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8 DIY Dog Fences You Can Build Today

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Dog fences are an invaluable tool in the dog owner’s arsenal. They can prevent your dog from making a bid for freedom. They can provide a barrier between your yard and the outside world, or they can be used to fence off specific areas of your own property.

While there are plenty of commercial dog fences available, these can cost a lot of money and may not be suitable for the exact space that you have available and that you need to fill. Using DIY plans and following along with instructional videos teaches you how to build a dog fence, so even if you have a unique space or have some other specific requirement, these DIY dog fences could be the ideal solution for you.

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Top 8 DIY Dog Fence Plans:

1. No Digging DIY Dog Fence

It isn’t always practical to dig down into your garden. Whether your garden is covered in an impenetrable substrate, or you don’t want to risk your security deposit, this no-digging DIY dog fence design enables you to create a dog fence that uses posts that can be easily hammered down into the ground. The fence itself is made from reasonably sturdy wire, although if you have an especially large or strong dog, you may need to consider a different material for your fence construction.

2. Wire Dog Fence Panels

Using these wire dog fence panels, you can create a run or completely encompass the dog play area in your yard. Use the panels to separate your own yard from the outside or create a specific area that is set aside for your dog. This is another design that uses wire, but the main frame is made from sturdy wood, so it should be stronger than the previous plan.

3. Cheap DIY Wire Dog Pen

Wire is a popular choice of material for creating dog fences. It is cheap, flexible enough that it won’t break easily during construction or use, and it is readily available and easy to work with. This cheap DIY wire dog pen is made by hammering stakes into the ground and then running the wire mesh around the stakes, and fixing it in place. Best suited to smaller dogs, this pen will also work with calm dogs that aren’t too keen on getting away.

4. DIY Mesh Dog Fence

Mesh fences provide a better alternative to chaining or leashing up dogs while they’re outside. They can be erected around the house and, as with these DIY mesh dog fence plans, you can use existing features like the side of the property to help create an enclosed space and potentially reduce the amount of fencing you have to make. These plans not only show the capability of DIY fences to meet any special requirements, but they show the benefit of working with the space you have.

5. Dig Resistant Dog Run

Some dogs are born escapologists, and if they can’t find a way over or around fences, they will dig and look for a way under any boundary you erect. This dig resistant dog run is designed to keep even the most determined pup in, and your dog will have to dig down several inches to be able to fashion an escape route.

6. DIY PVC Dog Fence

This PVC dog fence is made from PVC and costs the owner a little more than $30 to construct. The plans use PVC pipes, which are obviously not as strong and resilient as wood, but they will be effective to keep calm dogs that do not have a strong sense of wanderlust.

7. Attractive Wooden Dog Fence

Wooden fences not only work to cordon off areas and prevent your dog from escaping, but they can also make your yard more attractive. This wooden dog fence design uses shaped and finished wood that looks attractive and is strong enough to prevent all but the biggest and strongest dogs from getting out of your yard.

8. Recycled Pallet Fence

Recycled pallets are a great building material. They can be acquired for free or very cheap, they can be cut down to create the size and dimensions you require, and as long as you take some care to ensure that you get good quality pallets, they will last for years. This recycled pallet fence can be used to get dogs in or out of your favorite area, and it can be beautified with plants and planters.

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Final Thoughts on DIY Dog Fences

Dog fences help you keep dogs in your yard, or they can be used to prevent your dog from getting into certain areas of the garden. They don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to be strong enough to cope with your dog, and they can be made from a range of materials including wood, wire, metal, and even PVC. We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to build a dog fence you and your dog can both enjoy!

Featured Photo: by sergio souza from Pexels

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