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4 DIY Outdoor Dog Ramps Over Stairs You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

outdoor ramp by the stairs

A dog ramp can be used to provide access for senior dogs, those that have limited mobility, and make it easier for small dogs that might struggle to clamber up steep steps. The ramp needs to be secure enough that it won’t slide away from the stairs, provide enough space for the dog to get up and down, and it either needs to be an appropriate size to still allow people to be able to access the stairs themselves.

Below are the plans and ideas to provide you with some inspiration on how to address the question of mobility and provide adequate access for all.

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The 4 DIY Outdoor Dog Ramps Over Stairs

1. Simple DIY Outdoor Dog Ramp by easyprepper101

This simple DIY outdoor dog ramp has been designed primarily for Dachshunds. Dachshunds were bred to get into small holes and confined spaces, hence their long backs and low profile. However, this means that they can struggle with stairs, making a dog ramp essential, even if you only have two or three access stairs. The ramp is removable, can be modified according to the number and elevation of steps you have, and provides a gradual incline that is easy to conquer.

2. DIY Dog Ramp for Over Outside Stairs from Pretty DYI Home

DIY outdoor dog ramp
Image Credit: Prettydiyhome

Depending on the structure of the stairs, you might be able to create a really simple ramp with a single leg or stand at the decking end or wall end of the stairs. This DIY dog ramp benefits from that design. It’s quite short, which means that it might be too steep for an older, small breed, but is great for bigger dogs. It is also covered in a suitably decorated piece of old carpet, which not only improves the appearance but adds some texture to the wooden ramp that should help prevent your dog from slipping, even in the wet.

3. DIY Outdoor Dog Ramp from Hometalk

DIY outdoor dog ramp
Image Credit: Hometalk

Another way to design a ramp to meet the constraints of your stairs is to use supporting legs part way up the ramp itself. The legs sit against one of the steps and ensure that the ramp is steady and that it won’t break. This outdoor dog ramp sits under the door so that it can still open and close without rubbing or getting stuck. It also has a shallower incline than the last design so is suitable for smaller dogs and those that really struggle with mobility.

4. Inexpensive DIY Doggie Ramp by Instructables

DIY outdoor dog ramp
Image By: Instructables

Sometimes, space can be limited on the stairs. In particular, if your outside stairs are only as wide as a doorframe, it won’t be practical to put in a permanent or semi-permanent ramp. Your dog will have easy access to the house and the yard, but it will prevent you and others from being granted the same access. In these cases, a removable and inexpensive doggie ramp provides a feasible alternative. The ramp is lightweight enough that it can be lifted and moved but stable enough to provide safe passage.

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Final Thoughts

An outdoor dog ramp can provide access for senior dogs, those with mobility problems, or for breeds like the dachshund, which has natural access problems caused by its long back. It’s possible to create a portable ramp that can be added or removed, as required, or something more permanent and, if you don’t have a lot of space on the stairs, you can always construct something that runs next to the stairs and enables everybody to be able to easily get up and down.

Featured Image Credit: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutterstock

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