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13 Sturdy DIY Aquarium Stands You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Beth Crane

By Beth Crane

rimless aquarium

Every DIYer needs a project to work on, and if you are in need of an aquarium stand, why not make it yourself? Aquarium stands can be costly when purchased from pet stores, and if you have the materials, tools, and a good plan, you can make a sturdy aquarium stand for more than half the cost.

Many aquarium stands can be built using 2 X 4’s and plywood, and we’ve scoped out nine plans that range from beginner to advanced DIYers. Some plans are simpler than others, but if you see one you’d like to take on but are not sure of your capabilities, we hope you can find an easy one or one you can enlist some to make.

Without further ado, let’s check out these DIY aquarium plans.

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Top 13 DIY Aquarium Stands

1. Aquarium Cabinet Stand With Storage by Woodshop Diaries

Photo Credit: woodshopdiaries
Materials: ¾ inch plywood (½ sheet), ¼ inch plywood (¼ sheet), 2 X 10 X 8, (3) 2 X 4 X 8, (2) 2 X 2 X 8, (2) 1 X 3 X 8, cove molding, crown molding, base molding, 2 sets hinges, 2 sets knobs/pulls, 2 ½ inch pocket hole screws, 1 ¼ inch pocket hole screws, wood glue, wood putty, brad nails
Tools: Miter saw, Kreg Jig for pocket holes, drill, circular saw, nail gun
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This aquarium cabinet stand will make your living space look elegant with your aquarium. A plus is that it provides storage underneath, which makes a perfect storage space for aquarium cleaning supplies, fish food, and whatever else you need to store to stay organized.

The specifications for this stand will hold up to a 30-gallon tank. To keep it sturdy, you’ll need to use 2 X 4’s to build the frame. You will need a good amount of materials and tools, but the average DIYer should have most of the needed items. The inventor does an excellent job of explaining how to build this stand step-by-step. You can also stain the cabinet in the color of your choosing.

2. Reclaimed Pallet Fish Tank Stand for 55-Gallon Tank by Instructables

Reclaimed Pallet Fish Tank Stand
Photo Credit: instructables
Materials: 5–8-foot 2 X 4’s, 1 box multi-purpose screws, (1) half sheet 3/8 inch plywood cut to size of top, (4) black tee hinges, (2) cabinet pulls, (2) magnet door latches, trim nails
Tools: Circular saw, table saw, miter saw, air nailer, screw gun, clamps, squares, tape measures
Difficulty Level: Advanced

This aquarium stand is more suited for the advanced DIYer. The inventor does not lay out the step-by-step process of building the frame, but a knowledgeable DIYer should be able to make the frame with no problem. You may want to opt for sturdier wood besides pallet wood for this project, especially for a 55-gallon tank and beyond.

All the materials to build this stand should run roughly $50, depending on what you already have in your toolbox, which is still cheaper than buying a stand of this size. You’ll need plenty of screws and other supplies for this project. However, with the exception of the frame, the instructions are laid out with pictures to help you even further.

3. DIY Cinder Block Aquarium Stand by Pink Aspen

DIY Cinder Block Aquarium Stand
Photo Credit: pinkaspen
Materials: 9 basic cinder blocks (8 X 8 X 16 inch), (1) sheet of plywood (16 X 50 inch), (2) 2 X 8 boards (50 inches), sandpaper, latex paint
Tools: Paintbrush, measuring tape, or yardstick
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This cinder block aquarium stand plan is designed for a 55-gallon tank. You don’t need a vast amount of materials to build this stand, and you can rest assured it will be sturdy with cinder blocks. You can paint the stand any color you like, and the instructions are clearly laid out for you.

A nice feature of this stand is you’ll have two storage bins to keep fish food and supplies in a convenient location for easy access.

4. Better Than New Aquarium Stand by Instructables

Make a Better Than New Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: lywood, pine boards, waterproof wood glue, paint, wood conditioner, stain, polyurethane, a strip of cool-white LED lights, power supply, clips for holding power supply cord, micro switch for cabinet door, screws, European hinges (flush mount), cabinet door knob/pull, wood dowel
Tools: Wood planer, digital caliper, table saw, sander, biscuit jointer, MITRE saw, cordless drill, clamps, sandpaper, sanding blocks, measuring tape, metal rulers, paint brushes for painting and staining, wire crimping tool, jigs
Difficulty Level: Advanced

This aquarium stand plan is designed for a 75-gallon tank. The inventor was going for something similar to what you can buy in pet stores. He wasn’t happy with the one he bought, so he set out to make his own.

You’ll need a moderate amount of materials and tools for this project, but the instructions go deep into how to make it, and you’ll also have pictures as a reference. This project is more suitable for the advanced DIYer.

5. DIY Aquarium Wooden Pine Stand by Instructables

D.I.Y Aquarium Wooden Pine Stand
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: 18 mm medium-density fiberboard, 20 mm X 69 mm pine, 20 mm X 144 mm pine
Tools: Tape measure, biscuit jointer, wood glue, router, orbital sander, jigsaw, screws, hinges, cabinet pulls
Difficulty Level: Moderate to advanced

This wooden pine stand is a beautiful stand to build for those who want the actual aquarium inside the stand rather than placing a stand on top. You must follow multiple steps to make this stand, but the instructions are clear and concise.

This stand may be hard for a beginner DIYer, and you may want to enlist some help, but if anything, you may draw inspiration for a similar project. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful DIY built-in aquarium stand with plenty of storage for supplies.

6. Aquarium Stand for a Turtle by Instructables

Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: instructables
Materials: (8) 2 X 4’s, (2) thin sheets of medium density fiberboard, Styrofoam,
Tools: 88 Phillips screws (80 mm), hot glue, wood glue (optional), miter saw, cordless drill
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This DIY aquarium stand is an excellent choice for the beginner DIYer, and you only need a few tools and materials to make it. You can use a miter saw, jigsaw, circular saw, table saw, or whatever type of saw you have in your arsenal. This project will hold between a 50-gallon and a 55-gallon tank. You can add more support for larger tanks. This inventor is building this aquarium stand for a turtle, and it may not work for a fish tank.

7. Simple DIY Aquarium Stand by The Spruce Pets

How to Build a Simple DIY Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: thesprucepets
Materials: 2 X 4’s (amount depends on size aquarium you need) (50) 2 ½ X 6.36 cm exterior wood screws, wood priming paint, latex paint (recommended) or oil base paint
Tools: Pencil, tape measure, wood saw, drill bits, 2-inch paint brush, 3 or 4-inch paint roller
Difficulty Level: Beginner

This aquarium stand is another excellent choice for the DIY beginner. These instructions are laid out for a 20-gallon fish tank but can be altered to hold a larger tank. If you fall into this category, the inventor has your back, as the instructions tell you what you need to accommodate bigger tanks according to the size you need. You don’t need a ton of tools and materials to make it, and you can stain it in whatever color you like.

8. Extra Large Aquarium Stand by The king of DIY

Extra Large Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: The king of DIY, YouTube
Materials: 2×6 wood planks, 8×12 screws, ¾ inch plywood, hinges, wood stain, handles, sandpaper
Tools: Drill, tape measure, wood clamps, saw, pencil, ruler, paintbrush
Difficulty Level: Advanced

This giant aquarium stand is finished to a high standard and looks professionally made. It’s quite involved and needs some specialized tools to craft, but handy DIY’ers will often have the materials and tools needed to create it. This guide isn’t step-by-step, but the videos are easy to follow and clearly show how the tank stand is made. This stand is designed to hold a very large tank, but the plan can be downsized and adjusted to suit any tank size. Handy storage and a high-quality finish make this plan stand out from the rest!

9. Modern Aquarium Stand by Twisted Woodshop

Modern Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: Twisted Woodshop, YouTube
Materials: Birch plywood, hinges, primer paint, spray paint, sandpaper, wood glue
Tools: Tape measure, pencil, circular saw, ruler, pocket hole jig, drill, clamps, edge banding
Difficulty Level: Advanced

This modern aquarium stand is suitable for medium-sized tanks and is finished with paint and primer to keep it water-resistant and looking fresh. This is an advanced plan as it involves some specialized tools, but they‘re often found in the home of any avid DIY’er. This plan involves some figuring out and measuring, but the video is easy to follow and has plenty of explanations to keep it simple despite looking so professional. You can add handles onto the front of the cabinet doors to make them easy to open, and shelving could even be added inside for more storage capacity.

10. Easy Plywood Aquarium Stand by Reef Builders

DIY Easy Plywood Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: Reef Builders, YouTube
Materials: Plywood, staples, paint, wood glue, sandpaper
Tools: Tape measure, pencil, clamps, circular saw, staple gun
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This simple aquarium stand plan uses wood glue and staples rather than screws, which makes it less time-consuming and uses fewer tools. A circular saw is needed to cut all the pieces to size, but it is the only large tool required. This plan is easy once the pieces are cut to size and is explained well by the presenter. There isn’t a front on this tank stand, giving it a modern and minimalist look, but some shelving could be added underneath for convenient storage without ruining the aesthetic. Wood glue needs time to dry, so keep this in mind if you try this stand design.

11. Cinderblock Aquarium Stand by Ha Y N Fish Keeper

DIY Cinderblock Aquarium Stand
Image Credit: Ha Y N Fish Keeper, YouTube
Materials: Two 48×32 inch wainscoting sheets, Velcro, 2×6 lumber (three 48 inch pieces), 6×8 inch cinder blocks, paint
Tools: Spirit level
Difficulty Level: Easy

This tank stand is created to support a 75-gallon fish tank, but it could be scaled up or down if needed. Just make sure to add extra support for a larger tank! No screws are needed for this plan, making it very simple for even the most novice DIYer. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, using wainscoting to cover the front and sides of the stand, which can be painted any color you wish!

The lumber is not attached to the top of the cinderblocks in this plan, so you might want to use something to secure them properly. Overall, this plan creates a very cheap aquarium stand with great support.

12. Double Aquarium Tank Stand DIY by Travis Stevens

Double Aquarium Tank Stand DIY
Image Credit: Travis Stevens, YouTube
Materials: 2×4 planks, wood screws
Tools: Circular saw, drill, pencil, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This aquarium tank stand holds up to two 55-gallon tanks and is designed to showcase them one on top of the other! Amazingly, this tank stand can be crafted for less than $50, making it a cheap way to display multiple tanks. It is an easy plan to follow, but we classified it as moderate in difficulty because it uses a circular saw to cut the 2×4 planks.

The creator shows a hand-drawn blueprint and provides measurements to make it easier to follow, but measuring your tanks is important to adjust the plan to your needs. While the plan’s dimensions can be changed to fit bigger tanks, remember to add support, as more weight means more support is needed.

13. Slimline DIY Tank Stand by Duke City Aquariums

Slimline DIY Tank Stand
Image Credit: Duke City Aquariums, YouTube
Materials: 2×4 planks, wood screws, plywood panel, white paint
Tools: Measuring tape, circular saw, pencil, drill, paint roller
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This next plan doesn’t offer a step-by-step explanation of the steps, but the video is very easy to follow. You’ll need to measure your tank to get the exact measurements, but the presenter comments that the plan is designed to accommodate an 18-gallon tank. The design is slim and takes up very little space.

Painted plywood covers the internal structure of the tank stand, which can be painted any color to fit in with the room the tank is in. Only two sides are covered for access to the underside of the tank; you could add two more to encase it completely or even add shelving to the interior for handy storage.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, some DIY aquarium stands are more complex than others. Some require a vast amount of tools and materials, and some require just a few. It’s important to level your stand, especially if you’re building the stand for a fish tank. You also want to ensure the stand can hold whatever gallon tank you have. Another tip is to pick the place you want the stand before you build to ensure you’ll have the room to set it up.

We hope you find a plan above that works for your skill set and happy building!

Featured Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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