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5 Backyard Dog Playground Ideas You Can Build (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Just like children, dogs love to play around and expend their energy by running, jumping, sliding, swimming, and climbing. Dogs seem to love playgrounds just as much as kids, but dog playgrounds don’t tend to be all that common. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY dog playgrounds you can build in your backyard to give your four-legged friends an awesome place to exercise and play while keeping them healthy and fit. These obstacles can even be used to improve your dog’s fitness while having a good time together and training them.

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The 5 DIY Dog Playground Plans

1. Build Your Own Agility Jumps by Gone to the Snow Dogs

Build Your Own Agility Jumps from Gone to the Snow Dogs
Image Credit: Gone to the Snow Dogs

You can easily build these DIY agility jumps from some PVC pipe, a few connectors, and a pair of Jump Cup Strips. They’re very easy and quick to build but they offer excellent function. You can adjust the height of the pole all the way up to 26 inches, which is great for agility training.

2. DIY Dog Agility A-Frame by Instructables

DIY Dog Agility A-Frame by Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables

This DIY Dog Agility A-Frame is a great piece of playground equipment that dogs love. More than that, it’s also great exercise for them that expends energy and helps them stay strong and swift. It’s a simple device to build out of wood you can purchase inexpensively at any home-improvement store. Your dog will love it and they won’t even know that it’s good for them.

3. How to Build a Dog Agility Course by WikiHow

How to Build a Dog Agility Course by WikiHow
Image Credit: WikiHow

How to Build a Dog Agility Course will take you through all of the steps to creating a backyard agility playground for your dogs. You’ll learn about planning it out, deciding on different types of obstacles for your dogs to play with, and how to build a dog playground and include each different type of obstacle. Several different layouts are available for you to look at and learn from so that you can create a unique playground experience for your dog that they’ll never get bored of.

4. DIY Backyard Playground for Your Dog by Leatherman

DIY Backyard Playground for Your Dog by Leatherman
Image Credit: Leatherman

One obstacle is not going to be enough for a very active dog. Thankfully, this DIY Backyard Playground for Your Dog is packed with many different obstacles and pieces of playground equipment that will keep your dog entertained and happy. You’ll learn to make PVC pipe jumps for your dog, tire jumps, sandboxes for them to dig in, weave poles to improve their agility and balance, tunnels to run through, teeter boards to balance on, and more. They’re all very inexpensive and easy-to-build obstacles that you could start today.

5. PVC Puppy Play Gym by PVC Fittings Online

PVC Puppy Play Gym by PVC Fittings Online
Image By: PVC Fittings Online

If your dog is still in the puppy stage, then the PVC Puppy Play Gym is a great mini-playground you can build for them today! It’s made from PVC pipe with a few little chew toys dangling from the top. The entire construction will take less than an hour and the cost is minimal. Keep your puppy entertained and enjoy watching them play around with their new toys!



As a pet parent, you likely already know that our furry friends need fun ways to expel their energy. So, why not create their own playground in your backyard? Many of these plans are easy to make, and it will certainly pay off for the health of your pup.

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