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How Much Does an English Springer Spaniel Cost? 2024 Update

Quincy Miller

By Quincy Miller

English Springer Spaniel standing in field

English Springer Spaniels are great dogs, and they can be incredibly hard to resist if you come across one that’s for sale or available for adoption. Before you bring one home, though, you should take the time to figure out just how much that new dog will cost you and whether you can truly afford it.

While these are fantastic pets, they’re not cheap, and the costs don’t stop with the adoption fees or breeder expenses. They’ll keep running up a price tag for as long as you own them, and that can start to get quite expensive.

We don’t say any of this to try to talk you out of getting one of these dogs — they’re wonderful animals, and you aren’t likely to regret adding one to your pack. However, if you’re not careful, they can put you in a financial crunch.

Hopefully, this guide will shine a bit of light on exactly what to expect when adopting one of these pups.

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English Springer Spaniel Price: One-Time Costs

In many cases, the initial costs of owning a dog are some of the highest that you’ll pay at any point in that dog’s life. That varies from breed to breed, of course, and can change depending on how you acquire the dog.

Still, you should expect to pay a fair amount out of pocket just to get the dog home, and that’s not even factoring in all the gear that they need.

If you find that you’re struggling to come up with enough cash to cover all these upfront costs, it might be a sign that you’re not quite ready to own a pup, as there will be more expenses down the road (sometimes many more).

English Springer Spaniel outdoors
Image Credit: L.J. Anderson, Pixabay

Free English Springer Spaniels

While finding a purebred English Springer Spaniel for free is difficult, it can be done. All it takes is knowing someone who has one of the dogs but wasn’t expecting to breed them. In that case, they’ll be happy to offload a pup onto you. This doesn’t happen often, though, so plan on having to pay to bring home one of these dogs.

English Springer Spaniel Adoption

  • $50-$200+

As with getting a free dog, finding a purebred English Springer Spaniel that’s available for adoption is a tall order. Your chances are better with a rescue group than by going through the pound, but you may get lucky at the shelter.

The fees will vary from group to group, and puppies are usually costlier to adopt than older dogs. You could get a serious discount by bringing home a senior dog, but many people are hesitant to do that.

English Springer Spaniel Breeders

  • $600-$2,000+

Going through a breeder is undoubtedly the most expensive option, as an English Springer Spaniel will cost between $600 and $2,000, but it’s also the easiest and most reliable. This is a popular enough breed that you should be able to find one without having to travel halfway across the country.

The biggest factors affecting the cost will be the breeder’s reputation and the dog’s pedigree. A pup that will only be kept as a pet will be cheaper than one that you’re expecting to show or breed, especially if you care about champion bloodlines.

Be wary of any deal that’s too good to be true, though, as that can be the sign of a backyard breeder or puppy mill. Do your research on any breeder that you’re considering to ensure that they have a stellar reputation.

English Springer Spaniel Cost: Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $150-$1,000+

As with bringing the dog home, the initial supply costs can vary wildly. The biggest factors involved are what, if any, gear you already have and what you’re willing to splurge on.

Beyond that, some of these costs can be avoided in certain cases. For example, many shelters will spay or neuter animals before adopting them out and provide other expensive medical care. They may do this for free or include it in the adoption fees.

Wet English Springer Spaniel
Image Credit: louisewalker4, Pixabay

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List of English Springer Spaniel Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $5-$20
Spay/Neuter $35-$450
X-ray Cost $100–$250
Ultrasound Cost $250-$600
Microchip $45-$55
Teeth Cleaning $150-$1,000+
Crate $30-$150+
Nail Clipper (optional) $7
Brush (optional) $8-$40
Leash $5-$20+
Waste Disposal Bags $5-$10
Toys $20-$50+
Bed $20-$60
Food and Water Bowls $10-$20+

How Much Does an English Springer Spaniel Cost Per Month?

  • $70-$500+ per month

It’s hard to put an exact figure on how much a dog will cost on a monthly basis because so much depends on what the owner is willing to spend and how healthy the dog is.

English Springer Spaniels are far from the most expensive dogs out there, but they’re definitely not the cheapest either. Expect your pup to be a sizable investment, but if you take good care of them while they’re young, they may be relatively inexpensive to own throughout their lifespan.

English Springer Spaniel lying on grass
Image Credit: Braden Wachtmann, Pixabay

English Springer Spaniel Health Care Costs

  • $0-$500+ per month

English Springer Spaniels are a fairly healthy breed, so you shouldn’t have to deal with exorbitant medical costs. One of the best ways to ensure that those costs stay manageable, however, is to take your dog to the vet for regular checkups, which can cost you more money in the short term.

If your dog stays healthy most of their life, then you may not have to pay much at all in terms of health care. However, a dog with chronic issues could be expensive, as many treatments are quite costly.

Springer Spaniel Food Costs

  • $40-$100+ per month

Feeding your dog a high-quality kibble is another great way to keep your dog’s health care costs low. Unfortunately, that means that you’ll need to spend more money on that food. There are plenty of cheap kibbles out there that can satisfy your dog’s hunger, but they won’t provide much in the way of nutrition.

Look for foods that are high in protein and without cheap fillers like animal by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. Also, be strict about portion control because an overweight dog is an unhealthy one.

English Springer Spaniel Grooming Costs

  • $0-$80 per month

English Springer Spaniels have wavy fur, with a dense, soft undercoat beneath it. As a result, they need regular grooming.

That means weekly brushing at a minimum, as well as a full bath every few months or so. You can do this yourself, but it may be easier to outsource it. If you go the professional route, expect each session to cost somewhere around $40.

There are other grooming procedures that you can definitely do yourself, like trimming their nails and brushing their teeth. Neglecting these could have a seriously detrimental impact on your pooch’s health.

English Springer Spaniel Medications and Vet Visits

  • $0-$200+ per month

English Springer Spaniels are fairly healthy dogs, so hopefully, you won’t need to invest in any sort of monthly medications for them.

However, flea and tick treatments and certain supplements (like a joint health option) might be a good idea. These can vary in price, but the pricier ones are usually better than their cheaper counterparts.

The cost of a monthly medication will depend on the disease that it’s intended to treat and whether you have health insurance. The same goes for vet visits, but a typical checkup should be somewhere between $50-$100 and should happen twice a year or so.

English Springer Spaniel
Image Credit: Ira Theobold, Pixabay

Pet Insurance Costs

  • $30-$100+ per month

Pet insurance isn’t a necessity, but it could potentially give you valuable peace of mind. It can take the sting out of expensive medical procedures, but its biggest value may lie in ensuring that you visit the vet regularly. This can help your doctor find diseases and illnesses before they become exorbitantly expensive to treat.

Quotes for pet insurance will vary wildly, depending on which company you use and how much coverage you need. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you’d rather pay a little bit every month to avoid huge bills down the road or whether you’d prefer to roll the dice.

Environment Maintenance Costs

  • $0-$5 per month

These dogs don’t need much in terms of environment maintenance. If you take them on walks in order for them to use the bathroom, then you’ll have to buy poop bags regularly. Otherwise, if you have a yard, you can just invest in a pooper scooper, which is a one-time expense.

Waste Disposal Bags $5/month
Pooper Scooper $10-$50 (one time)

English Springer Spaniel Entertainment Costs

  • $0-$50+ per month

English Springer Spaniels are high-energy dogs, so you’ll likely need to invest in a fair amount of toys in order to keep them entertained. The total cost of said toys will depend on how many you buy and how high-quality they are.

Another option is to buy a toy subscription box. These are services that deliver an assortment of toys to your door each month for a flat fee. They vary in cost and quality, so shop around before committing to one.

English Springer Spaniels love to chase things, so tennis balls and other fetch toys are essential. However, they’re also smart, so try to find things like puzzle toys that will engage their brains as well.

English Springer Spaniel standing on ground
Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning an English Springer Spaniel

  • $70-$500+ per month

English Springer Spaniels are fun pups to have around, but they aren’t necessarily cheap. However, it should be noted that the high range quoted here is a worst-case scenario figure. It’s highly unlikely that your dog will cost that much every month, but there may be a few months when they cost quite a bit more.

The overall cost will ultimately depend on how much you’re willing to spend on your dog, as you can save quite a bit of money by cutting corners. That may not be in your dog’s best interests, though, let alone your wallet’s.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Of course, with any dog, there will always be expenses that you never thought to factor in. These could include utilizing a dog walker, pet sitter, or daycare, or it could mean damage to your home and other belongings caused by a rambunctious puppy.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of pet deposits if you’re renting (and you may be charged additional rent each month as well). You may also have to pay for a professional trainer or behaviorist if your dog is particularly troublesome.

Then there’s the unforeseen medical costs. Just about any dog will eventually need a trip to the emergency vet due to swallowing something that they shouldn’t have or some other calamity, so expect to get hit with at least one massive vet bill during your dog’s life.

Owning an English Springer Spaniel on a Budget

While you might not be able to save a ton of cash when owning one of these dogs, there are ways to mitigate your expenses.

The biggest one is to take care of their health. By feeding them a high-quality diet, ensuring that they get plenty of exercise, and taking them in for regular checkups, you reduce the risk that they’ll develop a serious (and seriously expensive) medical condition.

You can also save money on toys and things by simply spending time with them yourself. Obedience training can replace most expensive gadgets, and it’s a great way for you and your dog to bond.

If you can be home with your dog for most of the day, that also reduces the need for pet sitters, dog walkers, and the like. Besides, your pooch likes you more than they like anyone else, anyway.

English Springer Spaniel face
Image Credit: No-longer-here, Pixabay

Saving Money on English Springer Spaniels Care

The best way to prevent needing expensive medical care for your dog is to take preventative action. Beyond that, you can find low-cost clinics in some areas, and many places offer highly discounted services, like vaccinations and spay/neuter clinics, at certain times of the month. It’s worth shopping around to see if you can find a competent vet who will work on the cheap.

Giving your dog supplements like fish oil or glucosamine may also keep them healthy and prevent them from needing expensive medical care down the line. The science isn’t rock-solid with this yet, but it’s worth a shot.

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English Springer Spaniels are fantastic pups, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap dates. You’ll likely need to shell out a fair amount of money just to get one home, and that’s before you start buying all the gear that they need.

Some dogs will be much more expensive than others, and the best way to keep your costs down is to take good care of your pooch while they’re young and healthy.

We can’t promise that your English Springer Spaniel will never hit you with a crippling vet bill, but we can guarantee that no matter how much this dog costs, the experience of owning one will be well worth it.

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