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13 Dog Birthday Party Themes to Try (With Pictures)

Grant Piper

By Grant Piper

couple celebrating dogs birthday

Many people consider their dogs to be their fur babies. That means that birthday parties for dogs are on the rise, and they are getting more elaborate and involved than ever before. If you want to try your hand at throwing your own doggy birthday party, there are ideas out there that can inspire you today. You don’t need to go all out if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways to entertain dogs and people in fun, unique, and exciting ways. Here are thirteen unique dog birthday party themes and ideas to try for your next event.


Top 13 Dog Birthday Party Themes

1. Pool Party

A fun way to spruce up a summer birthday party for your dog is by hosting a pool party. Inviting people over to soak up some sun and let the dogs play in the pool can be a blast. If you don’t have a pool, you can always buy some affordable kiddie pools and fill them up with water and floating toys. You can find small outdoor kiddie pools for a few bucks each at the local dollar store. Your dog will have a blast splashing around with their friends and running around outside as you sip a drink from a nearby lawn chair. The doggie pool party is an excellent idea to check out when the weather is good.

a group of cute beagle dogs playing toys in the swimming pool
Image Credit: golfyinterlude, Shutterstock

2. Doggies After Dark

One way to have some fun with your dog is to throw a doggies after dark party. This type of event encourages your friends to bring their dogs over after dinner with light up collars, light up leashes, and flashlights. Many dogs love to run around in the dark. With the proper accessories, your dogs will be zooming around as streaks of colorful lights in the dark. Make sure you have a secure area to let the dogs out in the dark. A secure yard is the best bet since most public parks close at sunset. Play some club music to complete the ambiance. Not all dog birthday parties have to be held at high noon.

6dog party
Image Credit: markito, Pixabay

3. Decade Party

Decade parties are all the rage. Invite your friends over with their dogs and invite them to dress up as their favorite decade. You can make the party one decade themed (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, etc.) or let everyone pick out their favorite outfits and have a mix. Both dogs and people can dress up and join in the fun. Imagine everyone showing up in their favorite 90s clothes. Bonus points if you manage to give your dog frosted tips before they show up! Decade parties are fun and easy to pull off and can work great for a dog birthday party.

dog and his owner wearing costume
Image Credit: Drazen Zigic, Shutterstock

4. Party at the Park

Most dogs love the dog park. If your dog is a fan of the park, just have your birthday party for them at their favorite dog park. You can invite everyone to meet up at the local park or dog hangout spot. Hold a barbeque, picnic, or BYOB for some classic outdoor fun. This is a great way to get dogs together for some time out in the sun without having to have a dozen pups rampaging through your house. You can also bring some simple outdoor decor, like balloons or toys, to complete the look.

pack of dogs sitting in a park
Image Credit: Matt Nelson, Unsplash

5. Ice Cream Party

Doggy ice cream is a popular way to celebrate with your pup. You can buy dog ice cream and provide a pup cup for each of your dog’s best friends. This is an easy way to have a fun day with a unique treat for your dog. Dogs go nuts for doggy ice cream, and it is perfect to provide on a hot day or if you are having a summer get together. Your friends will be seriously impressed when you roll out your selection of doggy ice cream for them to choose from.

Dog licking ice cream in waffle cone
Image Credit: Anton Watman, Shutterstock

6. Treat Bar

Similar to the ice cream party, you can simply invite your friends over to enjoy a dog treat bar. You can find local bakeries or dog shops that can provide a plethora of different treats. You can often order specialized treats that can be customized for your specific theme. You can put your dog’s name on the treats or add the treats to an overall theme like a decade party or pool party. Set the treats out in a tasteful display and invite your friends to feed whatever they like to their dogs as they run and play.

home made dog treats on the table
Image Credit: RoJo Images, Shutterstock

7. Photo Booth

One way to throw a memorable dog birthday party is to set up a doggy photo booth for your friends to use and enjoy. Who doesn’t love a great picture of their dog? You can easily construct a simple photo wall with some personalized touches for your friends to use. Bonus points if you supply a tripod that they can easily use with their phone to get the perfect shot. Set up a special hashtag so everyone can share their pictures with each other and let the good times roll. A simple photo booth can transform any get together since dog lovers will take any opportunity to take and look at pictures of adorable pups.

man and his dog in photo booth
Image Credit: mikeledray, Shutterstock

8. Chew Party

Does your dog love to chew? Throw them a chew party. There are tons of different chew toys out there that dogs love. Invite your friends over and let them know you will be providing each dog with their own special chew. There are all sorts of exotic options to choose from, including large bones, antlers, pig ears, raw hides, Kong toys, and more. When you invite your friends, ask them what their dog’s favorite chew is and let everyone go to town. You can provide your own chewy snacks for your human friends to keep up with the theme, like toffy, fudge, or chicken wings.

woman training a Havanese dog using training device and treats
Image Credit: Christian Mueller, Shutterstock

9. Agility Party

Agility is a fun activity that many people do with their dogs. Agility parks are super fun and intricate. If you have an agility park near you, you can host a doggy agility party. If you have an active dog, invite your friends to come experience the magic of the agility course. You can even teach some basics and let some of your friend’s dogs play on the equipment. Agility parties can be a ton of fun. They are also different, can show people a new way to play with their dogs, and burn a lot of energy all at once. You can set up your own agility course in your yard for the party or have people go to an agility park.

dog training
Image Credit: PxHere

10. Costume Contest

Some people love dressing up their dogs. So, what better way to have some fun with your dog and your friends than hosting a costume contest? You can elect someone to be the judge and buy some simple prizes. Invite your friends to dress your dog to the nines and come with their best. A ton of people will get very excited to attend a dog costume party. You will be surprised what kind of costumes people will show up with. This is a great idea to do around Halloween or in the fall if that matches up with your dog’s birthday party.

cute french bulldog in a super hero costume
Image Credit: Annette Shaff, Shutterstock

11. Luau Barbeque

Not everyone can dress up their dog in an elaborate costume. Some dogs don’t like costumes, and others don’t have the time. That is where a simple luau barbeque comes in. You can put a simple Hawaiian lei on almost any dog. Leis are a simple and fun way to add some festivity to your barbeque. Invite your friends, invite their dogs, throw some food on the grill, and have a ball. You can also combine the luau barbeque theme with a pool party for a full Hawaiian blowout if you are so inclined. You can buy affordable leis online or you can invite your guests to make or bring their own.

dog wearing hawaiian costume
Image Credit: Tracy Hirai, Shutterstock

12. Casino Night

Casino night is a great way to have fun with your human friends and your dog friends. You can invite your dog owner friends over for a classic casino night. Hold a poker game, provide some casino-themed dog treats for the puppies, and have a great time. You can have the dogs dress up as if they are going out for a night on the Vegas Strip, or you can just let the dogs play while you get down with some cards with your friends. Bonus points if you can manage to recreate the famous Dogs Playing Poker picture while you are hosting your doggy casino night. This is a great idea to have fun with both the dogs and your human friends.

dogs playing poker
Image Credit: ShoreTie, Shutterstock

13. Doggy Decor Party

Don’t like any of these ideas or don’t have the time, energy, or money to put together a massive theme party? Don’t worry. You can always settle on a simple dog decor party. What is the theme of this get together? Simply dog. You can easily find dog themed decor at box stores and at online party supply stores. Dog napkins, dog balloons, dog plates, and a dog banner can easily turn a plain day into a doggy birthday party without taking too much time, money, or effort. Make your dog the center of attention and make sure everyone knows it is all about them, even if you don’t go all out.

a black and tan dog in a party
Image Credit: KoolShooters, Pexels



Don’t Forget to Cater to Humans

Dog birthday parties are great, but they can quickly fizzle out if you forget to entertain your human guests along with your dog guests. Make sure there are activities, food, and drink for both humans and dogs. If the humans have nothing to do, they are going to find the party lame, even if it is supposed to be for the dogs. When you are planning, make sure to add some touches that are focused specifically on your human guests to really put your event over the top.

Make Cute Invitations

A cute invitation will let everyone know that your party is an actual party. It can also convey the theme and set expectations. Invitations are a great way to convey all relevant information. This can be especially important when you are trying to get dogs together. Let everyone know what is going to be provided, what they need to bring, what the venue is, and what they can expect. This way, people will feel comfortable knowing what is going on and will be more likely to attend with their dog. A lack of information can cause people to become hesitant about a get together with multiple dogs.

dog cupcake recipes birthday
Image Credit: Unsplash

Make Sure You Invite Dogs That Get Along

Any group of dogs can potentially pose a safety risk. Make sure when you are putting your guest list together that you know the dogs you are inviting and try to make sure that all of the dogs you invite get along. You don’t want your birthday party to turn into a disaster when dogs gang up on one another and start fighting or biting, or barking. This can quickly turn a fun afternoon into a stressful mess.



These ideas, tips, themes, and tricks can help you host an amazing birthday party for your dog. Whether you want to go all out with special snacks or a detailed theme, or if you just want to have your friends over and let the dogs run around, there are ideas on this list that will appeal to you. Just make sure you don’t forget about your human guests and that everyone knows what to expect when they show up, and you will have a grand old time.

Featured Image Credit: Prostock studio, Shutterstock

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