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9 DIY Dog Diaper Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Visnja Radosavljevic

By Visnja Radosavljevic

French Bulldog dog wearing fabric period diaper pants for protection

There are multiple reasons that a dog may need a diaper, from incontinence and housetraining to heat cycles and excitement. Diapers aren’t ideal in most situations, but they are sometimes necessary to keep your home clean and sanitary and your dog hygienic. Commercial dog diapers can be difficult to come by, and they aren’t properly fitted to the dog in many situations, leading to difficult messes.

The good news is that there are multiple dog diapers you can put together at home, allowing you to find a solution perfectly suited to your dog’s needs.

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The Top 9 DIY Dog Diaper Plans

1. DIY Puppy Pad Diaper from Kristin A

Supplies: Puppy pad, tape
Difficulty: Easy

This DIY diaper is easy to make and uses fully disposable items, allowing you to throw it out once it’s soiled. This is a good option for larger dogs that are too large for the DIY diaper designs that use a baby diaper. Simply cut a puppy pad into an hourglass shape that will fit your dog. You’ll also need to cut a tail hole, then tape the diaper into place. If needed, fabric tape can be used to line the cut edges to seal the pad and prevent leaks.

2. DIY Face Mask Dog Diaper

Supplies: Face mask, sanitary pad, scissors
Difficulty: Easy

If you have a few clean face masks, you can use them to create this DIY face mask dog diaper. This easy project will enable you to create a dog diaper in no time; all you need is a face mask, scissors, and a sanitary pad.

To make this dog diaper, simply use the scissors to cut the face masks’ elastic bands in half, and place the sanitary pad onto the face mask. After you finish, bend the material in half and make a hole for your dog’s tail, and voilà, you got a dog diaper!

All you need to do is position the diaper onto your dog’s tush and tie the face mask elastic bands in knots to secure it in place. Since face masks are relatively small, this DIY diaper is only suitable for puppies and dogs of small breeds.

3. Hand-Sewn DIY Dog Diaper

Supplies: Velcro, elastic, straight pins, seam ripper, safety pin, scissors, cotton batting, fabric, iron, sewing machine
Difficulty: Advanced

If you have good sewing skills and need a dog diaper for your furry companion, consider making this excellent hand-sewn DIY dog diaper. This is an advanced project that requires you to have a sewing machine and various sewing materials; that said, it enables you to be creative and make a beautiful yet functional doggy diaper.

Once you gather all the supplies, you’ll need to make a pattern for the diaper and use it to cut the fabric and cotton batting into the same shape. Secure them with pins and sew the materials together. Then, use the scissors to create a hole for your dog’s tail, and add Velcro to keep the diaper in position.

These DIY dog diapers may be hard to make for beginners, but anyone who owns a dog and has sewing skills should try making them. This project is a great and affordable way to create a reusable diaper for your furry friend.

4. Reusable & Washable DIY Dog Diaper

Supplies: Cotton fabric, elastic, scrap lightweight interfacing, measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine, basic sewing supplies
Difficulty: Advanced

Are you tired of spending money on dog diapers? Would you like to create a dog diaper that your canine can use multiple times? If so, consider making this excellent reusable and washable DIY dog diaper. You’ll need to have advanced skills like sewing, but overall, it’s a straightforward plan that anyone who has a sewing machine and supplies should be able to execute.

To make this DIY dog diaper, you’ll need to take the measurements of your dog, transferring them to brown pattern paper. Once your pattern is ready, pin it down, and use pins or a pencil to mark out the pattern. Cut the pattern and sew it together, and then attach the lightweight interfacing while creating the hole for the tail.

The great thing about this DIY dog diaper is that you can adjust it to your dog’s size, meaning that it can be suitable for all dog breeds.

5. Old Sock Dog Diaper DIY

DIY Dog Diaper
Image Credit: ButtStuffMe
Supplies: An old sock, scissors, sanitary pads
Difficulty: Easy

People looking for a quick, affordable, and simple solution for their dogs needing a diaper can check out this easy old sock dog diaper DIY plan. To make it, all you’ll need are scissors, sanitary pads, and an old sock.

Use the scissors to cut the ankle piece of the sock in half, almost reaching the heel, and make a hole for the tail near the toe section of the sock. After you finish, add a sanitary pad to the area where your dog’s bottom is going to be, and slide your dog’s tail through the hole.

Use the cutout ankle pieces to secure the diaper by pulling them under and around your dog’s legs, and tie them in knots for additional support. As socks are generally small, these diapers are best for small breeds and puppies.

6. DIY Towel Dog Diaper

diy dog diaper
Image Credit: ipupster
Supplies: Old towel, scissors, diaper pins, measuring tape, sanitary pads
Difficulty: Easy

Another quick and affordable way to make a diaper for your canine is to check out this DIY towel dog diaper plan. This plan is straightforward, and it requires supplies that most people already have in the house.

To make this towel DIY dog diaper, start by measuring your dog and getting an appropriate-sized towel. Cut the towel into an hourglass shape while ensuring that it will fit your furry friend. Determine the spot for your dog’s tail, and cut it out using scissors.

Once your towel diaper is ready, slide your dog’s tail through the hole, position the diaper, and use diaper pins to secure it in place. After the dog diaper is in position, add a sanitary pad between your dog’s bottom and the towel.

Since this dog diaper requires you to use a towel to make it, you can easily adjust it to a dog of any size, as you can simply use a smaller or a larger towel.

7. Crochet DIY Female Dog Diaper

Dog Diaper for Females in Heat
Image Credit: hearthookhome
Supplies: Cotton yarn, Velcro, crochet hook, sanitary pads, measuring tape
Difficulty: Advanced

If you’re into crochet and are looking for a creative and practical way to make a doggy diaper, check out this plan for a crochet DIY female dog diaper. You’ll need to have advanced crochet skills, but your hard work will pay off.

This dog diaper is more affordable than store-bought diapers and offers more customization and versatility. It’s also washable, so you can use it for your dog multiple times.

You can follow the creator’s detailed instructions for making the crochet pattern; however, remember to measure your dog before you start to ensure that the finished diaper will fit properly.

8. DIY Dog Belly Band Diaper

teddy belly band
Image Credit: catobear
Supplies: Measuring tape, scissors, all-purpose thread, sewing machine, fleece fabric material, cotton fabric material, Velcro tabs, cotton batting, PUL fabric (for people who own large dogs)
Difficulty: Advanced

If you have a male dog that often sprays or marks his territory, it might be a good idea to invest in a dog belly band diaper. However, since these can often be expensive and non-adjustable, you might want to consider making a DIY dog belly band diaper yourself.

This is an advanced project that will require you to own a sewing machine and various materials, such as Velcro tabs, cotton batting and fleece, and cotton fabrics. The creator’s instructions are straightforward, though, so as long as you stick to them, you should have no issues making this belly band dog diaper.

Keep in mind that this should be a temporary solution for your dog’s spraying/marking habits; you still need to take your dog outside regularly to go potty and change the diaper when it gets wet.

9. DIY Belly Band Diaper for Male Dogs

Dog Belly band
Image Credit: The Thrifty Farmer’s Wife
Supplies: Measuring tape, scissors, flannel, fabric, sanitary pad, sewing machine, pins, Velcro
Difficulty: Intermediate

This is an excellent DIY belly band diaper for male dogs that will help pet parents who struggle with their males spraying and marking territory. Making this belly band diaper is an intermediate task that requires supplies like measuring tape, scissors, sanitary pads, and different fabrics. You’ll also need to have a sewing machine and sewing skills.

Since you’ll be making the diaper yourself, you can adjust it to your dog’s size, meaning this belly band dog diaper is suitable for canines of all breeds.

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None of these options are foolproof, so you may have to try a few of them to find what works best for your dog’s size, shape, and anatomy. Sanitary pads and diapers are made to be absorbent, making these good additions to most DIY dog diapers if you feel like your project is lacking absorption. The best thing about DIY dog diapers is that you can experiment with different items and textures to make something that will be perfectly suited to your dog’s needs. There are no rules, so use whatever you find works best as long as it’s safe for your dog.

Featured Image Credit: Firn, shutterstock

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