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How Often Should You Bathe a Pomeranian? Care and Grooming Tips

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

woman washing pomeranian dog

Pomeranians are little, fluffy bundles of joy. They weigh only 6 or 7 pounds and are one of the most loyal breeds you can find. If you’re considering giving a Pomeranian a forever home, it’s essential to understand that it can be a lot of work. They need training, love, attention, and proper grooming to be the healthy and happy dogs they usually are. You can start bathing your puppy at 2 months of age and bathe them every 3 weeks or so during the puppy stage but every 3 to 4 months as adults.

We’ll discuss more about bathing your Pomeranian below.

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At What Age Should You Bathe a Pomeranian Puppy?

It would be best if you didn’t bathe a Pomeranian Puppy until it’s at least 2 months old. The puppy can’t regulate its body temperature and could easily catch a cold.

pomeranians on chair
Image by: Ohhlanla, Shutterstock

How Often Can You Bathe Your Pomeranian?

Once your Pomeranian reaches 8 weeks old, you can bathe them every 3 weeks. However, this can also depend on the dog’s skin type. Pomeranians typically have dry skin, at least when they’re puppies. Giving your puppy a bath too often will strip all the oils from the dog’s skin and make it miserable and itchy. It’s okay to bath an adult every 3 or 4 months unless the dog is dirty.

How to Wash Your Pomeranian?

Washing a Pomeranian is similar to washing most small dogs, but it’s best to bathe when your pet when it’s relaxed. Here are the basic steps to bathing your Pomeranian:

  • Pick a location
  • Gather your supplies
  • Prepare the bath with lukewarm water
  • Bathe your puppy
  • Dry completely and groom
pomeranian dog taking a bath
Image by: Roman Chazov, Shutterstock

Tips for Caring for Your Pomeranian After a Bath

While you know you need to dry your dog thoroughly after a bath, towel drying a Pom can take forever. Instead, take a blow dryer and dry your puppy on the lowest setting. Leaving your Pom’s fur wet could lead to fungus growth and even make your puppy sick if the dog gets cold.

It may take time for your dog to get used to the sound of the hairdryer. However, you can introduce it to your pet before giving it the first bath. Let your Pom sniff it thoroughly before turning it on, and reward the pup when it stays still when the hairdryer is running.

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In Conclusion

Pomeranians have dry skin, so you don’t bathe them as often as you would a breed with oily skin. You can get by bathing your Pom every 3 to 4 months, as long as the dog isn’t dirty. Remember, it’s best not to bathe a Pom puppy until they reach over 8 weeks of age since the puppy could get sick from being cold. If you’re having problems bathing a hyper Pomeranian, reach out to your vet for advice or visit a professional groomer.

Featured Image Credit: Roman Chazov, Shutterstock

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