to them.

4. Akipoo (Akita Inu x Poodle mix)


The Akita Inu and the Poodle combine to form the Akipoo. Unfortunately, the Akipoo is not one of the more common Poodle crosses. However, they are incredibly adorable and can be found if you want a perfect companion.

Akita Inus are known for their courage and great loyalty. These characteristics can also be transferred to the Poodle and combine with the Poodle’s quirky, outgoing personality. They are smart and have an agile physique. They are more like the Akita Inu and have a pointed, alert face. However, their ears may be erect or floppy.

Akipoos are typically fluffy and can have smooth or wavy fur. Their coat is usually black with tan and white markings, but this can also be the other way around depending on which parent is dominant.

5. Cairnoodle (Poodle x Cairn Terrier)

Cairnoodle on a leash
Photo credit: Robyn Bartlett, Shutterstock

The Cairnoodle is a mix of the Cairn Terrier and the Toy Poodle, two of the most popular lap dogs from the UK and USA. They are a great mix and almost guarantee that your mixed breed dog will have a hypoallergenic coat.

These small dogs are a mix of hunter and water retriever, as the Cairn Terrier was bred to be a hunter’s companion on the rocks and the Poodle is a water dog. They both have a high work ethic and are intelligent, meaning they need lots of mental stimulation so they don’t get bored.

6. Bolonoodle (Poodle x Bolognese)

Panting Bolonoodle with red collar
Photo credit: OrnaW, Pixabay

Bolonoodles look similar to a combed and trimmed Poodle, although perhaps with even curlier hair. They are an adorable mix of the Bolognese and the miniature or toy poodle.

The Bolognese has a much calmer character than the Poodle. This combination results in a small dog that is alert but reserved. They love to rage, but they are also very even-tempered and behave well when they feel a situation calls for it.

These small dogs tend to be hypoallergenic, even with their lots of curly hair. The Bolonoodle crossbreed has little diversity.

7. Cavapoo (Poodle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Cavapoo looks at the camera with his head tilted
Photo credit: Steven B Gold, Shutterstock

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle combine to create the perfect teddy bear puppy. The Cavapoo loves to play and is very willing to learn, as long as it allows him to spend a lot of time with his family. They are prone to separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long.

The Doodle has the longer legs of the Poodle, but the ears are longer than a Poodle’s and the coat is longer and softer. They are small and weigh a maximum of up to 11.5 kg. They can be intelligent and sometimes stubborn dogs.

Der Cavapoo ist oft braun, lohfarben oder goldfarben mit weißen Abzeichen. Sie haben ein langes, dickes und gewelltes Fell. Wenn der Cavalier-Elternteil zwei- oder dreifarbig war, kann der Cavapoo das auch sein, obwohl solche Hunde normalerweise teurer sind.

8. Whoodle (Pudel x Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier)

Der Whoodle ist ein lustiger Hund, der seinem Namen gerecht wird. Er ist eine Mischung aus dem Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier und dem Pudel. Bei der Kreuzung mit dem Whoodle können die Züchter verschiedene Pudelgrößen verwenden, so dass es diese Hunde in unterschiedlichen Größen gibt.

Die Kombination dieser beiden fröhlichen Hunde ergibt eine energiegeladene und verspielte Rasse, die es liebt, aktive Zeit mit ihrer Familie zu verbringen. Durch den Einfluss der Gene des Wheaten Terriers eignen sie sich auch hervorragend als Wachhunde.

Whoodles sind normalerweise nicht laut, es sei denn, sie spüren eine Gefahr, vor der sie ihre Menschen warnen wollen. Sie haben einen Beutetrieb und müssen genau beobachtet werden, wenn sie mit anderen Tieren zusammengebracht werden.

9. Bassetoodle (Pudel x Basset Hound)

Bassetoodle panting
Bildnachweis: Erik Lam, Shutterstock

Der Bassetoodle ist eine niedliche Mischung aus dem trübseligen Basset Hound und dem Pudel. Ihre Größe hängt von der Pudelart ab, mit der sie gezüchtet wurden, und sie können auch verschiedene Arten von Fell vererben.

Diese beiden Elterntiere gehören zu den beliebtesten Hunden aus Frankreich. Der Basset Hound hat ein kurzes, drahtiges Fell, das nicht als hypoallergen gilt. Er hat lange Ohren und ein langes Gesicht. Der Pudel hat ein lockiges Fell und ein spitzeres Gesicht, aber auch seine Ohren hängen herunter.

Wahrscheinlicher ist, dass dein Hund hängende Ohren und ein mittellanges Gesicht hat. Er könnte den länglichen Rumpf des Basset Hound und die langen Beine des Pudels geerbt haben. Auch das Fell variiert je nachdem, welches Elternteil er bevorzugt.

10. Chinese Crestepoo (Pudel x Chinesischer Schopfhund)

Der Chinese Crestepoo ist ein seltsam aussehender Hund, den manche Menschen unglaublich liebenswert finden. Er ist eine Mischung aus dem einzigartigen Chinesischen Schopfhund und dem Pudel. Sie gehören nicht zu den häufigeren Designerhunden, weil der Chinesische Schopfhund als reinrassige Rasse nicht so beliebt ist wie viele andere Hunde auf dieser Liste.

Die Elterntiere haben ein sehr unterschiedliches Aussehen, so dass diese Hunde oft eine einzigartige Mischung aus den beiden sind. Sie können längeres, gewelltes Haar oder stellenweise kurzes, lockiges Haar haben. Sie können braun, schwarz oder weiß sein.

Diese Hunde sind eher verschmust, aber auch aktiv. Häufig sind sie auch sehr lautstark.

11. Bossi-Poo (Pudel x Boston Terrier)

Bossi-Poo puppy running outside
Bildnachweis: Songdech Kothmongkol, Shutterstock

The Boston Terrier and the Poodle are crossed together to create a Doodle known as the Bossi-Poo. The Bossi-Poo looks very different than the typical Doodle because its coat and color are more similar to the Boston Terrier than the Poodle.

Boston Terriers are brachycephalic, meaning their muzzle is shorter and much closer to the face. This facial structure makes it harder for them to breathe and eat. These health problems are why they are often crossed with other dogs with a longer face in order to breed these problems out of the new cross.

The Bossi-Poo has achieved this goal. They are black and white dogs and can have soft, short fur or long, tufted fur. Their ears can be erect or floppy depending on which parent they prefer the most.

12. Poogle (Poodle x Beagle)

Poogle with red collar sits
Photo credit: Kannittha, Shutterstock

The Poogle is a cross between the loving and playful Beagle and the equally playful and intelligent Poodle. They are an affectionate breed with seemingly limitless energy. The Poogle makes an excellent family dog.

These dogs often get along well with other animals, especially other dogs. Be careful when introducing them to smaller animals, as they have inherited a prey drive from their Beagle parents.

Poogles can inherit different looks from their parents and are often a mix of both. They can have the muted colors of the Beagle and have a medium-length, wavy coat.

13. Corgipoo (Poodle x Corgi)

Corgipoo puppy looks into the camera
Photo credit: JLSnader, Shutterstock

The Corgipoo is a lovable mixed breed dog that combines the Welsh Corgi and the Poodle. They vary greatly in size, body shape and coat texture, so this cross can have many different looks.

The Corgipoo will always inherit the short, stubby legs from its Corgi parent as this is a dominant trait. Most people find this trait endearing. They tend to inherit the curly coat from the Poodle, but can also have a more wispy mix.

Corgipoos can be stubborn because they inherited this trait from both parents along with their high intelligence. This makes them a poor choice for uninformed first-time dog owners.

14. Boxerdoodle (Poodle x Boxer)


The Boxerdoodle is an interesting mix of a Boxer and a Poodle. They often look very similar to a golden retriever or a yellow labrador. They combine many of the best qualities of a Boxer with those of a Poodle, although these dogs often have opposite personalities.

The Boxerdoodle is very courageous and athletic. Beware of aggressive tendencies or territorial behavior. The Poodle brings his good manners into the mix. So it’s a gamble as to what temperament you can expect from your Boxerdoodle.

15. Maltipoo (Poodle x Maltese)

Maltipoo frolicking outdoors
Photo credit: maltipoo, Shutterstock

The Maltipoo is one of the most popular Doodle mixes currently available. They are a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. Maltipoos are the smallest Doodles and therefore adapt to many different lifestyles and living conditions. In addition, they are also absolutely adorable.

The Maltipoo is the perfect size to travel well and also fits into apartments where an entire family lives. They are not aggressive dogs, but they do tend to be loud, especially if they are not trained properly. They are needy, always needing attention, and suffer from anxiety if they are away from their family for too long.

A Maltipoo has wavy or curly hair, similar to a Poodle. Their fur can be of different colors, e.g. B. cream, white, gray, tan or gold. They need lots of stimulation to be happy and may require grooming.

16. Poo-Ton (Poodle x Coton de Tuléar)


The Poo Ton is a cute combination of the Coton de Tuléar and the Poodle. Both dogs are generally considered to be good-looking breeds that most people find attractive. They are also called Cotonpoo.

Even though they have an adorable appearance, don’t let that fool you. They combine this with a high level of intelligence and lots of energy. They don’t have to try hard to win your heart and they want to be the best companion possible.

Both dogs have been show animals in the past. So when you adopt a Poo Ton, you’re adopting a dog that will always be in the spotlight. They are also hypoallergenic dogs.

17. Peekapoo (Poodle x Pekingese)

Peekapoo is lying in the sun
Photo credit: jbentler, Shutterstock

The Peekapoo is not only a charming dog, but also has an adorable name. He is a mix between a Pekingese and a Toy Poodle, making him a small dog.

Both the Poodle and the Pekingese know what it’s like to be pampered and demand it from their owners with their disarming personalities. They are loyal dogs and will do anything to protect their loved ones, even if sometimes it’s too much. They are jealous dogs, so take your time when introducing them to new pets.

18. Pyredoodle (Poodle x Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog


Pyredoodles were created by crossing the Great Pyrenees and the Poodle. These dogs are big and fluffy and almost always seem to be smiling. The Great Pyrenees is considered a giant dog breed, and when crossed with a Standard Poodle, the cross remains large, reaching a maximum weight of over 100 pounds (45.5 kg). The good thing is that her heart is just as big as she is.

The Pyredoodles can also be called Pyreneespoo, Pyrenäendoodle or Pyrepoo. They are surprisingly a more common hybrid. So if you’re looking for a Pyredoodle, you should stop by your local animal shelter because there’s a good chance they have them there.

They are adaptable to different life situations, but they need a lot of exercise to be happy. They love children and can be overprotective when they feel threatened. They often inherit the color of the Pyrenees, a strong white, and have long, wavy fur.

19. Froodle (Poodle x French Bulldog)


The Froodle, whose name may remind many people of a character from “Lord of the Rings,” is a surprisingly popular crossbreed. They were even recently recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Their popularity as a crossbreed is largely due to the explosion in popularity of their parent, the French Bulldog. They tend to mimic the French Bulldog’s appearance more than their Poodle counterpart.

These dogs make a great addition to a family because they are friendly and sociable. They are adaptable and intelligent, but still need a lot of love to be happy.

20. Shihpoo (Poodle x Shih Tzu)

Shihpoo lies in the grass
Photo credit: Bonita R. Cheshier, Shutterstock

The Shihpoo is a combination of the beloved Shih Tzu and the Toy Poodle. They are popular Doodle crossbreeds because the Shih Tzu is such a popular family pet.

The Shihpoo is a well-mannered dog with a certain elegance and charm surrounding their little personalities. They are cuddly and get along well with almost all animals – dogs, rodents and cats. Although Shihpoos are a good choice for a family, they are also small and can get injured if younger children don’t play with them carefully.

21. Sheepadoodle (Poodle x Old English Shepherd)

Sheepadoodle in the garden
Photo credit: Logan Swenson, Shutterstock

As a contrast to the more common mixes, there is the Sheepadoodle. Although the name sounds a bit like a rooster crowing, it is a cross between an Old English Shepherd and a Poodle.

The Sheepadoodle is a larger dog breed, although any Doodle can be crossed with a smaller Poodle to create a smaller version. They are friendly and love children. If they are well socialized, they get along well with other dogs. Depending on which parent their personality prefers, they may have a herding instinct. These dogs do not adapt well to apartment life.

The Sheepadoodle often looks similar to a German Shepherd, rather than having a curly coat like other Doodles. They have smooth to wavy fur and are almost always black and white, with speckled variations between the two colors.

22. Doodleman (Poodle x Doberman)

Doodleman face closeup
Image credits: Wirestock Images, Shutterstock

A Doodleman is a unique mix of a Doberman and a Poodle. They are sometimes considered an unlikely hybrid and can be difficult to find. Often this cross is done with a Standard Poodle, and the result is a mix of the Poodle and Doberman shapes.

Usually the coat of these dogs is a mixture of both. They have a medium-length, slightly wavy coat instead of the Doberman’s extremely short coat or the Poodle’s curly coat.

This cross often becomes a large pedigree dog and has inherited the Doberman’s black coat. They are loyal dogs that are always on guard, making them fantastic watchdogs for a family.

23. Chipoo (Poodle x Chihuahua mix


A Chipoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Chihuahua. In addition to the many Poodle mixes that we have developed over the last few decades, there are also a large number of crosses with the Chihuahua. They are among the most popular dogs in North America and are used in a large number of designer dog mixes.

As a rule, the Toy Poodle is crossed with a Chihuahua. They can be very vocal dogs and are often full of energy. They are playful and like to do their own thing. This attitude combined with their intelligence often makes them quite stubborn.

24. Papipoo (Papillon x Poodle mixed breed


The Papipoo is a dog with a sweet face and long, flowing ears. They are often completely white and gray, but there can also be some brown.

The Papipoo is a cross between a Papillon and a Toy Poodle. They are highly intelligent and emotional dogs. Their low activity requirements and easy-care coat, which only requires weekly brushing, make them easy-care dogs.

Papipoos are good dogs for seniors or smaller families with older children. They are quite delicate and should be handled carefully when playing.

25. Goldendoodle (Poodle x Golden Retriever)

Goldendoodle sits next to the empty bowl
Photo credit: litthouse, Pixabay

The mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle is called a Goldendoodle. Both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle are very popular, so of course their combination is too. This doodle has a wonderful character: calm but fun-loving. Their eyes indicate their intelligence and they weigh between 4.5 and 36.5 kg, depending on the type of poodle.

These dogs do not shed, so they require extensive grooming to keep their coat healthy and clean. Normally mixed races are not recognized as a separate race. However, the Goldendoodle has become so widespread and popular that it is gradually being recognized as a separate breed. They make great family pets, although they may require additional training.

Goldendoodles have inherited the Poodle’s wavy or curly hair, but are often slightly more similar to their Golden Retriever parent. When investing in these dogs, ask the breeder about the Poodle variety so you know how big they will grow.

26. Affenpoo (Poodle x Affenpinscher)


The Affenpoo is an interesting mix of an Affenpinscher and a Toy Poodle. They often look more like a dark colored Maltese mix. However, their personality is a successful combination of the two parents.

Affenpoos love to have fun and are always happy. They are wonderful companions for children because they love to play and don’t get tired easily. However, they are a small breed, so you should handle them with some caution.

Affenpoos have a coat that sheds very little, and both parents have relatively curly fur. They are more likely to inherit curly or wavy coats and are relatively hypoallergenic.

27. Poochon (Poodle x Bichon Frize)


A Poochon is a particularly fluffy dog ​​with bright white fur inherited from both parents. They are a mix between a Bichon Frisé and a Poodle. Depending on what type of Poodle the breed uses, the size of these dogs can vary greatly.

The Poochon is a smart dog because it has inherited a lot of intelligence from both parents. Some also call them Velcro dogs because they stick to their favorite owners like burrs. They can be very loud, especially when they are bored or lonely.

Even though Poochons are small, they need a lot of exercise. If you give them enough exercise, they will become calmer. They are often suspicious of strangers, which also makes them a good watchdog.

28. Pugapoo (Poodle x Pug)

Pugapoo sits on a carpet in the house
Photo credit: Brook Robinson, Shutterstock

The Pugapoo is one of the Poodle mixes that may not appeal to most people looking for a Doodle. Pugs and Poodles are different dogs, both in appearance and behavior. Nevertheless, their combination usually results in a surprisingly good mix.

The Pug parent brings an exuberant liveliness, while the Poodle parent is graceful and proud. In this combination, the Pugapoo is more reserved, but can still understand a dog joke.

The Pugapoo does well in a variety of family situations. Since he is usually crossed with a Poodle, he can live well in an apartment.

29. Labradoodle (Poodle x Labrador Retriever)

Labradoodle on a leash
Photo credit: Steve Gill Photography

A Labradoodle is a mix between a Labrador and a Poodle. They look like a golden retriever and a poodle, but have a slightly different personality. They can be very energetic dogs, but also playful and social. They like to be around people as much as possible.

The Labradoodle was originally bred in Australia to serve as a guide dog for people with disabilities. They are a beautiful mix and quite smart, although they have been instilled with more obedience than other Doodles. They are an adaptable breed and can vary in size.

The Doodle has a wide variety of color patterns, although the texture of the coat is similar to that of the Poodle: wavy or curly. Typical colors include chocolate brown, white, black, tan, cream or multicolored.

30. Eskipoo (Poodle x American Eskimo)

Eskipoo standing in the sun
Photo credit: Zeljka, Shutterstock

The American Eskimo Dog and the Poodle combine to create an absolutely adorable mixed breed called the Eskipoo. They often look like a Pomapoo, but can also be black and white instead of beige.

The Eskipoo is fluffy and sheds more than some other mixed breeds. Their size depends on the type of Poodle used for breeding. Be prepared for a dog with boundless energy and exaggerated joy for life, which can sometimes be expressed loudly.

31. Doxiepoo (Poodle x Dachshund)

The cute Doxiepoo is a mix between a dachshund and a poodle. They are usually crossed with a miniature or toy poodle because dachshunds are quite small. They often inherit the Dachshund’s short legs and elongated body as this is a dominant trait.

These dogs can inherit their stubbornness from both parents. They are also known for being incredibly loving, bringing laughter and love into a household with their cheeky personalities. They are guaranteed to be a lot of fun for their families.

32. Huskypoo (Poodle x Husky)


A Siberian Husky mixed with a Poodle is called a Huskypoo and is one of the more energetic dogs on the list. The Siberian Husky requires a lot of care because its activity requirements are so high. The Poodle component can compensate for this somewhat, but with this cross you will still spend a lot of time outdoors.

Huskypoos can also be called Huskydoodles or Siberpoos. They do not often resemble their Husky parents, but rather have the build and coat of the Poodle. Sometimes they have the pointy ears of their wolfish side, but otherwise they look more like an energetic poodle than a mongrel.

33. Yorkiepoo (Poodle x Yorkshire Terrier)

Two Yorkiepoos cuddling in someone's arms
Photo credit: Thecheapshot, Pixabay

The Yorkiepoo is a combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. He is one of the more common dogs among toy mixes. The Yorkiepoo can be quite stressful, a bit rowdy and loud, but also loving and protective. They need consistent training to behave appropriately.

Yorkies are known for being some of the yappiest dogs in existence, contributing to small dog breeds’ reputation for being shrill and loud. They need to be trained as early as possible to curb this tendency. Yorkiepoos have a lot of energy and love to play. It’s best to take one of these dogs if you already have other dogs or want to get several.

Their coat varies depending on which parent they prefer. In any case, they require care and need special attention around their eyes and mouth. They are often black and tan, but can also be cream, white or brown.

34. Jack-A-Poo (Poodle x Jack Russell Terrier)

White Jack-A-Poo on the meadow
Photo credit: Nicole C Fox, Shutterstock

The Jack-A-Poo is no ordinary Doodle dog and is one of the newer design dog mixes with a Poodle. They sometimes look a little strange because they combine the curly, soft coat of a Poodle with the wiry build of a Jack Russell Terrier.

This mix does not yet have a standard for its temperament or appearance. They are usually loving and highly intelligent. They don’t shed much and don’t need too much care.

35. Irish Doodle (Poodle x Irish Setter)

Irish Doodle face close-up
Photo credit: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

The Irish Doodle is a wonderful designer dog that was mixed from an Irish Setter and a Poodle. Their size depends on the Poodle parent. As a rule, they have inherited the reddish coat of the Irish Setter and have the curls of the Poodle, although these are not yet completely standardized.

The Irish Doodle has a playful behavior and is versatile, e.g. B. as a hunting dog and retriever. They are wonderful family dogs and companion dogs for active singles and seniors.

An Irish Doodle needs a lot of exercise and often lives better in the country. Otherwise, do them often enough to keep them mentally and physically occupied.

36. Westiepoo (Poodle x West Highland White Terrier)


Der Westiepoo ist ein Mischlingshund, der mit einem West Highland White Terrier und einem Zwergpudel gekreuzt wurde. Sie sind oft elegante Hunde, die eng mit ihrer Familie verbunden sind und es lieben, zu kuscheln.

Der Westie sorgt für Temperament und Sturheit, während der Pudel für Anmut und Ruhe steht. Der Westiepoo ist in der Regel eine gut erzogene und verspielte Kombination aus beiden.

37. Aussiedoodle (Pudel x Australian Shepherd)

Aussiedoodle on the beach
Bildnachweis: Steve Bruckmann, Shutterstock

Ein Aussiedoodle ist eine Mischung aus einem Australian Shepherd und einem Pudel. Sie werden in der Regel mit einem Standardpudel gezüchtet und sind mittelgroße Hunde, obwohl sie auch Toy-Hunde sein können. Diese intelligenten Hunde sind inzwischen so weit verbreitet, dass sie auch als Diensthunde ausgebildet und eingesetzt werden.

Aussiedoodles gelten als hypoallergen, weil sie so wenig haaren. Es gibt nicht viele Hunde mittlerer bis großer Rassen, die hypoallergen sind. Für Menschen mit Allergien ist dieser Hund also eine Ausnahme.

Der Aussiedoodle ist ein fröhlicher, freundlicher Hund, der es liebt, geknuddelt zu werden, unabhängig von seiner Größe. Ihre Farbe reicht von grau über cremefarben, weiß und schwarz bis hin zu braun. Sie haben oft lockiges oder gewelltes Fell, das dick ist und gepflegt werden muss.

38. Havapoo (Pudel x Havaneser)

Ein Havaneser und ein Toy-Pudel vereinen sich zu einem liebenswerten Havapoo. Schon der Name klingt wie eine Ermutigung, einen dieser kleinen Hunde zu adoptieren. Sie sind fröhliche Hunde, die leicht als emotionale Unterstützung eingesetzt werden können. Von ihren Eltern haben sie ein sanftes Herz und ein anmutiges Verhalten geerbt.

Der Havapoo hat eine große Vielfalt an Möglichkeiten, was sein Aussehen angeht. Sie sind oft wellen- oder lockenhaarige Hunde mit verschiedenen Farben wie braun, weiß und beige. Sie können auch schwarz und weiß sein, obwohl diese Farbkombination nicht so häufig vorkommt.

39. Bordoodle (Pudel x Border Collie)

Logs lie in the bushes
Bildnachweis: Milandra, Shutterstock

Der Bordoodle ist eine energiegeladene und sehr schöne Kreuzung zwischen einem Border Collie und einem Pudel. Ihr Aussehen hängt stark davon ab, welchen Elternteil sie am meisten bevorzugen. Sie können wie ein Border Collie aussehen, mit einem weicheren Gesicht und dichterem Fell, oder wie ein typischer Doodle-Hund, der hauptsächlich schwarz und weiß ist.

Diese Hunde brauchen viel Bewegung und geistige Anregung. Sie gehören zu den intelligentesten Hunden der Welt und brauchen daher Aufgaben oder Rätsel, um sich herausgefordert und interessiert zu fühlen.

Der Bordoodle ist dafür bekannt, dass er seine Familie übermäßig beschützt und sie mit grenzenloser Hingabe liebt.

40. Weimardoodle (Pudel x Weimaraner)

Der Weimardoodle ist eine Kreuzung zwischen einem Weimaraner und einem Pudel. Wie groß sie sein werden, hängt davon ab, welche Pudelart der Züchter bei der Kreuzung verwendet. Ihre Gesamtform und ihr Felltyp hängen davon ab, welches Elternteil sie bevorzugen, da sie nicht viele körperliche Ähnlichkeiten haben.

Weimardoodles sind oft braun, grau oder weiß. Sie können ein hypoallergenes Fell haben und sind in der Regel recht große Hunde. Sie haben von beiden Elternteilen ein ruhigeres Verhalten geerbt und sind daher in der Regel gut erzogen und leicht zu erziehen.

41. Saint Berdoodle (Pudel x Bernhardiner)

Der Saint Berdoodle ist ein außergewöhnlicher Doodle. Eine Kreuzung zwischen einem Bernhardiner und einem Pudel ist ein riesiger, flauschiger Teddybär. Sie haben einen liebevollen Charakter und sabbern nicht so viel wie ihre Bernhardiner-Verwandten.

Auch wenn diese Rasse mit einer kleineren Pudelart gekreuzt wird, wiegt der Hund in der Regel immer noch über 45,5 kg. Sie sind ein anhänglicher Mix, und es wäre schwer, eine treuere und loyalere Mischung zu finden. Sie sind in der Regel leicht zu erziehen, denn sie wollen ihren Besitzern gefallen.

Der Saint Berdoodle hat ein dichtes Fell, das in der Regel gelockt ist. Sie brauchen viel Pflege und sollten in den heißen Jahreszeiten beobachtet werden. Das Fellmuster ähnelt eher dem des Bernhardiners, mit braunen, lohfarbenen, weißen und cremefarbenen Abzeichen.

42. Shepadoodle (Pudel x Deutscher Schäferhund)

Shepadoodle with head tilted
Bildnachweis: Holly Michele, Shutterstock

Der Shepadoodle ist eine Mischung aus einem Deutschen Schäferhund und einem Pudel. Sie sind sehr gut trainierbare Rassen, die eine Vielzahl von Aufgaben und Jobs übernehmen können. Der Shepadoodle ist außerdem einer der intelligentesten Doodles und eine beliebte Rasse.

Der Deutsche Schäferhund bringt ein hohes Maß an Loyalität, Intelligenz und Mut mit sich. Der Pudel bringt den Jagdinstinkt aus seiner Retrieverzeit mit. All das zusammen macht den Shepadoodle zu einem äußerst wertvollen und ausgeglichenen Hund für Familien und für den Arbeitseinsatz.

43. Schnoodle (Pudel x Schnauzer)

Schnoodle panting
Bildnachweis: yhelfman, Shutterstock

Schnauzer sind keine gewöhnlichen Hunde, aber sie haben ihren Weg in so viele verschiedene Kreuzungen gefunden. Der Schnauzer und der Pudel ergeben den Schnoodle. Das Problem bei der Zucht dieses Hundes ist, dass sie selten eine 50/50-Mischung sind. Sie müssen ein paar Mal gezüchtet werden, um die gewünschte Größe und Fellstruktur zu erreichen.

Auch wenn sie schwieriger zu bekommen sind, sind sie süß genug, um die Suche wert zu sein. Die Hunde ähneln in ihren Gesichtszügen und ihrem Körperbau dem Schnauzer. Sie sind agil und energiegeladen, aber dennoch liebevoll und freundlich.

Der perfekte Schnoodle-Mix hat ein flauschiges Fell mit einer Mischung aus dem büscheligen, geraden Fell des Schnauzers und dem lockigen Haar des Pudels. Sie sind oft grau und weiß, können aber auch schwarz sein und lohfarbene Abzeichen haben.

44. Rottle (Pudel x Rottweiler)

Der Rottle ist wie eine abgeschwächte Version eines Rottweilers, mit den sanften braunen Augen des Pudels und einem Gesicht und Ohren, die weniger spitz sind. Der Rottle mischt die beiden Elterntiere, den Rottweiler und den Pudel, sehr gut und bringt einige der besten Eigenschaften von beiden hervor.

Diese Hunde vereinen das wilde und treue Herz des Rottweilers mit der Intelligenz und Anhänglichkeit des Pudels. Ihre Größe kann sehr unterschiedlich sein, aber das macht sie nicht weniger fähig als Wachhunde und Schutzhunde.

45. Lhasapoo (Pudel x Lhasa Apso)

Lhasapoo sits outside
Bildnachweis: Pxhere350543, Pixabay

Der Lhasa Apso ist eine der ältesten bekannten Hunderassen und stammt ursprünglich aus den tibetischen Klöstern. Wenn er mit einem Pudel gemischt wird, nennt man ihn Lhasapoo. Sie gehören nicht zu den Standard-Doodle-Mischungen und verdienen eigentlich mehr Aufmerksamkeit.

Der Lhasapoo ist ein Hund, der so sehr darauf bedacht ist, es allen recht zu machen, egal, in welcher Situation. Sie sind fantastische Wohnungshunde, nutzen aber auch gerne einen eingezäunten Hof, wenn sie Zugang dazu haben. Sie sind hervorragende Begleithunde, obwohl sie manchmal etwas unabhängig sein können, vor allem, wenn ihre Persönlichkeit den Lhasa bevorzugt.

Lhasapoos haben ein Fell, das von gelockt bis glatt reicht, und eine große Vielfalt an möglichen Farbmustern. Sie können weiß, cremefarben, grau, schwarz, braun und lohfarben sein.

46. Sproodle (Pudel x Springer Spaniel)

Ein Sproodle klingt für manche Leute eher wie ein Getränk als wie ein Hund. Wenn du aber einen Springer Spaniel und einen Pudel mischst, ist ein Sproodle genau das, was du bekommst.

Ein Sproodle kann auch Springerpoo oder Springerdoodle Retriever genannt werden. Sie sind oft mittelgroße Hunde, aber das hängt von der Art des Pudels ab, der für die Zucht verwendet wurde. Sie sind intelligent und eignen sich hervorragend als Hund für Erstbesitzer, die an speziellen Hundekunststücken arbeiten wollen.

Der Sproodle kommt gut mit Kindern zurecht und ist anpassungsfähig an verschiedene Familienarten. Sie haben so viel Energie, dass sie in einer Wohnung nicht immer gut aufgehoben sind.

47. Newfypoo (Pudel x Neufundländer)

Newfypoo face
Bildnachweis: Kapa65, Pixaabay

Der Neufundländer ist ein liebenswerter, großer Hund, der manchmal an einen Wookiee (aus “Star Wars”) erinnert, weil er so groß und pelzig ist. Er ist eine Mischung aus einem Neufundländer und einem Pudel, in der Regel einem Standardpudel. Der Neufundländer mag zwar groß sein, aber er gilt auch als einer der besten Hunde für Kinder, weil er so sanft und rücksichtsvoll ist.

This Doodle is one of the largest and can weigh up to 68 kg. There is no option for a toy variant with this breed. They are loyal and get along well with everyone and even other dogs and cats. They may need a bit of training to play together safely because they often don’t understand their enormous size.

The Newfypoo is a shaggy dog, with a fluffy coat that is as big as itself. They require a lot of grooming or their fur can easily get tangled and become a matted mess. They can be white, black, brown and cream.

48. Airedoodle (Poodle x Airedale Terrier)

White Airedoodle standing on foliage
Photo credit: rena29, Pixabay

The Airedoodle is a cross between an Airedale Terrier and a Poodle. These dogs are a fantastic choice for anyone who prefers a larger Poodle mix but doesn’t want the behemoth of a Saint Berdoodle.

Both parents are dignified breeds and have a graceful demeanor. However, your crossbreed is very energetic and needs a few hours of exercise each day to keep it well-behaved. Their energy requirements make them more suitable for active owners.

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Even though this list is just the beginning of the hundreds of possible Doodle variations, it should reassure you that they are always a great mix. They are happy dogs and you are almost guaranteed to have the cutest dog on the block. When choosing your Doodle breed, pay attention to your needs and those of your family, because each breed and each puppy has its own personality.

Image credit for article image: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

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