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Do Corgis Normally Have Tails? What to Know!

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson


There are few breeds as adorable as the Corgi. However, if you’ve ever seen one, you might wonder why they have no tail. Yes, Corgis usually have tails, but that raises even more questions. Should Corgis have tails? Why do some Corgis have tails and others don’t? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

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Do Corgis Normally Have Tails?

Yes, Corgis normally do have tails. There are two types of Corgis to choose from, which many future first-time Corgi owners don’t realize. There are Cardigan Corgis and Pembroke Corgis. The Cardigan Corgis are the older breed, and some speculate Pembroke Corgis were actually bred from Cardigans.

Cardigan Corgis usually don’t have their tails docked, while the Pembroke Corgis typically do. Both of these adorable breeds are supposed to have tails and are born with them. Only the Pembroke, however, have their tails docked at around 3 days old.

Welsh corgi pembroke dog making a poop in the park
Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

Why Do Pembroke Corgis Have Their Tails Docked?

Pembroke Corgis have their tails docked because of AKC standards. Since they were bred as cattle herding dogs, they did not need their tails, and they got in the way; thus, the tradition of docking their tails as puppies was born.

There’s a debate over whether docking the Pembroke Corgi’s tail is a humane practice or not. Some breeders think puppies don’t feel pain at 3 days old, while others do. Some breeders are against docking Corgi tails altogether and say that it’s barbaric.

In fact, it’s illegal to dock Corgi’s tails in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Are There Any Benefits to Tail Docking?

Both Corgi breeds are born with tails. Pembroke Corgi’s tails are long, curved, and fluffy at the end. In the United States, it’s rare to see a Pembroke with a tail since it doesn’t meet AKC standards. If you see a Corgi with a tail, it’s probably either a Cardigan or not registered with the AKC.

The only benefit to tail docking that we could see is that it helps the dog keep its tail from being stepped on during cattle herding. However, since very few Corgis are used for cattle herding anymore, this isn’t really a benefit.

corgi on a leather leash outdoors
Image Credit: ElfinFox, Pixabay

Are There Corgis Born With No Tail?

A genetic flaw in the breed may result in offspring born without tails. However, two bobtail Corgis should never be mated because the resulting puppies can have severe health issues.

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Wrap Up

Corgis are supposed to have tails, whether they’re Cardigans or Pembrokes. There is much debate over whether it’s humane to dock Pembroke Corgis tails, and some breeders say it causes them pain, and others say it doesn’t.

If you adopt a Pembroke Corgi and want it to be recognized by the AKC, you have to have the dog’s tail docked. However, if you want the adorable little puppy as a family pet, you don’t have the tail docking surgery performed.


Featured Image Credit: Elena Rogulina, Pixabay

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