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Gointer (English Pointer & Golden Retriever Mix): Info, Pics, Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Golden Retriever English Pointer Mix

Height: 22–27 inches
Weight: 40–65 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Colors: Fawn, cream, dark brown, light brown, white
Suitable for: Highly active families, house with a yard
Temperament: Loving, intelligent, stubborn, protective, loyal, energetic

The English Pointer Retriever, usually called the American Gointer or Golden Pointer mix, is a cross between the English Pointer and the Golden Retriever, both of which belong to the Sporting Group. This makes the Gointer an outdoorsy and active dog that is affectionate and loyal.

The Gointer is usually a cream or light golden color that comes from the Golden Retriever parent but will potentially sport a dark to light brown color with white patches commonly on the feet, shoulders, chest, and tail from their Pointer parent. The Gointer’s coat is straight, short, and dense, and they have triangular and silky floppy ears.

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English Pointer Retriever Puppies



Finding an American Gointer puppy could be a challenge. Since it’s a rare breed, it’s important to do your research on finding a reputable breeder. Quality breeders will share the puppy’s health information with you without a doubt and will be happy to show you the breeding facilities. Also, they should be able to introduce you to the puppy’s parents or siblings. This can give you an idea of how your puppy’s temperament will be.

When you bring an English Pointer Retriever into your home, expect to have a loving and loyal dog in your family. They’re very energetic so they will need plenty of space to run around in and will demand lots of walks and playtime from you.

3 Little-Known Facts About the English Pointer Retriever

1. The American Gointer loves to chase birds.

These dogs come from two parents from the Sporting Group that were bred to retrieve birds while hunting, and the Gointer will probably have similar instincts.

2. The Gointer shouldn’t be left alone for too long.

They thrive on attention and activity and will become destructive if left alone for long periods of time.

3. The American Gointer makes an excellent watchdog.

They are vigilant and protective dogs and will watch over their family carefully. They are not aggressive dogs, however, so they might not make the best guard dogs.

Parent Breeds of the Gointer
Image Credit: (L) Jumpstory | (R) Jelena Safronova, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the English Pointer Retriever 🧠

Overall, the American Gointer is a loving, playful dog that loves the outdoors and spending time with its family. They are intelligent dogs that might be stubborn at times and will excel with active and patient families.

The Gointer is a sweet and affectionate dog that does not need a lot of grooming. It will spend time playing with the children and will follow you on most of your outdoor activities.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

The American Gointer makes a wonderful family pet. They are highly energetic and playful dogs that will enjoy playing with children and have no aggressive tendencies. They are loyal and protective and will make a very strong bond with everyone in the family.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

The Gointer gets along very well with other pets in the family, but like with any dog, they do best when properly socialized as puppies. They make great companions for everyone in the family, and their playful natures will make them fantastic playmates for the family dog or cat.

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Things to Know When Owning an English Pointer Retriever:

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

The American Gointer is a medium-sized dog, and you should follow the guidelines for how much and how often you should feed your dog. You’ll want to give your dog high-quality dry dog food, and reading the instructions on the back of the food bag can indicate the recommended amount of food you should feed your dog. Always be careful when feeding your dog any treats or human food as you need to be sure it’s safe for your dog, and you’ll want to avoid overfeeding them.

Golden Retrievers are known to have issues with their weight, so you should keep an eye on your Gointer to prepare for this possibility. You should check with your vet if you have concerns about your dog’s weight and health.

Exercise 🐕

The American Gointer is a very energetic dog and will require vigorous daily exercise, like its Golden Retriever and Pointer parents. They will do well with long daily walks and a variety of activities such as swimming and accompanying you on hikes. They enjoy retrieving, so playing long games of fetch as well as obedience and agility trials will keep them happy and in great shape.

Training 🦮

The Gointer is easy to train due to their intelligence and eager-to-please nature. However, there might be a stubborn streak, and therefore lots of patience and positive reinforcement are necessary. If you train and socialize your dog early enough and with a firm but loving hand, your Gointer will become a faithful and happy companion.

Grooming ✂️

Grooming is easy with the Gointer thanks to their short hair. They tend to shed a fair amount, so brushing them at least once a week should help. You should only bathe your dog when absolutely necessary with a good dog shampoo (usually no more than once a month). The natural oils found in your dog’s coat help their skin from becoming dried out and irritated.

Other grooming habits should include brushing their teeth several times a week, cleaning their ears once a month, and trimming their nails about every 3 or 4 weeks.

Health Conditions ❤️

Minor Conditions

The Pointer might experience:

Serious Conditions

The Pointer can be prone to:

Your vet will need to check your dog’s hearing and eyes as well as run blood and urinalysis tests to rule out any possible health problems.

Minor Conditions

The Golden Retriever might also be prone to:

The American Gointer is a mixed breed and will not be as likely to experience the same health issues as its parents, but your vet will run tests on your dog’s hips and elbows and run a urinalysis, blood tests, and X-rays.

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Male vs Female

The male and the female American Gointer are different in size, with the female usually a little smaller. The male Gointer can be 22 to 27 inches in height, and the female runs 22 to 24 inches. They tend to weigh 40 to 65 pounds, and you’ll find the female on the lighter side and the male towards the end of the range at 65 pounds.

Another difference is whether you want to use your dog for breeding or choose to have surgery. Spaying the female dog is a little more complicated than neutering the male, so expect to pay more for your female and a longer recovery time. Neutering and spaying can help prevent health problems in the future, address any issues around aggression, and will help prevent your dog from running away.

Lastly, there are many who believe that there are temperament differences between males and females. It is thought that male dogs might be more aggressive and less affectionate than females, but this is debatable. However, the most important factor is how your dog was trained and socialized as a puppy and how it is treated as an adult. These elements will be the main influences on your dog’s personality and behavior.

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Final Thoughts

The Golden Retriever and the English Pointer are two very energetic dogs that make wonderful companions for the family. When you crossbreed these beautiful dogs, you could end up with a mixed breed that will embody these popular purebreds’ best qualities.

Finding an American Gointer might be a challenge, but your best bet is to start speaking to breeders of Golden Retrievers and English Pointers. You could also talk to local and national dog clubs and attend dog shows as people in the field might point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the rescue groups. Finally, post your interest in the Gointer on social media. The multitudes of dog lovers online might know precisely where you can find one.

The Gointer is a beautiful dog that can be trusted around your family and is a fun companion. Maybe it won’t be easy to find the American Gointer, but when you do, you’ll know it was worth the effort when you bring one of these adorable and sweet puppies home that will become a loving companion.

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