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Golden Newfie (Golden Retriever & Newfoundland Mix): Info, Pictures, Facts

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By Emma Braby

golden newfie golden retriever and newfoundland mix

Height: 24 – 29 inches
Weight: 75 – 130 pounds
Lifespan: 8 – 13 years
Colors: Black, brown, red, gray
Suitable for: Active families, families with children, multi-pet household, families seeking a walking buddy, families with lots of space
Temperament: Sweet, affectionate, energetic, calm in the home, protective

The Golden Newfie is the delightful designer doggy that was born from the Golden Retriever and the Newfoundland. He is an easy-going pooch that has a love for life, and he adores his family. He is a large or giant dog, depending on which parent he takes after. So, if you’re looking to welcome this boy into your home, you need plenty of space.

He is sweet with family but suspicious of strangers. This well-balanced pooch needs a firm but gentle hand when it comes to training. He is sensitive and doesn’t take kindly to being told off. Being very intelligent and loyal, you don’t need to be a canine training expert. All you need is the time to socialize him well.

You also need to be a water lover because both of his parent’s breeds are water babies. One specializes in water rescue, and the other just loves to swim. If you can’t swim, that’s fine, the Golden Newfie will save you. But he will expect you to give it a go, at least.

Want to find out more about him? Let’s dive straight into the world of the Golden Newfie.

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Golden Newfie Puppies


So, the most obvious thing that you need to make sure you have before buying a Golden Newfie is space and lots of it. This pooch weighs between 75 and 130 pounds and can measure up to 29 inches tall. Not only do you need space in the home, but you also need access to outdoor space so that he can play and snooze in the fresh air. You might want to invest in a bigger sofa too because the Golden Newfie sees himself as a lapdog. Get ready for the numb leg life!

This guy is needy, and so he needs to be homed with a family that can spend most of their time with him. Do you spend long hours in the office? Sadly this hybrid hound is not for you. He craves human company and becomes very anxious and sad without it. This will lead to separation anxiety, and an anxious dog with the power and jaws that he has means that your homely possessions will not be around for long. So, someone will need to be around for most of the day. You should also invest in a crate for him, but we’ll explain why a bit later.

If you aren’t okay with a lot of dog hair, you aren’t going to get along with the Golden Newfie. This guy sheds moderately all year round, and he experiences a full-on shed during shedding season. Also known as blowing his coat, you’ll be forever picking up his hair. We’re a big believer that dog hair completes an outfit, and hopefully, you are too. There is also the issue of doggy drool. If he takes after his Newfie parent, he will definitely be a drooler. But what’s a bit of doggy dribble between friends, right?

The cost of welcoming a Golden Newfie into your life is higher than most other breeds. This is a significant factor to consider before you buy one of these guys. Being a large to giant breed, he will need a large bed, large toys, large harnesses, etc., you get the picture. He also eats a lot of food, and it is also likely that his medical costs will be higher too. A Golden Newfie isn’t just for Christmas; he is around for eight to 13 Christmases and every day in between.

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3 Little-Known Facts About the Golden Newfie

1. The Golden Newfie is rarely golden.

Despite his name and the color of his Golden Retriever parent, this guy is rarely gold. This is unusual for mixed pups who tend to be a mixture of their parents, rather than inheriting the typical color of one parent. If you do find a rarer color, he is likely to be much more expensive than a classic black Golden Newfie.

2. The Golden Newfie might have webbed feet.

His Newfoundland parent has webbed feet, so this guy will likely have them, too. This will not cause any complications. Instead, it makes him a stronger swimmer and an excellent water rescue dog. Not only is his Newfie parent able to pull in fishing nets and boat lines, but he can save a fully grown man from drowning. So the Golden Newfie is a useful chap to have around.

3. The Golden Newfie doesn’t bark.

Okay, so he can bark, but he almost always chooses not too. Instead, he will growl at those who he suspects are up to no good or putting his family in danger. His low growl and humungous size are enough to put any intruder off.

The parent breeds of the Golden Newfie
Photo Credit: Left – engeline80, Pixabay | Right – Madeeva_11, Shutterstock

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Golden Newfie 🧠

The Golden Newfie is a big softie and a member of the gentle giant fraternity in the canine kingdom. This sweet guy is super affectionate with his family. He loves nothing more than to chill with his family, receiving all the belly rubs for being the best boy. He will paw at you for more attention, and this seriously needy dog will never leave you alone. This is great if you are seeking a doggy partner in crime, but not so much if you prefer more independent dogs.

He can be a bit of a diva doggy, and he will sulk if he doesn’t get his own way, human scraps or if you tell him off. You need to be strong-willed and don’t give in to his forever puppy dog eyes; otherwise, he will expect to be waited on paw and foot. If you can withstand his puppy prowess, you’ll have the right balance of obedient but deserved personality.

He has a protective nature inherited from his Newfie parent and will stand his ground and growl if he feels the need to. But he isn’t usually much of a guard dog thanks to his gentle Retriever genes. Thankfully his sheer size and deep growl are enough to keep intruders away. He also isn’t much of a barky dog in his day-to-day life, either. Instead, he prefers a more tranquil atmosphere. This is fantastic if you have neighbors who like to complain about dogs barking because it probably isn’t going to be your Golden Newfie.

What he excels at is being a ‘nanny dog’. He loves children and will probably choose to sit with them over his parents any day of the week. Both breeds are known to have a sweet spot for younger members of the family, so he will be doubly caring. His Newfie parent is famous for helping out with family children, the most notable being Brumus, who helped Senator Robert Kennedy with his 11 children.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 🏡

Following on from Brumus, you can expect that his nanny genes, combined with the Golden Retrievers family-friendly personality, will make the Golden Newfie a wonderful family pet. He is versatile and adaptable to most family environments and dynamics, just as long as you meet his needs.

The only thing that might be a cause for concern is his ginormous size. Although he adores children, he could smother a child without even realizing it. For this reason, you always need to supervise a Golden Newfie when there are young children around.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

The Golden Newfie is so chilled that he will get along with every pet. As long as he is socialized, he should do well with dogs of all shapes and sizes. So he makes a prime canine candidate for a multi-dog or multi-pet household.

You also shouldn’t have trouble with the Golden Newfie terrorizing the neighborhood cats either. He may feel the need to protect his estate and growl at passersby, but you’ll more likely find him snoozing in the sun, minding his own business.

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Things to Know When Owning a Golden Newfie:

In addition to the above considerations, there are a few other points that you need to be aware of when it comes to the Golden Newfie.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

This giant boy eats giant-sized portions, and he will typically consume around 4 cups of food a day. He should be fed a high-quality kibble that is specially designed for large or giant breeds. Giant breeds have unique nutritional needs, and all-life stage kibbles will not do here. These kibbles will support his heavily laden joints and his slower metabolism. This is particularly important during his puppy stage because the right nutrition can decrease his chances of developing muscular-skeletal diseases.

He will demand a constant supply of snacks and fatty human foods, but you need to resist. The Golden Newfie can easily pile on the pounds, so you need to monitor his food intake and treats carefully. An overweight Golden Newfie is an unhappy and unhealthy one.

You need to be mindful that being a large dog, the Golden Newfie is susceptible to suffering from Gastric Dilation Volvulus. Never feed him immediately before or after exercise, because this can bring on this life-threatening condition. Make yourself aware of the symptoms, and always keep these in the back of your mind.

Exercise 🐕

The Golden Newfie needs 60 minutes of exercise every day. Because of his large size, he doesn’t need, and probably will not want, intense and vigorous exercise. Instead, he would much prefer long country walks and a few playtime sessions in the yard with his family.

His Newfie genes might make him a little lazy, and no matter how much he tries to convince you that he doesn’t need a walk, you need to take him on one. Not only will he become stubbornly lazy if you allow him to be, but he needs to get his heart pumping and his large body moving to stay healthy.

As you already know, he will love the water, so be sure to include this in your list of activities for the week. You’ll have to rinse his large hairy body off every time, but it is so worth your time and effort when you see just how happy it makes him.

Training 🦮

The Golden Newfie is an intelligent dog who will quickly pick up tricks as soon as you start teaching him. His Newfie genes might make him a little stubborn, but with consistent training and a treat in hand, he’ll be obedient in no time. You don’t have to be an experienced dog owner, because his loyalty will make it a much smoother ride compared to other dogs, but you still need to put in the time and effort.

An unruly and arrogant Golden Newfie will be a struggle to deal with, even for the strongest and experienced owners. Put in the effort early, and you’ll be rewarded with respect, but leave him to his own devices, and you’ll be in for a troublesome ride.

Socialization with other dogs is essential, and he’ll soon learn how to play nicely with smaller dogs. Taking him down to the local doggy park is a great way to exercise his body, stimulate his mind, and remind him how to be polite.

You will want to think about leash training this boy from the start because a Golden Newfie who pulls on the leash will be difficult to handle and unenjoyable to walk. It is also a great way to teach him who is in charge.

Crate training is also advised for this anxious pup. Although many owners don’t like the idea of putting their pooch in a crate, dogs come to love their crate and find it a peaceful place to be, reducing their anxious state. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog is happy in his safe-spot when you are out.

Grooming ✂️

The Golden Newfie is quite high maintenance when it comes to his grooming schedule. He has a thick and wavy double coat that will need brushing every single day. Otherwise, his jacket will quickly become matted, which is not only painful for him, but it can lead to skin conditions. Brushing also strengthens the bond with your canine, and he will love it for sure.

Bathtime will not be an issue for this pooch. Washing him every 8 weeks is ideal, and you’ll want to purchase a concentrated, but gentle, doggy shampoo that will penetrate his thick water-resistant coat. Always rinse and dry thoroughly too.

You will need to trim his claws regularly, as well as cleaning his eyes and ears. The Golden Newfie suffers from regular ear infections if not cleaned thoroughly.

Health Conditions ❤️

The Golden Newfie is a relatively healthy dog who enjoys a lifespan of 8 to 12 years. This is an excellent lifespan for a dog of his size. Being a mixed dog, he can inherit the health concerns of either breed, so it’s essential to look at the symptoms of the below conditions.

Minor Conditions
  • Entropian
  • Von Willebrands disease
  • Cystinuria
  • Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
Serious Conditions
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Subaortic stenosis
  • Cancer

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Male vs. Female

There is not a lot of difference between male and female Golden Newfies. Unlike other dogs, because this is a large to giant breed, there can be a significant difference in the sizes between males and females, with females being the smaller sex.

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Final Thoughts

The Golden Newfie is a sickly-sweet pooch who cannot get enough of his human family. He would happily join you in the bath if he could! If it is a loving, well-mannered, and friendly boy that you are after, look no further than the Golden Newfie.

As long as you have the time to keep him company and groom him every day. As well as space and resources to keep him happy and healthy, he is totally worth every minute of your effort. If you can forgive his hair and doggy drool, you’ll have a best friend for life.

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