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Eggfish Goldfish: Care Guide, Varieties, Lifespan & More (with Pictures)

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Closely related to the Fantail goldfish, the Eggfish goldfish is an ancient fish breed that originated from China. These bright orange fish resemble the look of an egg, hence their given name. They are generally easy to take care of, they are fun to watch, and they are hardy and can adapt to a variety of different underwater environments–given that they are provided with fresh water as opposed to saltwater.aquarium plant divider

Quick Facts About Eggfish Goldfish

Species Name: Eggfish Goldfish
Family: Goldfish
Care Level: Low
Temperature: 68–74°F
Temperament: Friendly, social, curious
Color Form: Various hues of orange with some white
Lifespan: 10–15 years with proper care
Size: Up to 2 inches
Diet: Specially formulated commercial food
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Tank, filter, lights, substrate, plants
Compatibility: Compatible with all other goldfish
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Eggfish Goldfish Overview

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Image Credit: seaonweb, Shutterstock

Eggfish goldfish are sociable, lively, curious, and friendly with their human caretakers once they get to know them. They do not like to live alone and would prefer the company of other goldfish. These little fish are shaped like eggs, as their name suggests, and they are active during the day when they offer a fun interactive experience for kids and adults alike.

Eggfish goldfish are small, cute, and easy to take care of once their tank is correctly set up. Care is largely a matter of monitoring the tank and ensuring proper nutrition. Attention is also necessary, as these fish enjoy getting to know their caretakers.

These fish require freshwater to thrive that should be filtered regularly to ensure that it does not become too contaminated with feces and other contaminants that could affect the health of the fish. There is a lot to learn about this interesting goldfish breed, and we have laid everything you need to know out for you below.

How Much Do Eggfish Goldfish Cost?

These fish can typically be purchased for less than $20 each, but the exact price depends on exactly where they are being purchased. They are sold throughout the entire world, and they are less expensive when sold and purchased near their originating wild habitats, such as China. Places like the United States, where these fish do not originate, can expect to pay the highest fee when buying one of these lovely goldfish.aquarium plant divider

Typical Behavior & Temperament

Eggfish goldfish are social, curious creatures. They detest spending their time alone and can quickly become depressed if they do not have other goldfish to hang out with, no matter their specific breed. They will spend all day exploring their surroundings, so they need lots of plants, foliage, and structures to interact with.

These fish are small and cute, and their big personalities never disappoint. They like to play games and sometimes look as if they are playing a coordinated game of hide-and-seek from their human caregivers and onlookers. They rest during the night and rarely overeat, making them generally easy to take care of.

eggfish goldfish_seaonweb_shutterstock3
Image Credit: seaonweb, Shutterstock

Appearance & Varieties

These little fish are shaped like eggs, which is how they got their name. They are small and get no larger than just a couple of inches long. Some have white markings on their gills and stomachs. They share the same common characteristics as many other goldfish such as the Black Moor, Fantail, and Ranchu.

However, these fish are unique from the others in that they do not feature a dorsal fin. There are two varieties of Eggfish goldfish, each of which is distinguished between their tails. One has a longer, thinner tail and is referred to as the Phoenix Eggfish goldfish. The other has a shorter, stubbier tail and is referred to as the Egged Eggfish goldfish.aquarium plant divider

How to Take Care of Eggfish Goldfish

These fish are easy to care for, especially compared to cats, dogs, and even ferrets or hamsters. Once settled into their tank, they just need to be monitored and fed properly to keep them safe and healthy. They do enjoy the company of their human caretakers, so spending time with them each day tends to help boost their sociability and livelihood.

eggfish goldfish_seaonweb_shutterstock2
Image Credit: seaonweb, Shutterstock

Habitat, Tank Conditions & Setup

First and foremost, a solid tank of at least 20 gallons is needed for a single Eggfish goldfish. An extra 10 gallons is necessary for each additional goldfish that is introduced to the tank. A substrate, such as rough gravel, should be placed on the bottom of the tank, covering the entire base.

This helps to filter the water and keep wear and tear on the filter to a minimum. This breed of goldfish also likes to dig and burrow, so the substrate will help protect the tank from scratches and other damage as time goes on. In addition to substrate, the tank should be outfitted with a variety of live freshwater or faux bushes, plants, vines, and other types of foliage.

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Small tunnels, buildings, rocks, and characters can be added for the enjoyment of both the fish and the owner. Also, a suitable filter should be added to the tank set up to ensure that the water stays clean and aerated. Of course, fresh, clean water should fill the tank. The fish should be introduced to the tank while still in the bag it comes in until it gets used to the tank’s water temperature and surroundings.aquarium plant divider

Are Eggfish Goldfish Good Tank Mates?

These fish love spending their time with other goldfish. They can be introduced to new goldfish at any time without worry about intimidation or aggression. They will happily introduce themselves and get to know other fish by swimming nearby them until they become comfortable together. They like to play with other fish and with sleep in tunnels or dens with them during their downtime.

What to Feed Your Eggfish Goldfish

The Eggfish goldfish should eat commercially formulated goldfish flakes two times a day. They should be able to eat the food they are given within 2 minutes. Any leftovers should be strained out. If they eat the food up before 2 minutes, they should be offered a little more. These fish can be offered watermelon, kale, cucumbers, and shrimp can be offered occasionally as supplemental snacks.


No breed of goldfish is easy to breed. They require perfect environments, temperatures, incubation areas, and mates to make it happen. Unless highly educated and experienced, owners should leave breeding to the professionals. However, if owners have the time, money, and are willing to commit, breeding these fish can be done–even if it does take quite a while and does not return you any of your investment.aquarium plant divider

Are Eggfish Goldfish Suitable for Your Aquarium?

If you are starting a new fish aquarium, or if you are looking to introduce a new fish to your already established goldfish aquarium, the Eggfish goldfish may be a good fit for your needs and expectations. Is this the right fish for you? Ultimately, only you can be the judge. Let us know if you plan to introduce one of these adorable goldfish varieties to your household environment in the comments section found below.

Featured Image Credit: Pavaphon Supanantananont, Shutterstock

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