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2 DIY Dog Shampoos with Coconut Oil (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Your furry friend seems proud when it runs in the house covered with mud, but the pride soon becomes fear when the bathwater starts flowing. Bath time is not always a joyous occasion for your pup, but it’s necessary to keep the dog’s coat and skin healthy. Shampoos for humans are too acidic for canines, and they often contain fragrances and dyes that can irritate the skin. You can find several safe dog shampoos for your dog, but why not make a homemade formula to save a few dollars?

We found seven of the best DIY dog shampoos with coconut oil, and we hope your dog learns to enjoy bath time with one of the all-natural formulas.

Please note that while many of these formulas include essential oils, some essential oils can be toxic to dogs. Some essential oils are used in natural dog shampoos due to their scent and insect repellent properties, but they are used in a very diluted form. Always research the ingredients and make sure they are safe for dogs, and never use undiluted essential oils.

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Our 2 Favorite Dog Shampoos with Coconut Oil

1. The Labrador Site Shampoo

DIY dog shampoo
Image Credit: Thelabradorsite
Tools: Stovetop
Materials: Fresh rosemary, coconut oil, lavender oil, castile soap, water
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re interested in using more than one shampoo to clean your canine, you can look at the Labrador Site’s DIY recipes. It has links to dry shampoo, oatmeal shampoo, and one formula with coconut oil. The author of the coconut oil recipe mentioned that the homemade shampoo helped her black lab’s skin condition, and the dog no longer has smelly fur after playing outside. After boiling fresh rosemary, add castile soap, extra virgin coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. You can store the shampoo in a glass bottle with an airtight seal.

2. The Nerdy Farm Wife Dog Shampoo

DIY dog shampoo
Image Credit: Thenerdyfarmwife
Tools: Food scale, stovetop, pot for cooking, soap molds, goggles, gloves
Materials: Distilled water, lye, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, tallow, neem oil, lavender oil
Difficulty: High

This DIY dog shampoo bar recipe makes six paw-shaped soaps to clean your pet. The author includes a soap-making tutorial to make the process less intimidating if you’re new to soap-making. This recipe contains neem oil to repel fleas, and while it’s safe to use, pregnant women should not handle neem oil or add it to this recipe. When you cook the lye, open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan. Lye fumes are unpleasant and hazardous if inhaled. Cooking the ingredients is relatively easy, but you have to wait a while for the soap to cure before using it. It takes at least 4 weeks for the shampoo bars to finish curing.

Veterinary Advice

dog having it's heart rate checked at the vet clinic
Image Credit: Tyler Olson, Shutterstock

The authors’ dogs tested the shampoos from our list, but it’s best to check with your veterinarian before using a DIY dog shampoo. Unless your pet is due for a checkup, you will not need an appointment, but you can email or call the doctor for advice on the shampoo’s ingredients. Some dogs may be sensitive to essential oils or other natural ingredients from the recipes.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning a filthy dog in the bathtub can be quite an experience, but now, you can wash your pet with your own concoction. Unlike the commercial brands, the DIY shampoos do not contain chemical fragrances, dyes, parabens, or unpronounceable ingredients. Whether you make a liquid shampoo or bar soap, we’re sure you’ll love the shine and feel of your dog’s fur after using one of the coconut oil recipes.

Featured Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

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