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Does Uber Allow Dogs? 2023 Policy Update

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Uber makes traveling extremely easy and cost-effective, and most of us can’t imagine living without the service being available now. But we also can’t imagine living—or traveling—without our dogs! This has many Uber users wondering, can I bring my dog with me in an Uber?

The short answer is service dogs are always allowed, and non-service animals need to be approved by your assigned driver. There are some exceptions, so let’s dive into how you can guarantee your pooch a seat in your next Uber.

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First, Are Service Dogs Ever Denied?

As mandated by law, service dogs are permitted wherever their owners go, which means you can bring yours with you into any Uber without being denied. However, to be safe, you may wish to contact your driver to ensure there is room for both you and your pooch.

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What is Uber’s Company Policy on Dogs?

Uber doesn’t have any rules that prohibit dogs from hopping in the car with you. Their terms of service clearly state that any individual can bring one dog or cat with them and that decisions will be left up to the specific driver with whom you’re linked.

This is good news for Fido!

Do I Need to Ask My Driver for Permission?

Most certainly. Uber won’t stop you from bringing your dog into an Uber car with you, but it’s important to note that drivers use their personal vehicles, and the final decision is left up to them. If a driver doesn’t want a non-service dog in their car, they can deny the ride.

As such, it’s a good idea to contact your Uber driver as soon as they’re assigned to you to let them know you have a dog with you and make sure they can come in the car as well.

What Are Best Practices for Getting My Dog in an Uber?

We recommend contacting your driver early and asking for permission. You can let them know the size of your dog, promise that they’ll be well-behaved (only if they will!), and confirm that there won’t be any mess left behind.

Of course, you’ll need to follow that up with action if there is any mess made by your dog. Wipe up any drool, try to remove any hair left on the interior, and prevent your dog from chewing or scratching inside the Uber. To be most respectful of your Uber driver’s personal car, we recommend holding your dog on your lap or having them sit or stand on the floor rather than the seats.

You should be aware that it’s common for drivers to charge a cleaning fee if your dog drools excessively, goes to the bathroom in the Uber, leaves excessive hair behind, or causes damage to your car.

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Can I Guarantee My Dog a Spot in My Uber?

Many Uber drivers are okay with your pup tagging along for the ride, but how can you guarantee your dog a seat? Remember, if you have a service dog, you don’t need to worry, as they are always allowed!

If you have a non-service dog, you can still make sure they’re allowed, though. If you use UberX, you can choose the “pet-friendly” choice in the customization options. Ticking this box will ensure that you’re picked up by an Uber driver who allows dogs in their car so that you won’t have any issues.

Alternatively, you can use the Uber Pets feature if it’s available in your area, which automatically chooses a pet-friendly Uber car and driver for you. There is a $3–$5 additional fee per ride for using this feature, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid having to leave your pooch behind.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

There are just a few more things to keep in mind! First, you will be limited to just one dog, so you can’t walk up to your Uber with your collection of canines and expect to be accepted.

Second, Ubers with multiple riders will usually not allow dogs. While a particular Uber driver may be okay with your dog tagging along, other Uber passengers may have allergies or not want to ride with a pup.

Lastly, there can be additional costs associated with bringing your dog into an Uber. Uber Pets will add a nominal fee to your trip, but even if you don’t use Uber Pets, you may be charged a cleaning fee if your driver finds they need to clean up after your dog.

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Wrapping Up

We get it—you want the convenience of being driven around by an Uber driver, but you never want to leave your pup’s side. Uber doesn’t have any policy against pets, but they do leave the decision on whether your four-legged friend can join you up to individual drivers. We recommend confirming with your driver that your dog can come, and always be respectful and make sure not to leave a mess behind.

You can guarantee your pooch a spot by using Uber Pets or choosing the “pet-friendly” option in UberX. Lastly, remember that service dogs are always allowed and will never be denied.

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