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Do Great Danes Like to Cuddle? Facts & FAQ

Cassidy Sutton

By Cassidy Sutton

black great dane dog cuddling with owner

Do we need to state the obvious? Great Danes are big dogs. At 30 inches high and 150 pounds minimum, these dogs tower over anything in their path. But don’t be fooled by their colossal size. Great Danes are cuddle bugs, striking the perfect balance between hunter and family friend.

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A Closer Look at the Great Dane

Great Danes are often associated with Denmark, but they’re a German breed, bred to hunt brutish wild boar. In Germany, Great Danes are called the Deutsche Dogge, meaning “German Dog.”

Their strength, dependability, and friendliness made them the ideal dog to protect homes while earning the title of the family pet. As affectionate as Great Danes are, we’re sure they were happy with this transition.

a great dane dog lying outdoor
Photo Credit: Emma Forsyth 88, Shutterstock

The Gentle Giant

How gentle can a giant be that’s trained to hunt and kill a wild animal? That’s what makes Great Danes so special.

Great Danes can overpower just about anyone or anything. While standing on their back feet, they tower over most people. But Great Danes are humble, elegant dogs that love offering affection as much as they enjoy protecting the ones they love. They don’t need to show off their size unless they absolutely must.

Great Danes enjoy cuddles and often sit on their owners’ laps if invited. They love to play around with those they know but are reserved around strangers. Once they get to know you, Great Danes see you as a friend and a potential snuggle buddy.

Why Don’t Great Danes Live Very Long?

Despite their gentle nature, Great Danes don’t live very long. The average lifespan for a Great Dane is around 7 to 10 years. This is common for large dog breeds. However, the Great Dane seems to have fewer years than others.

Sadly, Great Danes have specific health issues that inhibit their lifespan.

The most common health ailments include:
  • Bloat
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Thyroid issues
  • Joint and bone disease

Responsible breeding, a healthy diet, exercise, and veterinary care can help locate problems before they occur and lengthen your Great Dane’s lifespan.

Do Great Danes Make Good Pets?

Great Danes make excellent pets if you put in the effort to train them. These dogs are moderately easy to train and require early socialization with humans and animals. Obedience training is a must with this breed. Otherwise, their robust size and strength get them into trouble.

Great Danes aren’t as eager to please as other dogs. Still, they enjoy spending time with their owners, so training quickly becomes a positive experience.

Children and Great Danes get along just fine, but a Great Danes size can be too much for small children, so supervision is recommended.

Grooming is almost non-existent with Great Danes. However, their large bodies will produce a fair amount of fur when they shed, so a monthly wash and brush are necessary.

male great dane dog on grass
Photo Credit: belu gheorghe, Shutterstock

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They may be large, but their hearts are larger. Great Danes love to cuddle with those they trust and love. They’re not as enthusiastic with strangers, but with enough time, Great Danes learn to love just about anyone.

Owning a Great Dane isn’t easy. Their size alone is challenging to work with. But if you think a Great Dane is right for your family, find a reputable breeder or a local rescue to begin your search.

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