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6 DIY Ferret Hammock Ideas (With Pictures)

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

close up ferret lying in a hammock

Ferrets often love hammocks. They’re a fun place to lounge, but many ferrets also love to sleep on them. They perform double duty and don’t take up tons of room, either. Therefore, we highly recommend putting a ferret hammock in your ferret’s cage.

While you can purchase a premade one, you can also make your own. Creating one of these tiny hammocks isn’t terribly challenging, and there are many ways to go about it.

Below, we have six of the best DIY ferret hammock ideas for you to look at. Some of these provide clear-cut instructions, while others are more for idea generation. Let’s dive in!


The 6 DIY Ferret Hammock Ideas

1. Honeycomb Hammock by The Rat Lady

Image Credit: The Rat Lady

Materials: Cotton fabric, fleece, something to hang the hammock
Tools: Sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Medium

This plan is pretty straightforward to make if you have some sewing skills. Technically, this hammock was designed for rats, but it also works well for ferrets. The honeycomb design is pretty unique, providing extra hiding places for your ferret.

The instructions are pretty straightforward, as well. They include lots of pictures so you can see exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

2. Cage Hammock by Instructables

Image Credit: Instructables.com

Materials: Fabric, swivel clips
Tools: Sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Medium

If you just want a regular hammock to hang in your ferret’s cage, this is the best option. It’s pretty easy to make, and you can use pretty much whatever fabric you want. It’s designed to be used inside your ferret’s cage, so it includes several swivel hooks in the design.

The end product is pretty straightforward, making it great for those who just don’t want many frills. The instructions are very clear, but we do recommend this plan for those who already know how to sew.

3. Ferret Sleeper by Instructables

Image Credit: Instructables.com

Materials: Fabric (cotton and fleece), hanging loops
Tools: Sewing machine, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Medium

This ferret sleeper is a bit of an upgraded hammock. It looks and acts just like a regular hammock. However, it has a hole on top that allows the ferret to snuggle into it. It’s great for ferrets that like to hide and play on hammocks.

This design is very easy to assemble and sew. It doesn’t require much measuring, and you can use whatever leftover fabric you have lying around. The only reason we labeled it as “medium” is because it does require some background sewing knowledge.

4. No-Hang Ferret Hammock by Inspirational Momma

Image Credit: Inspirational Momma

Materials: Fleece, wood boards, nails
Tools: Something to cut with, hammer, sewing tools
Difficulty Level: Medium

If you want a freestanding ferret hammock, then this plan is the one for you. It uses wood boards to stand the hammock up, making it perfect for ferrets with cages that are already very full. Like most plans, it does require some sewing, so it works best if you already know how to sew.

With that said, this plan is a bit more complex because you need to make the frame on top of the fabric portion. It will take you a bit longer to make. However, many people consider the addition of a frame absolutely worth it. It mostly depends on what you’re looking for and how much effort you’re willing to put in.

5. Crochet Hammock by lariath

Image Credit: lariath.blogspot.com

Materials: Yarn
Tools: Crochet tools
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you don’t know how to sew, you can attempt this crochet design. It uses very simple chains, making it a good option for even beginners to learn. With that said, the plan as-is is simply too small for a ferret. It was originally designed for a hamster, after all. Luckily, you can just use a bigger yarn and follow the exact same plan to get a big enough hammock for your ferrets.

You only need to learn a chain and how to turn with this plan, and you can easily learn those from YouTube if you don’t already know how.

6. Fuzzy Ferret Hammock by oyboystuff

Image Credit: oyboystuff.blogspot.com

Materials: Fabric, rope, 4 carabiners, thread
Tools: Sewing tools
Difficulty Level: Medium

This hammock is fairly similar to the others we’ve mentioned thus far. The designer used an old blanket that they had lying around for the fabric. However, you could also use your own fabric or purchase some.

The plan does walk you through the best fabric for a ferret hammock, particularly in terms of safety. Not all fabrics are safe for ferrets, so it is important to choose the correct fabric before you begin. You’ll also need some rope, but this can be anything. You’re just going to use it to hang the hammock up. The carabiners attach to the rope and then clip onto the cage.

This plan makes a very deep hammock, giving your ferret plenty of room to snuggle into the fleece.


Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make your ferret a hammock. Sadly, just because of what hammocks are, most of these plans require sewing. It’s very hard to make something out of fabric without sewing it, after all. If you know how to sew, most of these plans should be extremely straightforward. There is even one involving crochet for those who know that craft instead.

Hopefully, one of the plans on this list fits your ferret’s needs. You can even combine a few plans together to make it something truly yours or just use them as inspiration.

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Featured Image Credit: Irina Vasilevskaia, Shutterstock

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