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Fromm Gold Dog Food Review 2024: Recalls, Pros & Cons

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Fromm Gold Dog Food Review

Our Final Verdict

We give Fromm dog food a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


This American company has been in business since 1902, and it holds itself to high standards. Its gourmet dog food is made from real meats, vegetables, and fruit — using whole food is one of its secrets to producing a great product that dogs love.

Even though the company makes many varieties of dog food, this review is focused on the Fromm Gold product, which also includes the Heartland Gold, Gold Coast, and Original Gold recipes. By reviewing this product, we hope that you can find a dog food that not only provides optimal nutrition for your dog but also tastes great.

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At a Glance: The Best Fromm Gold Dog Food Recipes

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
Fromm Gold Adult Dry Dog Food Fromm Gold Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Plenty of meat protein
  • No corn
  • wheat
  • or soy
  • Chicory root and taurine included
  • Second place
    Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult
  • Whole foods included
  • Easy to eat
  • Plenty of protein
  • Third place
    Fromm Gold Puppy Food Fromm Gold Puppy Food
  • Only The Highest Quality Ingredients Available Are Used
  • Naturally formulated
  • Fromm Heartland Gold Grain-Free Adult Fromm Heartland Gold Grain-Free Adult
  • Ideal nutrition for adults
  • Plenty of fruits
  • veggies
  • and whole grains
  • High amount of animal protein
  • Fromm Heartland Gold Adult Fromm Heartland Gold Adult
  • Only The Highest Quality Ingredients Available Are Used
  • Grain Free
  • Fromm Gold Dog Food Reviewed

    Overall View

    Fromm Gold is a family-owned business that has been running for over 100 years, which says a great deal about the standards of the company. Its products are pricier than many other brands because it puts forth the extra time to make sure that each bag is safe and fit to eat. The owner has a chemical engineering degree that he uses to help formulate the dry dog food. The products are considered gourmet dog food and are of high quality.

    Who Makes Fromm Gold and Where Is It produced?

    For every bag of dog food, there is a lengthy process that it goes through before it hits the shelves. The family owns two factories in Wisconsin, which are where the food is made. Food safety is the highest priority, and each ingredient is tested before it can go into a recipe. Once the food is made, it is tested again at an outside lab for any pathogenic bacteria. Its facilities are USDA-inspected, and it sources its ingredients from the United States, with the vitamins and minerals imported from Europe.

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    Which Types of Dogs Is Fromm Best Suited For?

    The Fromm Gold line is suited for dogs from all life stages, from puppies to seniors. The Heartland Gold are grain-free formulas for large breed adults, weight management, adults, puppies, and large breed puppies. The original Gold recipe is made with whole grains and so is the Heartland Gold, along with small breed adult, large breed weight management, and reduced activity/senior.

    Which Types of Dogs Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

    Fromm Foods does not make prescription diets. If your veterinarian recommends a prescription diet for your dog suffering from kidney disease, it may benefit from Hill’s K/D Renal Health Dog food, or if your dog has been diagnosed with memory issues, Hill’s Diet g/d Aging Care may be an appropriate choice.


    Primary Ingredients in Fromm Gold Dog Food

    This line offers a holistic approach geared toward each stage of life. It offers grain-free options, and each one contains plenty of vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional levels of your particular dog. It uses high-quality meat as the first ingredient, and if it is grain free, you will see chickpeas, lentils, and potatoes added.

    There is dried whole egg and cheese in many recipes, which add extra protein. You will also find plenty of fruits, vegetables, and legumes with enhanced probiotics that help aid digestion. Each Gold dog food is formulated to meet guidelines from the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

    A Quick Look at Fromm Gold Dog Food

    • High-quality protein
    • Whole foods a priority
    • Family owned and operated
    • Variety of recipes
    • Fruits, veggies, and legumes included
    • Grain-free options
    • Formulas to cover all lifespans
    • No prescription formulas
    • Pricey

    Overview of Ingredients


    Fromm Gold uses high-quality protein that is locally sourced, and even though it uses fresh chicken, it includes chicken meal for increased protein. It also uses fish meal, lamb, beef, duck, and pork, so there are many meat options to choose from. The Gold Coast Grain-Free Weight Management formula contains whitefish and salmon meal as the primary protein. There are no meat byproducts used in any of its formulas.


    Chicken fat and beef liver are used in many recipes, and you may see other oils, such as salmon oil, that are added to increase the fat content. The fat content is reduced in the weight management recipes but still includes 10% to help keep your dog healthy.

    Image Credit: FabianoAdvertising, Pixabay


    Many of its recipes are grain free, so it uses lentils, chickpeas, or other legumes as a source of carbohydrates and fiber. The original Gold offers oat groats, pearled barley, and brown rice for whole-grain options, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables for complex carbohydrates.

    Controversial Ingredients

    Tomato pomace is an ingredient added to Fromm formulas. It’s a common ingredient in many dog foods. Some claim that it is mainly used as a filler, but it does provide high levels of soluble fiber.

    Alfalfa meal is high in protein and a good source of phytonutrients. You will see it in lower quality products as a primary protein. Fromm uses meat proteins as its main ingredients.

    Cheese in moderation is fine in dog food, as long as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant or has an allergy, according to the AKC.

    Recalls of Fromm Gold Dog Food

    In October of 2021, Fromm issues two voluntary recalls. This included 5,500 cases of Fromm Shredded Can Entree dog food for high vitamin D levels. This affected products in the 12-ounce can size with the Best By Date of 08/2024. Flavors involved included Shredded Beef in Gravy, Shredded Chicken in Gravy, Shredded Pork in Gravy, and Shredded Turkey in Gravy.

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    Reviews of the 2 Best Fromm Gold Dog Food Recipes

    Let’s look closer at two of the best Fromm Gold dog food formulas:

    1. Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food

    Fromm Family Foods 727520 Gold Nutritionals

    The Fromm Gold Adult food is formulated for normally active dogs, with the main protein source being chicken, chicken meal, and chicken broth. Dried egg and cheese also add a small amount of protein. Keep in mind that some dogs are lactose intolerant, so added cheese might not be a good idea. However, many aren’t affected by dairy products and can benefit from the extra nutrients it provides.

    The amount of protein is 25%, fat is 16%, and fiber is 5.5%. The company does not use artificial preservatives and adds plenty of fruits and vegetables that offer essential vitamins and minerals to this recipe. It also contains chicory root, yucca extract, and alfalfa meal. On the downside, this is a pricey product, but many find that their dogs respond well to the Gold Adult food.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    fromm gold adult

    • Plenty of meat protein
    • No corn, wheat, or soy
    • Meets nutritional levels for adult dogs
    • Contains veggies and fruit
    • No artificial preservatives
    • Chicory root and taurine included
    • Not ideal for lactose-intolerant dogs
    • Pricey

    2. Fromm Heartland Gold – Grain-Free Adult

    Fromm Family Foods 727065 12 Lb Heartland Gold

    This is a grain-free recipe formulated with beef, pork meal, and lamb to equal 24% crude protein. There are plenty of complex carbohydrates in the form of peas, lentils, and potatoes. It packs 16% fat from pork fat, pork liver, and salmon oil. Fiber is found in chickpeas, peas, flaxseed, and many other vegetables. It is enhanced with probiotics that aid in digestion and chicory, which prevents worms. This is a well-rounded dog food without the grains if your dog has a wheat allergy. It contains cheese, so if your dog is lactose intolerant, you may need to forego this product.

    Calorie Breakdown:

    fromm heartland gold

    • Ideal nutrition for adults
    • Grain free
    • High amount of animal protein
    • Healthy fats
    • Plenty of fruits, veggies, and whole grains
    • Well-balanced
    • Contains cheese
    • Pricey

    What Other Users Are Saying

    Here’s what other reviewers are saying about Fromm Gold dog food:

    • Dog Food Advisor: This site rates Fromm Gold Adult dog food a four out of five stars. It states, “According to its ingredients panel, Fromm Gold Dog Food appears to be an above-average dry product.”
    • Good Puppy Food: This site rates Fromm Heartland Gold Large Puppy Breed Food 4.5 out of five stars, stating, “It is a great example of the way Fromm use so many different ingredients to try and prevent any potential puppy allergic reactions.”
    • Amazon: We check the reviews on Amazon from buyers before recommending a product to you. You can read those reviews by clicking here.
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    Fromm Gold Dog food is a great option for many dogs because it offers a variety of formulas to fit many preferences. If you have a dog who needs a grain-free option, then the Fromm Heartland Gold has formulas that provide optimal nutrition. When grains are used, they are whole grains, and the brand doesn’t use corn, soy, or any meat byproducts.

    You can tell it is important to this company to provide high-quality dog food with how much work goes into each bag. Yes, it is pricey, but the company uses whole foods with high-quality meat protein and does a great deal of testing before the bag of food is sent to the store.

    Feature Image Credit: Fromm Family Foods Gold Nutritionals Adult, Amazon

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