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29 DIY Wooden Outdoor Cat House Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

cat peeking from a wooden cat house

When it comes to outdoor cats and whether or not they’re domesticated or feral, cat houses are a lifesaver. If you like to help out with the community cats, having an outdoor shelter for them is a good way to keep them safe and dry. Cat houses also work for felines that refuse to come home at decent hours and prefer to yowl at the door until you let them in.

Wooden designs aren’t always simple and may require a few carpentry skills. Here are various DIY cat houses that are insulated, non-insulated, or heated. There are also a few other designs that you can repurpose as an extra challenge.

Insulated Cat Houses

1. DIY Insulated Cat House by How to Specialist

How to Build an Insulated Cat House
Image Credit: howtospecialist

Materials: Screws, tongue and groove slats, 2x2s, 1x2s, deck boards, and insulation boards
Tools: Tape measure, circular saw, drill, and carpentry square
Difficulty: Moderate

Although this insulated cat house takes a bit of patience and carpentry skill, it’s a compact way to keep your outdoor kitty warm when they’re outside. It’s can be difficult because you’re building from scratch, but it’s a simplistic design. You can personalize the outside with a splash of paint or put asphalt shingles on the roof to give it a little extra protection from the weather.

2. DIY Double Cat House With Insulation by My Outdoor Plans

Materials: 1x2s, decking boards, 2x2s, 1x3s, siding, plywood, insulation boards, and asphalt shingles
Tools: Hammer, tape measure, framing square, level, miter saw, drill, and sander
Difficulty: Hard

To make sure your cats stay warm, especially in winter, this double cat house caters to multiple felines and is completely insulated. With two compartments and asphalt shingling, any shelter-seeking cat will be safe from whatever the weather throws at them. This design also has a covered porch to stop rain from getting into the house itself.

3. DIY Cat House (for Winter and Feral Cats) by Instructables

Cat House (for the Winter and for Feral Cats)
Image Credit: instructables

Materials: Plywood, 2x2s, screws, nails, insulation board, hinges, latches, wood glue, and cat doors
Tools: Drill, jigsaw, tape measure, and hammer
Difficulty: Easy

For a relatively easy cat house that you can turn into a family-friendly project, this simple design is also a good way to keep stray and feral cats warm over the winter. It has a hinged roof so you can change the straw or bedding inside. Its simplistic design also enables you to recycle materials that you can’t find other uses for.

Unlike many other designs, this one has cat doors to keep the warmth in and the bad weather out.

4. DIY Cat House on Stilts by My Outdoor Plans

Insulated Cat House Plans
Image Credit: myoutdoorplans

Materials: 2x4s, plywood, 2x2s, insulation board, nails, screws, wood glue, and filler
Tools: Hammer, tape measure, miter saw, drill, level, and framing square
Difficulty: Moderate

Cats like high places, and keeping their outdoor house raised off the ground is a good way to keep other critters out. This raised cat house is a relatively simple design even if it does take a bit of work to put it all together. The plan has a second part, so remember to check out both pages before deciding whether to attempt this design.

5. DIY Kitty Cat House by Running with Hooks

A DIY _Cathouse_ - Dog is to Doghouse as Cat is to Cathouse
Image Credit: runningwithhooks.blogspot

Materials: 2x4s, plywood, insulation board, PVC trim, asphalt shingles, aluminum drip edge, galvanized hinges, and wood glue
Tools: Kreg Jig, vice clamps, brad nailer, router, sander, caulk, Dremel
Difficulty: Moderate

Recycling materials is one of the best ways to use materials that will otherwise go unused. This design for a simple cat house uses leftovers from other projects. There’s a place for your cat to sleep, somewhere to keep their food and water, and asphalt shingles for extra protection from the rain.

6. DIY Feral Cat Shelter by Christine de Merchant

How to Build a Feral Cat Shelter
Image Credit: christinedemerchant

Materials: Insulation board, screws, plywood, and plexiglass
Tools: Drill, table saw, and jigsaw
Difficulty: Moderate

With a front porch to keep out the rain, this feral cat shelter is a cute way to help out your neighborhood strays. With two windows and an open porch, cats have several lookout posts. They also have plenty of shelter from bad weather, especially with the added insulation in the main compartment.

7. DIY Cat Shelter by Joyner at Home

DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter
Image Credit: joynerathome

Materials: 4x4s, 2x4s, 2x2s, screws, insulation board, plywood, wood glue, and cedar shingles
Tools: Drill, level, table saw, scissors, stapler, and tape measure
Difficulty: Moderate

For a cat house with plenty of space, this cat shelter has two floors. The insulated kitty bedroom keeps them warm and away from predators, while the lower section has room for food and water. This design also features a porch for cats to sun themselves on.

8. DIY Insulated & Waterproof Cat House by Woodworking Barcelona

Materials: 2x2s, screws, metal rod, wood glue, OSB, insulation, siding, wood trim, and spray paint
Tools: Carpentry square, clamp, circular saw, drill, grinder, file, plane, tape measure, hand saw, jigsaw, stapler, sander, and router
Difficulty: Hard

Cats are cute and deserve a stylish home, even if they’re your neighborhood strays. This cute design is insulated, waterproof, and raised off the ground for extra protection.

Non-insulated Cat Houses

9. DIY Cat Hotel by Handtool Essentials

Image Credit: handtoolessentials

Materials: Wood screws, stair riser/board, panel board, and pine boards
Tools: Drill, circular saw, tape measure, and carpentry square
Difficulty: Moderate

If you like to help out the neighborhood strays or have several cats that like to wander the outside world, this cat hotel caters to several felines at once. It takes a bit of work to put it all together, but it offers four separate compartments for your cats to snuggle into. Give it a splash of paint, and fill each room with pillows to give them somewhere warm to sit and wait out the rain.

10. DIY Pallet House by Wood Pallets Furniture

DIY Wood Pallet Cat House
Image Credit:woodpalletsfurniture

Materials: Wood pallets and nails
Tools: Drill, circular saw, jigsaw, and tape measure
Difficulty: Hard

Designed to reuse old pallets, the pallet cat house is a way to give life to unused materials. It’s a more in-depth design than some other plans and requires a bit more technical skill. For a stylish house, though, it’s a winner. You can even decorate it with wooden cat silhouettes to give it more of a cat-friendly feel for your cats and/or the neighborhood strays.

11. DIY Outdoor Pet House by Woodshop Diaries

Image Credit: woodshopdiaries

Materials: Plywood, 2x4s, 1x6s, wood screws, wood glue, filler, caulk, and door trim
Tools: Circular saw, jigsaw, nail gun, drill, miter saw, measuring tape, and speed square
Difficulty: Moderate

If you have feral cats, outdoor explorers, or small dogs that love to stay out no matter the weather, the outdoor pet house is perfect for all of them. This design is a stylish way to keep your cat warm during bad weather and winter days. There’s also space to put a bowl of food and water to keep feral cats fed.

12. Triangle Wooden Cat House by Umair’s Workshop

Materials: Hardboard, screws, wood glue, and nails
Tools: Hammer, hand saw, drill, and jigsaw
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re tired of the ordinary box structures of most cat houses, this triangle-shaped cat house will give your yard a unique flare. The design itself is also one of the simplest on this list, while still being able to protect cats from the elements.

13. Cat House/Side Table by DIY Design Fanatic

How To Make A Cat House_Side Table
Image Credit: diydesignfanatic

Materials: Plywood, 1x3s, screws, 2x3s, wood glue, and hinges
Tools: Kreg Jig, saber saw, and sander
Difficulty: Moderate

Furniture that doubles as something else is the best way to save space when you don’t have much available. This cat house might be smaller and less extravagant than some other designs, but you can use it as an end table on your patio. You’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine and give your cat a comfortable spot to nap.

14. Deluxe Pallet Cat House by 1001 Pallets

Outrageous Outdoor Deluxe Pallet Cat House
Image Credit: 1001pallets

Materials: Deck boards, wooden pallets, screws, and hinges
Tools: Drill, jigsaw, and table saw
Difficulty: Hard

Designed to be used by multiple cats at once, this deluxe pallet house is made with recycled pallets. You can even open each section, so you can make sure the bedding is clean and any water dishes are topped up.

15. Simple DIY Cube by Burkatron

DIY cat house
Image Credit: burkatron

Materials: Plywood, wood glue, and nails
Tools: Drill, hammer, jigsaw, and circular saw
Difficulty: Easy

If you don’t have many materials but do have a hammer, nails, and plywood, this simple cube design is perfect. It’s easy to put together and super cozy.

16. Simple Side Table by Brittany Goldwyn

Indoor Cat House Plans
Image Credit: bybrittanygoldwyn

Materials: Plywood, screws, and wood glue
Tools: Table saw, miter saw, sander, Kreg Jig, drill, and nailer
Difficulty: Moderate

For new carpenters who want to test out new tools, this simple side table is a good way to cater to your cat and challenge yourself. It’s an easy design with several tricks that you can experiment with.

17. DIY House on Wheels by Simply Designing

Image Credit: simplydesigning

Materials: Wood boards, framing boards, hinges, pet door, wood glue, corrugated metal, screws, and caster wheels
Tools: Miter saw, clamps, drill, nail gun, sander, and Kreg Jig
Difficulty: Moderate

Wooden structures can be a challenge to move if you need to. You can build this cat house on wheels to make it easy to maneuver. It also has a hinged roof to enable you to reach in and change the water and food dishes.

18. Chilly Nights Cat House by Instructables

Cat House for Those Chilly Nights
Image Credit: instructables

Materials: Plywood, hinges, 2x2s, plexiglass, screws, and carpet
Tools: Jigsaw, drill, and circular saw
Difficulty: Moderate

A quick and easy shelter for those late-night wanderings or sudden weather changes is the chilly nights cat house. The plan is a little vague with the details, but the design is a simple one. Make a box, add a door, and throw on a hinged roof for easy access.

19. Cute Outdoor Cat House by My Outdoor Plans

Outdoor Cat House Plans
Image Credit: myoutdoorplans

Materials: 2x2s, plywood, screws, asphalt shingles, and roofing felt
Tools: Drill, tape measure, framing square, sander, and miter saw
Difficulty: Moderate

To spruce up your yard and cater to all the cats around, this cat house is simple and waterproof and has a cute design. The blue-and-white paint gives it a modern, chic look, but you can always switch out the colors if you prefer a different aesthetic.

Heated Shelters

20. DIY Heated Cat Shelter and Seat by AndrewW

Materials: Plywood, wood boards, acrylic or polycarbonate sheet, carpet, heating mat, nails, screws, wood glue, silicone sealer, and vapor barrier
Tools: Compact router and table saw
Difficulty: Moderate

Cats are good at finding warm spots, but they appreciate having easily accessible places to shelter in. This heated cat shelter doubles as a cozy seat and contains a heated blanket. You can also add in a camera so you can check how your guest is doing without scaring off any timid strays.

21. Outdoor Cat House from Imgur

Big Cat House
Image Credit: imgur

Materials: Pine boards, wood glue, glass, 3’ hinge, and heated mat
Tools: Jigsaw, table saw, tape measure, and clamps
Difficulty: Moderate

For an extra cozy cat house, this design enables you to trail in a cable to run a heated power mat. Whether you make it for feral cats or your own adventurer, there’s plenty of room to add in a water dish and food bowl. The hinged roof enables easy access too.

22. Solar Powered DIY Cat House by Instructables

Solar Powered Cat House
Image Credit: instructables

Materials: Wooden box or planks, plexiglass, insulation board, cat flap, 12v battery, solar panel, charge controller, 12v car seat heating kit, 12v PIR sensor, electrical wires, and fuse holder
Tools: Drill and electrical tools
Difficulty: Moderate

If you don’t mind spending a little more, this solar powered design can be added to your existing cat house or you can build one from scratch. Regardless, it’s a good way to challenge your creative skills and keep cats warm in the winter.

Designs to Repurpose

23. DIY Dog House by My Outdoor Plans

Materials: Screws, 2x4s, plywood, 2x2s, tar paper, 1x2s, filler, and wood glue
Tools: Drill, hammer, miter saw, tape measure, level
Difficulty: Hard

This design might be a homemade dog kennel, but with a few adjustments to the sizing and door, you can convert it into a quaint home for your cat. You can even separate the house into compartments to give several cats space to wait out the rain.

24. Insulated Dog House by How to Specialist

How yo make an insulated dog house
Image Credit: howtospecialist

Materials: Screws, nails, plywood, asphalt shingles, 1x1s, 1×4 slats, and insulation board
Tools: Level, drill, hammer, sander, and jigsaw
Difficulty: Moderate

A dog house might seem extravagant, but the designer grants you a great deal of freedom to customize the design. This insulated dog house offers plenty of space to build compartments for multiple felines or food and water bowls. For extra warmth, make the door smaller to keep out the weather.

25. Repurposed Dog Shelter by Vladimir Kitten Project

Materials: Cat door, plywood, stone slabs, wood pallet, insulation board, screws, metal brackets, 2x2s, and an old dog kennel
Tools: Jigsaw and drill
Difficulty: Moderate

Reusing a neglected dog shelter is the perfect way to create a home for multiple cats. Kennels are spacious and roomy and designed to stay out in the cold. There’s also enough space to add a second level to allow even more felines in.

26. Catsby Manor by better in theory

Materials: Wooden pallets, plywood, carpet, 5-gallon bucket, nails, screws, roof shingles, and sisal rope
Tools: Drill, hammer, jigsaw, handsaw, circular saw, sander, planer, and staple gun
Difficulty: Moderate

With the carpeted design, this idea isn’t completely outdoor-friendly, but the Catsby Manor cat tree does make for a cozy place to sit on a sheltered part of your porch. You could also adapt the design to make it more weatherproof.

27. Dog Kennel and Porch from Woodworking Skill

Materials: Wood pallets, planks, screws, wood glue, and corrugated steel
Tools: Nail gun, table saw, sander, clamps, and drill
Difficulty: Moderate

A dog kennel design that you can repurpose is this fun house. You can adjust the design to suit your cat by adding multiple floors in the main house and making the door smaller. There’s even a sheltered porch for them to watch the weather.

28. DIY Kennel With Porch Woodshop Diaries

Image Credit: woodshopdiaries

Materials: 2x4s, 1x4s, screws, siding, insulation, and plywood
Tools: Nail gun, drill, miter saw, jigsaw, table saw, and Kreg Jig
Difficulty: Moderate

This kennel isn’t something that you’ll want to move often. It does offer plenty of space for multiple cats and food dishes. You can add compartments and more doors for several cozy spots for your favorite felines.

29. Redesign a Rabbit Hutch by My Outdoor Plans

DIY Rabbit Hutch
Image Credit: myoutdoorplans

Materials: 2x2s, 2x4s, plywood, siding, screws, corrugated metal, and hinges
Tools: Miter saw, drill, tape measure, framing square, and level
Difficulty: Moderate

If you want to test your redesigning plans, try restyling this rabbit hutch plan. With careful remodeling, you can make an elevated cat house and turn the ramp into a scratching board. Just be aware that you may have to adjust a few of the sizes and forego the hardware cloth to make the design suit your cat.


Whether they’re feral or domesticated, cats love to be warm. Help out your neighborhood strays or keep your intrepid explorer warm on rainy days while you’re at work by building them a cat house. Hopefully, one of these DIY plans has inspired you enough to help out a local furry friend.

Featured Image Credit: nu_tuna, Pixabay

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