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3 DIY Aquarium Decoration Ideas You Can Make at Home (with Pictures)

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By Lindsey Stanton

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Aquarium décor benefits both the pet owners and the aquatic life living in the tank. It creates an atmosphere and enhances whatever mood you want to create.

These animals are hard-wired to desire particular things in their environment, especially prey species. They rely on things like the cover from plants or landscape features to help them evade predators, so they can live long enough to reproduce and pass their genes onto the next generation.

Some decoration ideas work better than others for this purpose. Also, make sure that you’ll be able to keep the décor clean. The items should also be able to handle the aquarium’s conditions.

The 3 DIY Aquarium Decoration Ideas Are:

1. Functional and Practical.

Sometimes, less is more. The driftwood does double-duty as an element of décor and a filter for the water. While simple, it’s also functional. It can even serve as an anchor for living plants. Here’s your starting point, so run with it!

2. Create a Tiki Theme.

Going for something realistic is an excellent idea. However, sometimes it’s fun to get edgy with something different, like something reminiscent of the native seas of the fish in your aquarium. We like the surprise factor that the statue brings to the tank, and the cave adds just the right touch.

3. Imagine Your Own Background.

The frame is a smart idea for figuring out how to position the stones. We liked the bits of moss, which hide bare spots without drawing attention to them. The nooks and crannies are big enough for fry to find cover too.

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Final Thoughts: DIY Aquarium Decor

You don’t have to break the bank to come up with a unique take for your aquarium’s décor. You’ll find many design elements at your local home improvement or gardening center. It’s also an excellent way to use up leftovers from your landscaping projects. Your fish will be happy that you did.

Featured Image Credit: Krysja, Shutterstock

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